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Round 3 on its Way

Here come the big guns. Thanksgiving was great – we’re all Xmas’d up at the house now, giant tree, lights all over, inside and out. We had everything outside done before, and now the inside matches. 😀

Monday starts Ezra’s third round of chemo, so we’ll be in the hospital all week long. This one is a tough round: a much stronger drug will be being used. We know its going to be hard on him, and we know it’s a necessary next step. We’ve had almost a week off from the hospital, which has been good. December won’t be TOO busy medically – we’ll be in the hospital most likely til the 6th or 7th, my birthday is the 8th (28!), he’ll be getting stem cells collected the 15th-17th (if I remember correctly), and then hopefully off until January for the 4th round.

Our little man is still healthy and happy, and responding well to everything so far. Robyn’s mom is coming in the 6th to hang out a week with us. December with family and friends… can’t complain. 😉

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