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quick update on how we all are

Haven’t updated for a bit, figured I’d give you guys a rundown of where we’re at now.

We’ve been home a little over a week now, and Ezra is settling in. He’s still not eating as much as before we went in, and has to get fluids every night overnight via a pump which goes in his bed with him. He also isn’t drinking a ton, which means we have to keep those fluids running until he gets his drinking up.

His attitude is great though, a little more clingy still, but almost back to normal! you can tell he’s still weak from the month of being in the hospital – he plays normal, but stops more often during his play to sit down. This will get back to normal as his appetite picks up and his muscles just normally build back up after a month of no use.

Charley is doing GREAT. He took out his own breathing tube a few days back, and is breathing well without it in now. He still needs oxygen, but no longer needs support with the physical aspect of breathing. They’re working on getting his oxygen needs down, and to teach him to eat – in the next 4-6 weeks we will most likely be able to take him home – possibly on oxygen, hopefully not. bringing a preemie as young as him home on oxygen is fairly common, though.

We get to see Charley a lot, since Ezra is still having labs done 3x a week at All Children’s. It’s a long drive but good to see Charley. It’s tough to find time to get work done, be at the hospital, keep the house running, and spend any time with Robyn at all – but we’re managing. By the time our head’s hit the pillows we usually feel like our entire body is screaming at us to rest… and we’ll do it again the next day.

Anyway… basically extremely busy, more tired than ever, but things are on an upwards swing and it feels good.

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