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Cure on Wheels – Donate to Cure Cancer

Alright, I’ll write this update.

We’ve pretty much avoided any sort of fundraising during all this, as I’m not the type to ask folks for money (and am not asking for US in this update either). That being said, this specific hospital stay has really made me love All Children’s Hospital even more, as well as Moffitt Cancer Center where Ezra gets his stem cells stored. And I love riding my bicycle… and I just happened to walk by a poster for Cure on Wheels yesterday.

Cure on Wheels is a 100 mile bike ride on November 7th (well, there are other distances as well but Team Ezley – that’s our team – is doing the 100) which all the proceeds go directly to All Children’s Hospital and Moffitt. We’ve met a ton of kids and families who have seen incredible service and caring spirit from All Children’s specifically, and when I saw the poster I knew I was going to do the ride, regardless of if I did it alone or not. 😀 So far, it looks like I’ll be doing it with at least 3 other folks (hey hey, Peter, Kevin, and Jenni).

Anyway, this is the part I feel a little bad about but whatever – the deadline for donations to count for your team (you can still donate after it seems) is the 15th, which is Wednesday. So many of us have been blessed financially, and many of you have asked what you can do for us – and we really don’t need much of anything, just prayers. If you’re one of those people who has some money to sacrifice for a good cause – this helps tremendously. I can’t stress enough the difference All Children’s makes in cancer families lives. We’ve been to 5 hospitals so far and ACH’s facility, staff, and approach to treatment are SO refreshing and encouraging compared to the others. Bravo.

Please visit and click the Sponsor Me link on the right to support Cure on Wheels. I’ve set a goal there but if we go over it it’s even better. 😉 It’d be awesome to see y’alls sacrifices continue to plant seeds and affect more cancer families lives!

And as for the kids – Charley is coming home Monday! More on that later… and Ezra is going home from chemo tomorrow, and will be getting stem cells Wednesday to improve his counts from this round of chemo. Then we wait a couple weeks and do more scans…

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