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This morning Charley had one of those milestones every kid looks forward to – his first brain surgery!

The neurosurgeon over at All Childrens put in a shunt (a temporary one for now until he has grown a little larger), which will relieve the pressure from his hydrocephalus (liquid building up in the brain). He will most likely need to have a permanent shunt put in weeks from now when he is bigger, before he comes home. There is a possibility this could cause damage and lead to varying degrees of cerebrak palsy, or it could wind uo having no effect at all! The surgery went without a hitch.

We’ve been having a good week, which is so appreciated. We’re getting very little sleep, but things are going well for Ezra and Charley, which is priority. Ezra has been waking up every hour or so from pain when his meds wear off, so it’s hard to get any sleep. They’re continuing to refine the meds they have him on to help with that, and this morning was pretty good.

Both yesterday and today we’ve been able to get out and about and spend some time with each other and doing errands – big thanks to my folks and Kristin and Abby! Also, I’ve said it before, but let me say it again – we SO appreciate everything all of you guys have done. Between meals, prayer, gift cards, emails, texts, yard work, information… we’ve been so blessed to be surrounded by the people we are. We so wish we had time to sit down and write you all thank yous and tell you how much it means to us – let me assure you, it means a lot. Vivan, Robyn’s mom, was here for weeks hekping, and just recently left. She even had our carpet cleaned!

Ezra is doing beautifully. He’ll most likely be released home on Thursday or Friday, and then we’ll have the weekend home and head to St Joes Monday for another round of chemo. Then we’ll be home by Thursday, and have an entire 3-4 weeks home! Yesssssssss…..

Happy late Easter…

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