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it’s funny how little you realize the differences some of these cancer foundations make until you’re actually in the middle of it. of course i’ve always known “kids with cancer” is a major heartbreak, and great cause to donate time and money to, but i can guarantee you I won’t think the same (and already don’t) after all this.

the difference a smile, quick help, or even giant party makes in the day and moment of each of the kids here is lasting and important.

today the “make a wish” foundation held a Christmas shopping party in one of the large rooms at St Joes. Santa was there (pic in the Photo Gallery up there /\ /\ /\), and there were tons of volunteers in little elf hats giving out gifts and candy canes and juice and such. Ezra was pointing at everything and pretty much shouting “oooh!” “ahhhh!” and laughing. the hospital is a boring place in its best of times, and downright miserable at others, when he’s feeling blah, leashed up with an IV (or two), and stuck in his room feeling crappy. moments like today’s party take a solid chunk out of the day’s “wear you down”-ness, and are great. and there’s so many kids here… and this is just one of four hospitals in the area… geez. if you get spare time, i recommend you volunteer somewhere – i can tell you it matters. doesn’t even have to be hospital… just get out and help folks who could use help. good times.

Ezra is still happy as a goat (a very happy goat) and continues to attempt to make every nurse in this hospital his girlfriend. he’ll start his chemo drip in about 40 minutes for today, and finish it up right at 9ish, just in time for bed.

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