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The Coming Week

So we’re home from chemo round 3, and all’s pretty good as far as Ezra’s health goes. He is still getting his appetite back, which is normal after each round, but is eating alright, and keeps walking, playing, and smiling. Yesterday he had another bone marrow aspiration done, so we’ll find out by Monday (hopefully before) if his marrow is clean of cancer (which the dr’s think it is now) and we can harvest stem cells next week. That’ll be mid-week, assuming it happens, and will take the better part of Wednesday. Good news is, Ezra doesn’t have to be sedated at all for that – it doesn’t really hurt. They’ll keep him tired, because he can’t move around too much (he has to stay in his bed the whole 8 hours or so), but awake. Naps are fine. Basically, it should be a relatively easy and calm day. Here’s praying it will be…

Robyn’s mom has been here this whole week, which has been awesome – THANKS, VIVIAN! She’s been watching Ezra and helping out each day, taking a big load off our shoulders. She loves taking walks with the little man, and she had a hilarious story the other day. She was taking Ezra to “the chicken shack” (what she calls Checkers for some reason, haha – there’s no Checkers up north where we all hail from), and got to talking with the lady behind the checkout window. The lady asked how old Ezra was, and Vivian said 15 months. “No hair by 15 months eh? Wow!” said the lady. Vivian had been talking to the lady a while so mentioned, “well, actually it’s because he’s a cancer baby. Normal for him…” and the lady said “Really? Mine was a Saggitarius and had a full head of hair well before that! Isn’t Sagittarius right after Cancer?”

hahaha… oh, Checkers lady.

Starting to feel a little of the wear from the day to day constant schedule, but we know God doesn’t throw us more than we can handle, so we’ve been asking for that strength. I’ve been telling people, within the giant bubble of “cancer sucks, why does my kid have to get it?” things are actually going pretty good – it’s just a lot at once, especially with Robyn being pregnant with twins as well!

A few years from now, I bet we’ll look back on this as a great time in our life, albeit a hard one. Seeing everyone come around to help, and hearing all the encouragement really is good – and I know the struggle mentally as well keeps us focusing on the things that are good in life, and holding even faster to those things. God is still good.

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