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hello twins!

Apparently the twins did not want to wait – this morning at 9:06 AM our *tiny twins* were born. Baby A, Charley Adin Matthews, was 1lb 15oz. Baby B, whom we don’t quite have a name for yet (we’re thinking Price, and pretty sure the last name will be Matthews 😉 – it’s just that pesky middle name we’re working on – thought we had a few more weeks to decide…) was 1lb 13oz. They were delivered at 26 weeks, and term is 40 – so they’re about 3 months early.

They both look great, and are doing very well – they’ll have to be in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) for 2-3 months with assistance in finishing up the developing they’d have been doing in the womb. They are definitely responding and acting great right now, and babies at 26 weeks now are not a very scary thing – they grow just fine, just need a little extra time in the hospital in the beginning.

I’ll post a couple pics here – I’ve got to get back to Robyn, but whoa! We’ve got 3 boys now!

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