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got ahold of Bayer

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Got ahold of Bayer (marketers of Nifurtimox under the name Lampit) – they can’t release it to us because it’s not licensed by the FDA for release in the US. Their lawyers recommended: “the FDA will allow the importation of a non-approved pharmaceutical provided a US physician write a prescription for the pharmaceutical for an individually named person (i.e., these are expected to be extraordinary situations where following the usual procedures would take too long to benefit an individual). One then might be able to go to an internet pharmacy with the prescription to have it shipped into the US.” Pursuing this…

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  1. Im trying to contact my friend in Berlin who works for pfizer,, miracles in the making!!!! Thank you Jesus in advance for the movement

  2. i am praying so hard for baby ezra and your family right now. i know you don’t know me, but i’ve been checking your website a few times a day since your very sad update a few days ago, hoping against hope that ezra was still fighting. i hope so, so, SO much that you manage to get hold of this medicine and that it can do something for your beautiful little boy. all my thoughts and prayers xxx

  3. Act on this as though God has already provided it for you! If you need someone just to even look up web sites to get it from let me know and I will find as many sites as I can!!! I continue to pray for Ezra’s miracle of healing to continue!!! I continue to praise God for all he has done and continues to do! You should move forward and know GOD IS MOVING IS EZRA!!!!! AMEN!!!!!

  4. Your story has captivated us! I first saw someone on facebook requesting prayer yesterday! We have been praying! We can’t imagine what you are going through. I have a family member whose child has neuroblastoma.It seems her treatment has been a bit experimental. If interested in speaking with here mother she can be found on facebook as Valerie Riggs.

  5. I have 2 contacts in Germany that will be able to get you the medication that you need. Several of my friends on FB posted your blog and as a parent, I can only hope that someone would help me in time of need.
    Please contact me as I will need to know the details of the medication you need to insure that we get the correct one.

    Cathy Edwards

  6. Your story has touched me so deeply. When I saw your need I reached out to two friends of mine- one in Korea and one in England. I wanted to post this so others do not duplicate efforts and can focus on countries that may have availability to get this medicine for your sweet son.

    This is from my friend in Korea- “Hey Jess, I checked here in Korea and things are pretty strict. Items we can buy over the counter at Walmart in the states, are only available in pharmacies here. The place to get it would be Vietnam or Thailand. We are going there in February……”

    This is from my friend in England- “Nifurtimox or Lampit are not available here. I went to our chemist who looked it up their monthly catalogue of drugs and it was not there. The Bayer website has it available in some countries I think. Hard to say because they were in languages I do not understand. It looks like it has been around for at least 5 years and there are articles published in some very reputable scientific mags like The Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine.”

    If there are any avenues you are having good luck with and need someone to research, put out phone calls, anything, please contact me, I would be overjoyed to help you in anyway possible- Our prayers are with you!!