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  1. I sit here thinking of what to post. I do not personally know you (except by your blog). God has laid you and your family on my heart all day, every day since Monday when a friend brought your name to my attention. I tune into your blog constantly looking for an update knowing God is working in all of you! I have updated my status everyday on Facebook looking and searching for more prayers for you all. Stay strong Jesus is able to do the impossible. Rest in Jesus’ arms just like your little guy is resting in yours.
    Hugs and kisses from your Sister in Christ.

  2. They are SO cute! Makes you just want to hug them up! There is NO DOUBT God has blessed you with 3 beautiful boys, 1 w/wings and 2 with stars in thier eyes!

  3. Both of your boys are precious. I’m so sorry for your loss of the other twin. I love the pic when Charlie(?) is at the top of the slide. He has a look like “you want me to do what?” God has really placed a lot into your laps, but ne never gives you more than you can handle. Both of you (parents) are true Angels on earth! I don’t know any of you, however, I feel like I know you personally. I hope to hear good updates in the future, as we are all praying for both boys. Do you have a FB site?

  4. Ack, so cute! Lookit the little Sumo wrestler. And yeah crazy how recently E was just running around playing and being normal. Poor guy.

    PS your wife’s got nice tats 🙂

  5. God has blessed you with very beautiful and special angels because He knows that you would be the perfect parents for these 2 boys. We are blessed to “share” them with you but I wish it could be under better circumstances. I praying that in the near future we can all get together and talk about the miracle that God performed and Ezra shows no sign of cancer. He can do it!! God bless all of you!

  6. These two are so cute! That little Charlie is a little chunky butt! Just love them both to pieces! Keep the videos and picture coming! They are so helpful to us as well! God is working for this family and please continue to!

  7. Such an awesome family!! Simply gorgeous! I have faith that these memories will continue to be captured by not only cameras but by your hearts as well… Just want to tell you, that Hunter, my 4 year old stopped at a flag tonight on our evening stroll through the neighborhood.. I asked him if he was going to say the pledge of allegiance (sp) and he said “No, not tonight mommy, we are going to pray for baby Ezra…” His prayer was this, ” Dear God, please still heal cute little baby Ezra and let him get shots to make him feel better, Amen.” It just brings you to your knees thinking that your story is touching the youngest hearts! We are still holding your hands through all of this! Lots of love…

  8. A day does not go by without Prayer for both Ezra and Charley and the family. You have been a great example of what God wants us to do in times of trials. We lift you high as you continue to have strong Faith and know that God is in control. We must all be strong and Trust in Him. Thank you for posting more photo’s of the boy’s, theses are so precious. Praying that this new medication will perform a miracle and bring Ezra’s health back and be rid of the cancer in his little body. With God all things are possible, and we are believing in that, to be True by His Word. Thank you Jesus’ that you are Working right now to heal Ezra!!!
    We are all Praying for this one Miracle!!!
    Love you guy’s…. Hugs & Blessings
    Aunt Judy and Family

  9. Beautiful! Those boys are SO loved! I’m curious about the tattoo pictured and it’s meaning.

    Many thoughts, prayers, and hugs!

  10. Your kids are too cute Kyle…Ezra looks so much like you! Still praying for the little guy and you and your wife 😉 We may not always understand why we have to go through the things we do but it is in the grand plan God has for us.
    I held on to that when my best friend was sick in the hospital and after he passed away…Most would give up and get mad, I got mad but I didn’t give up.
    thank you for sharing these pictures, they are precious memories for sure!

  11. Amazing family, thank you for sharing, two gorgeous children, two wonderful parents. I keep you all in my prayers regularly, the fact that we’ve never met seems odd, you updates make everyone feel like they are friends of yours, and we are all feeling the pain and the joy you are going through. God bless.

    Veronica and Ron Vick

  12. I came across your blog through a friends FB post. My 6 year old daughter and I discovered your video story together, which touched us immediately. Your family is so amazing and strong. Thank you for sharing your story and know that you will be in our prayers as we follow you through this journey, which we hope brings you good updates and health.