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liver, mri, and robyn

We heard back from St Joes today, and they said after looking over his scans (including yesterday’s MRI) they would like to do a needle biopsy of the lesions in the liver. They’re not sure the lesions are even tumors (it could be just lesions from the tumors earlier in the treatment), and if they are, whether or not they’re cancerous. The needle biopsy, guided by CT, will be able to confirm.

If the lesions are not tumors, or are not cancerous, we will be able to simply move forward with the surgery as planned! If they are in fact still cancerous tumors, we’ll need to look further into the best way to handle them in his treatment.

Also – we seem to be having a medical year. Today was Robyn’s normal 24 week appt for the twins pregnancy. They discovered she was 1-2 cm dilated, which is supposedly not uncommon with twins. However, it IS cause to look closer, so we’re currently admitted at University Community Hospital on Fletcher while someone is watching Ezra at the house. A normal pregnancy term is 40 weeks, so obviously this is very early to be having any sort of labor.

The drs here will monitor her for a minimum of 48 hours, and as long as the dilation doesn’t increase, and she isn’t having contractions (we’ve been here over an hour and they haven’t seen any, so that’s a good sign), she’ll be released to head home, and will be on bed rest the remainder of the pregnancy (3 months!). We can handle that – we’ve got a great group around us to help.

IF in fact she IS having contractions, or dilates any more, they’ll need to give her some drugs to slow that down. They’re already going to give steroids shots for the babies to speed up lung development, just in case they ARE delivered prematurely (even in 8-10 weeks, etc). Best case is everything is fine, dilation stays where it is, and we head home and put Robyn on bed rest for a few months. Worst case, they slow down the labor and the babies are born in 3-4 weeks (they’d like to at least hold it off that long). Please pray it’s best case. 😉

Looking forward to a nice, calm, slow 2011. 😉 Crying babies and lack of sleep seems like a perfect day compared to the past 5 months!

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