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here in the hospital again

Alright, we’re finally settled in for round 3 of chemo for the little man.

We came to the hospital Monday morning around 11, and waited a few hours while they ran his labs to make sure he was good to start chemo, then were told he’d need a kidney scan as well before he could start… which they wouldn’t be able to do til Tuesday (hello, scheduling snafu. holla for saying snafu). Of course this was a bit frustrating, since if we didn’t need to be there til Tuesday, we would much rather have been at home where Ezra sleeps soundly and there aren’t nurses and techs coming in and out of the room constantly. We wound up heading home at 3ish to let him rest and play and me get some work done while Robyn did some grocery shopping – then came back to the hospital around 11pm since they said if we didn’t get admitted Monday officially, there was no way to guarantee us a room on the floor since they’re pretty booked up (only one empty room right now – sad). That was alright, although of course the 8am techs woke him up. 😀 Sleep in the hospital is a rare thing…

That being said, ha, it’s 1:35AM right now and I’m just getting around to getting out an update, after finishing work for today. Lindsay Tracy was great and stopped by to watch Ezra while Robyn and I went on a date to a movie (after having some dinner Kristin brought!), and my folks also stopped by for a few hours to let us nap. Thanks, guys! Time to rest and be with each other is important, and tough to get with our current situation. Hopefully we remember to say thanks to all of you in person, but things tend to get hectic here with little sleep and so much going on, so please just know we’re extremely thankful to all who help out in any way. 😀

This round of chemo is a more intense one for Ezra. It’s only 4 days instead of 5, so we should still be home by Monday, but one of the two drugs being used (Cisplatin – platinum based, interestingly) is much harder on him. We haven’t seen those effects yet, as they take a day or two to kick in, and last a day or two after the treatment, but its mostly heavy nausea, which also makes him less interested in eating – not great when you’re 20 pounds. 😀 Good news is, he’s about as strong as he’s ever been, and happy and full of energy, so he’s got a lot of energy and nutrition to fight this feeling with.

The results of Ezra’s few scans he had before Thanksgiving are all back, and are all positive – reduced size of tumors, some of the smaller tumors gone, and bones nearly free of cancer. We’re moving in the right direction.

Robyn still feels very tired and gets a few headaches from the TWINS in her belly… but we’re almost 11 weeks into the pregnancy, meaning 2nd trimester is coming soon which is much better on her. We’re self pay on that, and the twins make for a more expensive bill… exciting. 😉 Oh, that reminds me – are any of you electricians, or know a good one who can get us a fair price? We need some basic wiring of switches done (they’re already wired, but don’t work for wtvr reason) and I don’t know any electricians. 😀 Comment away, or shoot me their contact info to

Alright, I’m going to get a few hours of sleep in before morning comes! It’s encouraging to hear all your prayers, words, and comments… thanks guys.

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