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We’ve started our Xmas decorating. 🙂 The yard and house are beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and we’ve still got much to do! Haven’t got our tree yet… just lights lights lights. And a Christmas fish. Yes, those exist.

Ezra had a bone marrow aspiration a week ago or so, and we got results back this week. When he was first diagnosed, his marrow was 50% neuroblastoma (cancer) cells. This past aspiration they took 4 marrow samples – 2 were ZERO % involved (that’s the term – means zero % cancer cells), and the other 2 were only 10-20%! So that’s incredible news – his marrow has responded very well so far! This is great news.

Today he got injected with something called MIBG again (had it when first diagnosed) which will tell us where the neuroblastoma is active still in his body (remember, the marrow is only one of many places the cancer was, including his blood, organs, and bones). They’ll scan tomorrow and Friday, and we’ll get those results next week. I was off on the bone scan date – that’ll be next Tuesday. So by the end of next week, we should have a very good picture of what the cancer looks like now in his whole body. The bones had lesions on them from the cancer when we last checked, and the MIBG scan last time showed the cancer very active near the hips, kidney, left leg, and behind the eyes (a common area for neuroblastoma to affect, and the reason he’d been getting black eyes).

Looks like Robyn’s due date is late June, they’re not 100% on a date yet. Ultrasound this Friday should clarify that! She’s still very tired, napping a lot during the days but feeling less sick, so that’s good. I’m working late at night lately so I can have days free to visit the hospital and watch Ezra, as well as try and help keep the house clean and sane.

Guess that’s it for now… we also wanted to say thank you to whomever left us the anonymous gift through Grace – it’s much appreciated. And to everyone who’s been giving, helping, and commenting – your attention and care means a lot to us. Thank you.

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