We are hard at work gearing up for 2011 and launching into our new foundation. We have been chatting with lawyers, doctors, and supporters every day recently, and are really excited about the buzz over Because of Ezra. We just today released stage 1 of our foundation website, and you can see it at It’s a little light on content, and we will be adding more information as January and February come, but we wanted to get something out there this year! If you’re on Facebook and you haven’t yet, you should “Like” our foundation page as well!

I just wanted to drop a note saying that, it’s exciting for us. The St Pete Times is also running a story on Ezra’s life, which will be in tomorrow’s paper (Friday) – you can already view it online here.

Charley is doing great! He keeps growing like normal, and although he still has oxygen and his feeding tube, he is a happy boy and babbling a lot. 2011 is looking to be a good year.