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Chemo at 8

We just spoke with the dr, and Ezra will begin his first round of chemo at 8pm tonight. During this next week, he’ll be needing a lot of rest and quiet time in his room. We’re still having friends come by, but visiting Ezra will be short, quiet visits only, with no more than 2 people in the room, and not much foot traffic coming through. Out in the lobby Robyn and I will still be hanging with friends as we get time – chatting, joking, and hanging out with loved ones helps to bring some smiles and laughter into a rough situation.

The chemo will probably make Ezra nauseous, and fatigued. He should lose most of his hair within 5-7 days, so we’ll probably just shave it for him soon (he’s very particular about the state of his hair) and keep the locks. The doctors say he should have a fairly immediate lowering of his pain level associated with the tumor, although the tumor itself won’t shrink much for a couple weeks. Somewhere around next Thursday/Friday we’ll be able to bring him home after a successful week-long round of chemo.

We are actually going to try to make it to church this Saturday, and have my folks watch Ezra a couple hours. Robyn is also wanting to try to get to MOPS on the 15th.

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