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day 2 of chemo

Today was Ezra’s second day of chemo. He is doing good still, responding very well and playing, eating, and laughing. He sat in bed and watched more Elmo today and shoved fistfuls of Cheerios into his little face. 😀 We had a calm day today, basically sat around and hung out at the hospital. Slept in, got some rest, and hung out with Ezra.

The black eyes have gone down quite a bit; they’re caused by the cancer affecting the area around (and specifically behind) his eyes. The chemo works quickly to destroy the cancer in areas OTHER than the main mass (tumor), so we’re already seeing visible improvements. We’re fully believing he’ll be healed of this disease. The main tumor itself is of course also most likely shrinking, but because of its sheer size, results will take longer to see.

We were able to make it to church tonight while my mom and dad watched Ezra. Was good to see those of you who we hadn’t yet, thanks for all your good wishes and prayers…

I’ll let you know more tomorrow!

Oh – and if you cats aren’t on Facebook – guess what? We found out yesterday Robyn is also just a few weeks pregnant. What a week!

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