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Ezra’s 2nd Birthday Party – You’re Invited

Ezra will be turning 2 at the end of the month. 1 year ago – pre-cancer, pre-twins – we had a bunch of people over for his 1st birthday slash house-warming party as we moved into our (first!) house. Now, a year later, much has changed for us, including this house becoming our home. We’d like to do a big bash to mark his 2nd birthday, as well as his “no evidence of disease” declaration (neuroblastoma patients don’t get an official “remission” status – the doctors call “no evidence of disease.”) We’re inviting everyone over this Sunday – August the 29th (his birthday is the 31st, but it turns out people have jobs and stuff 😀 ) at 4pm for a grill out, pool party, and celebration of everything this past year has been. Despite the harsh times, there have been deep moments of joy, an intense strengthening of Robyn and I’s relationship, and the addition of Charley to our little family.

You’re all invited – please shoot me an email at to confirm you’re coming (so we know how much food and drink to get). We’ll have the grill hot and ready, hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, chips, salsa, drinks, and the pool will be ready for anyone who’d like to jump in. The kids love the diving board. I figure 4 pm will give everyone a chance to do their church things, let their kids sleep, and be ready to come hang out.

Ezra has gotten SO many toys over the past year from all our admittances and well-wishers – we’re flush with stuff. In fact, we’ll probably be having a big garage sale the next weekend to minimize our items gathered over the years. Please don’t bring any gifts – just spending time and hanging out, laughs and good times is plenty. We do love cards, as we are scrapbooking this whole year, so if you’d like to do that, awesome. If you really want to do something to help out kids with medical issues – find a blood bank and give blood or platelets! No need to earmark them for Ezra or Charley – that doesn’t really do much. Both Ezra and Charley have got so much platelets and blood over these past months, it’s amazing to think of.

I’ll run through the medical side of this update quick. Ezra has scans this week to cement his approval for the antibody study which he’ll be doing next, and if all goes well there we’ll be starting the antibody Sept 10th, and do 5 rounds of a week in the hospital, 3 weeks at home. Then we’re pretty much done with treatment! Charley had a minor setback and got a bladder infection. He had to have the tube put back in his throat for breathing, but they are removing it tomorrow, and simple medicine can fix the infection. He’s already halfway through his 10 day course. He will have surgery to have the G tube put in his stomach next week, and will be home within a month now. He’ll be over 6 months old by then.

We hope to see you Sunday, please remember to RSVP to my email, and either way – see y’all around! If you can’t come but would like to send a card, you can do that as well. For everyone – our address is:

The Matthews Family
15511 Walden Ave
Tampa, FL 33618

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