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Day 3, 2nd Round of Chemo

We’ve been in the hospital 3 days so far this round, and things are going really well. It’s the same type of chemo this round (round 3 will be more aggressive), and he’s SO much healthier and happier this time. Going into the last round so weak made it very hard on him, but we’ve been fattening him up and getting him tons of exercise the past few weeks, and it’s definitely helping him – he’s smiling, laughing, up and about, and flirting with just about every nurse he sees. We’ll address that later. 😉

He’s having a little trouble falling asleep, but only because we’re here in the room with me, and it doesn’t get as dark in these rooms as it does at home, so he just sits up and looks at us, ha. We’ve been sitting with him laid on our chest to fall asleep instead, and once he falls asleep we (verrrrrry carefully) get up and set him in the bed. Nurses still need to come in and check his vitals every 4 hours, so it’s tough to get a solid night’s sleep, but Ezra’s smiling face all day makes the lack of continuous sleep not matter.

After this round of chemo, we’ll be getting scans done to check how the tumor is responding (shrinking, shrinking, shrinking!) to the medicine, so please pray the chemo is being EXTREMELY effective. 😉

Robyn’s finally getting her first appointment tomorrow to check on the pregnancy, so we’ll maybe know a due date finally. Thinking sometime in June. She’s doing pretty well with it, just tired a lot. That woman is incredible to be able to be so attentive to Ezra and taking all this so well on top of growing our second kid!

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