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Bye Bye Blackbird

We *just* met with Ezra’s surgeon – he came up to our room to let us know the surgery is complete. The surgery went without a hitch – they were able to get every bit of the cancer out of his body. Every single bit. GREAT SUCCESS. Robyn is literally crying she’s so happy. This day has been a long time coming.

They’re in the OR as I’m typing this, sewing him back up for the next 30 minutes while the PICU gets his room ready and Robyn packs up our stuff from this room.

Ezra did lose his left kidney – which is not a major issue at all, the other one will pick up the slack without issue. The left kidney was just too involved with the neuroblastoma to be salvaged. Neither of the doctors are worried about this in the slightest though.

Last night was a long night, Robyn slept 15 minutes and I slept 30. Ezra had a hard time falling asleep, so he wound up just being held by Robyn for the whole night, and he didn’t get to sleep til past midnight as he and Robyn looked at the pictures on the ceiling and laughed and smiled. It was a beautiful moment, and right now is another one.

We’ve got a week at least of recovery here in the PICU, then straight to St Joes for a final round of chemo before the stem cell transplant. We’re not finished with his treatment, but today was a huge bout of the fight. Thank you to everyone for your prayers, it is so refreshing to see the sun breaking through.

I’ll keep you all updated….

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