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Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year (4th Round)

Well we’re back at our favorite hospital in Tampa, good ol St Joes, for round 4 of chemo. This round is a nice short one – only 3 days of drugs for the little man, and maybe a 24 hour run of fluids after to get it all out of his system, maybe only 12 hours. So we should be home by Friday, if not Thursday. Hurray for New Years in the hospital! Ha – maybe they’ll let us have fireworks in the room. Maybe. Calling all smugglers….

Ezra generally takes two naps a day, but because of scheduling and such today, he missed his second, and was up early from his first… meaning he’s already asleep now, by 9PM. Nice and quiet in the room at the moment, good time to chat with all you. After the next round, he’ll (most likely) be getting his surgery to remove the tumor. Crazy times…

Christmas was great. We woke up early (yes, 8AM is early in our house) and made some coffee, hung out just the two of us, and then woke up Ezra around 930 to say Merry Christmas to him. My folks wound up arriving around 11, and we did stockings, gifts, and a solid Christmas dinner. Ezra must have had 3-4 gifts to every one for the other 8 of us. 😀 We kept most of them in their boxes, and will get him a nice new toy traded out for one of his existing ones every few weeks or so… fun for him!

I want to give a big thanks to a few people for some Christmas goodness. Rose and all the kids at Veteran’s Elementary – you guys are amazing. The photos, letters, and drawings were so appreciated – and incredibly thoughtful. We’ll be looking at them for years remembering how much all your care meant to us. Thanks, kids!

Also to our “secret” 12 days of Christmas – the secret may be out of the bag, but you guys were another great part of our 2009 Christmas, and it was a constant bit of anticipation and thankfulness in our days. Thanks!

Back to work I go… 😉

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