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scans scans and more scans

Alright, alright – everyone is asking for more updates. Well, so far nothing much to say is why I haven’t updated anything! At least no news is good news. 😉 Ezra has been recovering the past couple weeks from the 5th round of chemo – which he did admirably. His labs never dipped at all, which the doctors couldn’t explain – but it’s good.

Last weekend we got bone scans done, and his bones are completely, 100% free of cancer. Wednesday, yesterday, and today we’ve been at St Joe’s getting a second MIBG scan to see the size of his main tumor. We have an appointment with Dr Kayton (the surgeon who will be removing the tumor) this coming Wednesday to go over the scans with him and, assuming all looks as good as everyone thinks it will, schedule the surgery for shortly after our meeting. We could have the tumor removed before March reaches us!

We’re working on trimming off extraneous commitments in an effort to regain some sanity in our schedules. I’ve backed out of doing the web stuff for Grace Family Church, and we’re both taking solid looks at what we give the most time to, what we enjoy most, and how we can make sure the two are the same. It’s been good, and necessary.

Oh – we found out both the twins are going to be boys. Or rather, are already. 😀 Which means… come mid-June, we’ll have 3 boys under two running around the place. Walk in the park…. 😉

I’ll have more info for you all come Wednesday!

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