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final day of round 3

Friday, which means Finalday of Round 3 of chemo. So far other than one throw up in the middle of the night (after which he went straight back to sleep without issue), there’ve been zero complications. Ezra has more energy than either of us, and just wants to be home and off this IV leash. 😀 He’s walking as of this week – not perfectly, and still prefers to crawl as its much faster for him, but can walk around without falling pretty well now. Thighs of steel. Or thunder. You pick.

Assuming all goes well, we’ll be out of here in time to eat the garlic lime chicken Kim said she’s bringing tomorrow all cozy at home. Ezra will have another bone marrow aspiration done the 10th to verify this round did in fact destroy the last remaining cancer cells from his marrow, then a clinic appt at All Children’s on the 15th. If the CD34+ count is good (a solid indicator of stem cells being present and active), he will be admitted to the hospital that evening and the apheresis (stem cell harvesting) will begin around 8:30-9am on Wednesday the 16th. That lasts a day or so, and then we’ll be all done for December (hopefully).

On another note – the hospital cafeteria is not that bad, and I just got a cup of fresh chili, whole grain bagel and cream cheese, and two slices of toast for $2.84. Sweet.

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