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I’d like to pass along an email I received today from Marilyn, a lady at our church, about a fast this weekend for Ezra. Robyn and I will be fasting tomorrow and we’re asking folks to read over the below email and fast and pray as you can. I have seen first hand God’s power to heal and although I have also seen moment He doesn’t, I know our prayer and fasting is effective and powerful. Miracles still happen!

This is the email Marilyn sent out to all the small group leaders:

I am sending out an urgent prayer request for our precious little Ezra Matthews, son of Kyle and Robyn…some of you might not know the handsome young man who plays guitar and sings on Saturday night…well that is Kyle.

Ezra has been battling cancer for a year now and he was doing great…until September ….it has returned more aggressive than the first time and they are now giving Ezra 2-3 months to live unless our Lord…the Great Physician, The God who heals… does a miracle…….so we are proclaiming this weekend as a weekend to pray and fast for baby Ezra to be healed miraculously!!! please choose one day or all three days of the weekend to fast and pray.

Sunday is 10/10/10…this happens once every 1000 years. Interesting tidbit…10 is the number of perfection of divine order…completeness.

Also John 10:10 says “that the thief comes to rob, kill and destroy but Jesus says..I have come that they will have life and that more abundantly”…so ladies I’m believing that Sunday is a time for God to bring about a miracle for Ezra… Please join me in praying for this precious family!! Love you all…Marilyn

This is the email I sent out to the MOPS steering team and Mentor Moms:

You can do an Absolute Fast which is no food, just water or do water and juice.
You can do a Daniel Fast which is no breads, sugars, meats, wine (or alcohol) and drink only water
You can do a Partial Fast which is where you pick one, two or three challenging things for yourself to give up like maybe coffee and chocolate?
You can also add fasting TV and/or sleep to allow more time to pray but if you pick those I would encourage you to do that along with fasting some sort of food as well.
The point is to sacrifice. And to pray for Ezra everytime you think about what you are sacrificing.

The Scripture I read last night was from Ezra 8:21,23 ” I proclaimed a fast, so that we might humble ourselves before our God and ask Him for a safe journey for us and our children with all our possesions…So we fasted and petitioned our God about this and He answered our prayer.” ( He was asking for protection from their enemies so they wouldn’t be attacked on the road and the Lord granted it to them.)

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  1. Im in awe of the holy spirit right now i read the update on Fri and the lord pressed upon my heart to fast fri and sat,, i dont have a computer at home so when i came back on monday there was a request to fast,, amazing one body in supplication for this child,, hearing god in unity waiting in certainty relying on his promise,,I will continue to fast on and off for him and you guys,, with all my heart and Gods love Kimberly