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Things today are much the same – we were able to get Ezra to take some of the Nifurtimox this morning by dripping it into his mouth with a syringe. Last night we tried to get him to take some but it mostly came out of his mouth. The Nifurtimox is a pill which we crush and mix with Coke (seriously – the dr told us it’s what they’ve found it mixes best with) and syringe into his mouth. The problem is he isn’t really coherent, so it is tough to get him to drink. Even from this morning, much of the syringed liquid just sat in his mouth until he swallowed by reflex some.

When I say “stable” in the posts these past few days, I mean his heart rate is within normal range as well as his blood pressure and breathing rate. He is still requiring a lot of oxygen support, although it’s still just through a mask (he CAN’T get intubated right now anyway even if he required it) – but the respiration therapists say they usually don’t even give this much oxygen through a mask. It’s just our only option right now. Even with that, his 02 saturation (us hospital folks call it his sat) is hanging at 94-95, where he’s never been below 100% until this stay.

Ezra hasn’t had anything to eat in almost a week now. He is on fluids, but it’s a delicate balance – he’s a bit swollen from the amount they have to give him, but he HAS to have that much to flush out the chemo. Yesterday was the last day of chemo, so we may be able to dial that down over the weekend. He hasn’t had more than a sip of drink in 5 days, and even in the last 5 days it’s literally been 1 or 2 ml at a time, a few times a day. Yesterday and today it was only to try and get the Nifurtimox in him.

He has been asleep this entire week. He’s unable to sit up or move much other than a hand looking for his pacifier or an arm rubbing his eye if the morphine goes too long. His eye by the tumor looks worse. He’s woken up for 30 second spurts occasionally early in the week to say something or look around, but that’s dwindled quite a bit to where we haven’t heard him talk (other than “no” if we try to clean his mouth, which is getting dry from all the 02 the mask is pushing and no drinking) in a few days now.

I can’t help but feel like he’s getting much more worse than better. We hold on to hope, and I’m not honestly not sure whether it’s a faith hope we are holding onto or pure blind desperation of wanting to see our son smile and talk again. I wonder if this is even fair to him – he’s just laying in a bed, drugged up on morphine (letting that slide more than the 2 hour increment he’s on now results in his heart rate jumping and him moaning and hurting) and being supported by medical pumps and daily infusions since his blood counts don’t stay up. I sit and play my guitar to him, and Robyn and I must have said “I love you” more times to him this past week than in the whole past year – and we’ve never been stingy with that.

The chemo can take up to 5 days to show any results, so we’ll see if there are visible changes anytime in the next few days. I’m praying like I’ve never prayed, and literally tens of thousands of you are as well – sometimes God simply is calling someone home.

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  1. Your story has me praying as if I were praying for one my own sons. Your strength is obviously by the strength of God. I cannot help but feel like your story, Ezras testimony is going to save some lives in a MIGHTY way whether you see it come to pass in the natural or not. He just might be the key to some hearts seeing his journey. I pray Gods plan to the fullest, and pray you feel His mighty unwaivering love and the love from perfect strangers. But, in the bigger picture, were all praying and standing behind you to support you and hold you up.

  2. My heart aches for you guys. I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling. You guys should not have to go through this. Just know that God has a plan for each and every one of our lifes and he is holding Ezra in the palm of His hand. We all want the best for Ezra and don’t want him to suffer and will keep praying for God to do a healing miracle in his little body. We love you guys and will continue to be with you in prayer.

  3. Praying so hard for Ezra and your family. I cannot imagine how hard it is to watch your child go through this. Sending all my love.

  4. Everytime I read your posts, I’m moved to tears. I’m sure you’re questioning your actions when you ask if it’s fair to him, and it’s a decision that no parent EVER wants to have to make. Just know that God guides your every move, and I pray that He will provide you strength and comfort every step of the way. Ezra is loved by many, but most of all by his parents, and by God. If it is time for him to go home, he will know how much he is loved.

    Your strength (and especialy Ezra’s) amazes me…you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. We continue to pray for you and wish we could through prayers and pleadings make it all better and can’t. We are sorry. No parent or child should ever have to faze this.
    Your strength amazes us, and we know it comes for the Lord holding you up at this time. We continue to pray for a miracle. As much as you two love Ezra and are relying on God at every moment, every minute of the day, we know He will show you.
    We continue to pray for you guys and know the whole 2nd grade class at our daughter’s school is praying too.

  6. I am one of the thousands of people who are praying for your family. Though you may never meet me, I feel like I know you, I was staying up to date through your Aunt Debbie until I went on the website, now I check for updates several times a day and pray, pray, pray. Kyle, I think it’s incredible what you have done here, you have let people like me who live thoudsands of miles away, that you don’t know into your world. You have a precious family. Sometimes the things God allows to happen don’t make sense, our earthly view is limited, this is where faith comes in, we have to trust in the fact that God see’s the whole picture from beginning to end and every second in between. That’s the kind of faith you and Robin have exhibited through out this whole journey. That is to be commended, what am inspiration the two of you are. As you are I keep asking for a miracle, today along with that a supernatural dose of peace and comfort, wisdom and God’s perfect will to be done.
    In Christ’s Love

  7. I am praying along with you that God restores your sweet son and that all of our hope prevails. Miracles do happen, and we are not here to questions God’s intentions. You are wonderful beautiful people and may you be comforted in the fact that you are not alone.

  8. i thank you for update and letting us into your lives…they say pain shared is pain lessened….i dont know how you do it…other than the Good Lords Grace…i know there is no where i’d rather be then checking in and sharing with you your pain…my girls are 2 & 4 and i can not imagine/fathom them going through this all i can say with all my heart is thank you Ezra for going through it for them… they are indeed a healthy crew and sometimes i feel guilty…but more so grateful…i know ezra’s experience is going to impact the future for other children and for that great is his reward!! love and ((((HUGS))) you are so highly thought of and an inspiration to all who walk this path w/you!

  9. Praying for you and Robyn! Don’t second guess yourselves! A friend of ours used to say “Rest assured God’s will will be done”!

    God, give Kyle and Robyn peace in the midst of these difficult decisions! Help them in their unbelief and doubt. Give them the strength they need today! In Jesus Name, Amen!

    Praying continually for your family! God bless you all!

  10. Anna Farnham and Josh Hunter both shared your story and struggle with me, and I am praying, and want to help more. Please email so I will know what else to do. How incredible that you God through and in spite of the pain. Esther

  11. Praying so hard for Ezra and all of you. Robyn and Kyle you are the definition of unwavering love for your child. Much love and peace to all of you. XOXOXO

  12. We feel as if we are right there in the hospital with you. We are hurting along with you and for you and praying around the clock. God IS in control. We will continue to ask for comfort and peace for you all and for miracles.

  13. Thank you for sharing your story. God Bless your family and we will pray for a miracle for your beautiful little Ezra! Know that you are in so many prayers and thoughts.

  14. Oh my heart breaks. Still praying for all of you. Please do not give up. Yes sometimes God is calling someone home but until He does He wants us to have faith in his power! Ezra is resting in His hands right now. He might not be able to talk to you but Jesus is talking to him. Jesus tells us in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My power is made perfict in weakness” let His power run through you no matter what His will is. Please know your tears are not the only ones being shead for your little boy. I praise God that He is clearing all them from our eyes. Please hang in there.

  15. Praying to God like a warrior to heal Ezra. I believe in miracles. I believe Ezra will win this battle. Stay strong. Stay in faith. Keep believing. God Bless all of You!!

  16. Kyle & Robyn,
    every time I read your posts, I cry..first because I cannot imagine your pain and second as a cry to God to hold u both in His arms as you hold Ezra in yours.
    My luv and prayers are with you!

  17. My 8 year ol d Daniela and I have been praying for Ezra. We know what its like to lose a son/brother but ours was sudden. No hospital stays no medicine. Our 19 month old died suddenly in his sleep. We pray for God peace and strength for your family the way we received it last year. Were pulling for you Ezra!!!

  18. Ezra is an angel – and he is fighting. Don’t give up…Don’t ever give up. Hold on tight to your faith that Ezra will get through this. Believe in that miracle for Ezra and fight like hell as you both have been for him over the last year. We will be praying for your strength and his – hang in there guys. I’m praying for you non stop.
    Love to all of you.

  19. Standing along side and lifting your precious children up in prayer. Praying for peace, strength, wisdom and perseverance to stay the course for you and Robyn.

  20. Kyle,
    We too are praying for complete and total healing as if there is NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE. That’s the kind of faith God requires. I write this through tear-stained eyes because it’s so hard to do in the midst of these circumstances, but I will be hopeful and faithful in prayer for all 4 of you. You are loved.

  21. I was directed to this blog by Jeanette Ratliff. Her daughter Rachel and I became friends through My Space. I will be praying for Ezra and the rest of your family. Lean on your faith and God’s strength. They are there for you and will see you through this difficult time. I believe in miracles because I have seen them happen.

  22. I learned about your story from a friend in Chicago, and I’m praying for you all the way in Waco, Texas! Hang in there–

  23. It is not a matter of if enough people pray and hard enough then God will hear and answer with a miracle. Ezra’s life has united so many people to pray from all over the world that do not know him or you. That is a miracle already! He is a little missionary right where he is. In his frail condition and without words he is causing people to unite and call on the name of the Lord. How many people have reignited their faith and hope in God because of Ezra? I have to wonder. Ezra’s short life has already had more meaning and done more to honor God than someone who, in our understanding, lives a full and complete life. Robyn and Kyle, God is answering your prayers. His answers are not always what we want to hear or do we understand them always. But I trust that His spirit is on and in Ezra as He was in the womb with John the Baptist. God can raise Ezra off of his sickbed, but if He doesn’t it is not for a lack of faith or anything else that you could have done better. He simply has a greater plan than our minds can comprehend. I pray that His peace embraces you and there is much mercy in this wait.

    United for Ezra,

    Marcy Conaway and family

  24. still praying for ezra…and i talked to my mother-in-law today. she’s going to start a prayer circle at her church. hang in there guys!

  25. I don’t know you guys personally; I stumbled across your blog through Facebook. I keep reading because I know what it’s like to be the mom of a child with a chronic health condition, and I want you and families like you to feel heard and supported and less alone in your struggle. It’s what I wanted when I was there. My child did not have cancer. She is a heart patient. We had to face agonizing decisions regarding her condition, and I want you to know that I believe any decision you make is good and right when it is made with love. People who haven’t walked in your shoes may judge, but people who have been there will know that in these cases, there is no right or wrong. There is only loving your child and doing your best for him. Hoping for a miracle for your beautiful boy.

  26. I learned of your story from Valerie, my neighbor. Your strength and faith in God humbles me. Please know that my family (including extended family) are all praying very hard for your beautiful boy. Miracles happen everyday.

  27. Hi Matthews Family,
    I am friends with Melanie Trattner and she posted your link on FB asking for prayer. I am praying for all of you – for peace and rest for each one of you. May His peace comfort you and surround you all in that hospital room right now.

  28. I have been praying for Ezra. Just wanted you to know. I pray that God arises, and heals your son, all the while, giving you both peace and comfort.

  29. I love you and I love your little, beautiful, wonderful, strong and amazing boy!God IS there and so are we…praying. Your strength through all of this is MORE than remarkable – it is a testiment to LOVE… ((((HUGS)))) to Ezra and may he FEEL the love and hugs surrounding him and his parents.

  30. I received an email from the people at GCF about Ezra. My husband and I have been following your story for the last week. We have been praying for him all through out the day. Both your wife and you have shown so much strength through this terrible ordeal.Your family is a wonderful testimony. God bless all of you, and may peace and comfort be released to Ezra.

  31. Praying. Praying for comfort for Ezra and both, you and Robyn, praying for strength, praying for wisdom. Thinking of ya’ll often.

  32. I am praying right along with you. God has his loving hands around Ezra. Praying for you and Robyn. Hang in there.

  33. I am praying for Ezra and your family. I am heartbroken. God is AWESOME and he does work miracles and I am praying for a miracle for your son. God bless you all! <3

  34. Yes I am checking in to see what God is doing today in Ezra’s life. I have not stopped praying. I feel so much and so little at the same time. Hoping is big … continue to believe that God will continue His work in and through Him. Know that Ezra is doing much more than what meets the eye. People all over are being touched and moved on his behalf and on your behalf. The fight to believe may be hard to continue but I encourage you to lean on God. I will check in later again … I keep hoping and I keep praying and sometimes do both at the same time.

  35. Praying like I have never prayed before for your darling Ezra. He is on my mind constantly, I shed tears almost hourly for your sweet boy, praying hard for the Lord to spare his life here on earth so you can see him talk and laugh and smile once again. I am praying now for Ezra to supernaturally be free from pain RIGHT NOW! Oh Lord, take away Ezra’s hurt and discomfort. We cry out for the only healing that can restore this sweet boy’s body! Lord, we beg of you to show mercy on darling Ezra. Make his body new again.

  36. I continue to pray and believe that God is in the works of a miracle. Lord be with the Matthews family and all the decisions they make, we pray that Ezra is healed and restored back to new Lord. We pray with hopes of a miracle. Please bring his platelets up and keep them there. Heal him totally from cancer Lord. Let him grow old with wisdom to pass on to grandchildren. We pray because we believe, we believe because we know that YOU LORD CAN HEAL! Bless this family in all ways possible. Amen!

  37. We remain in deep, heartfelt prayer for you all. We WILL NOT give up, we’ve cried with you all, prayed for you all, & yelled at Satan for you. I cannot give up hope, because I truly, truly believe that God is not done working His miracle yet. We claim, as others have, that Ezra will be released from pain & this cancer immediately! May you all wake up tomorrow with renewed hope, peace & joy. May the cancer flee his body & may the Nifurtimox be working miracles on sweet Ezra.
    With love, prayers, tears & faith
    Ryan & Amy Balas
    Bothell, WA

  38. Kyle, Robyn, Ezra and Charley,

    I was directed to your blog by way of Josh and Lisa Hunter.

    I was humbled by your story, but will not flatter you with words that to me, fall flat during times like this. I have had my own struggles with my sons, so Robyn, mother to mother and Kyle parent to parent, to some extent I understand your walk. Pain is pain and there is no way to quantify it.

    My daily prayer for you is that you lean on your own understanding and make decisions for Ezra accordingly. There are no right or wrong answers….and it appears that you already know that!

    How blessed Ezra is to have such devoted parents. My sister works in the hem/oc clinic her in South Bend, Indiana at Memorial Hospital. She sees the worst of the worst in parents of children who are ill. I shared your story with her and she too will keep you all in her heart and prayers. I remember in my own journey, sometimes my prayer was to just make it through the day….

    Love to you all and God be with you.


  39. A friend sent me the link to your website. My heart breaks for you and Ezra. As the previous commenter noted, there are no words I can say to alleviate even the smallest ounce of what you are going through. I spent the first year of my son’s life in and out of the hospital with him, so I relate – in some small fashion – to what you are going through. I am undone by your story, and your courage. Keep fighting. Keep believing. Miracles can and do happen. I am sending all my love to you and your little boy.

  40. I know that you wonder if it’s all worth it but I believe with all of my heart that God will let you know when it’s time to let go. Ezra is a fighter and that means he comes by it honestly! Keep your hearts with God and He will softly whisper what is best. I am still praying for yall even when I am saying the blessing over my food. I keep you in my heart and in my prayers. I have grown to love your whole family, including little Charlie. If you ever need someone to watch him while you’re with Ezra, please let me know. I don’t feel like we are strangers anymore.

  41. God bless you and your family. I ache for you. I’ve watched my fiancee pass from cancer and I know how gut-wrenching and heart aching it is to sit back and be helpless and second guess every decision made. May God give you peace and may He comfort you and Ezra. I understand about all the I love you’s said. I was the same way. I just said it over and over again. I know Ezra can hear you, and he is lucky to have such amazing parents like you and Robyn.
    Hugs, Erica

  42. Our entire family continues to pray, hope, and believe that God is working on a miracle for Ezra. It is also our prayer that Ezra is quiet as his precious liitle body is Healing and needs the rest to continue to Heal. We pray to our Heavenly Father to be with your entire family and all the decisions that you are having to make, we pray that Ezra is healed and restored back to new Lord. Please Lord bring his platelets up and keep them there where they should be and Please Father Heal his body, every single cell within him totally from cancer Lord. Let him grow and play with his baby brother. We pray with hopes of a Miracle. Let him be an example of your Almighty Mercy and love. We pray because we believe, we believe because we know that YOU LORD CAN HEAL! Bless Ezra, Robyn, Kyle and Charley! Amen!

    Hope, Peace, Strength, Blessings, and Love to you all and may God continue be with you.

  43. No matter what happens, you can rest assured knowing you have done everything in your power to heal your son. You have sought out every treatment and even gone to extremes to get that special medicine for Ezra. The rest is up to God.
    We are lifting you up in prayer. Praying for yours and Robyn’s strength as you face these difficult and trying days. We know how torn you must feel being separated from your other child while keeping vigil by Ezra’s side. We pray that sweet Ezra remains comfortable and continues to fight for his life.
    You are an amazing family. Your love and devotion for your son shines through in every post. Keep writing. We will keep praying.

    Lots of love and light from New York,
    Ashley, Ryan, Kadence, and Khloe

  44. I am sitting here listening to the song “Be Near” and I am just praying that you sense that the Lord is near and holding you and precious Ezra in His arms. My husband and I have you all in our hearts and prayers.

  45. Love you guys, still praying!! I dont know what else to say, other than we love you and are constantly, all day long thinking, hoping, praying, and persevering and standing by you. If you need ANYTHING let us know. Nothing is impossible with our God.

  46. Still praying for a miracle! Wanted you to know that LOTS of people have fallen in love with Ezra and are praying for all of you.

  47. I’ve been keeping up with your posts about little Ezra for what seems like a year now, and it’s always hard to find the right thing to say. I don’t believe in God (I say this as a personal belief – not to be malicious – like saying “I believe in Buddha” or something similar)…anyway, I just wanted to let you know how Ezra has affected me:

    In my life, especially as a young adult, it’s far too easy to complain consistently. We’re living in a me generation – we’re conditioned to expect everything, a generation of divas. I feel like it’s too easy to miss the good things in life – family, friends, even just the certainty of another day. I know for sure that I’m guilty of coming home from work and throwing my things down in anger and crying from frustration simply because I had to do a little extra – you know, turning the little things into big things.

    Then, on Facebook, I see pictures of Ezra – always, always smiling, always looking inquisitive, playing and seemingly never miserable! I have never seen an expression of pain on your son’s face, just peace, and (is it possible in someone so young?) a peacefulness and gratefulness for being alive. I have never met Ezra, but while I write this I’m crying for him so badly, because it seems so unfair that someone so beautiful should be taken from us.

    Maybe that’s what it is though – maybe your son was a lesson for those of us that forget too easily, whether we believe in God or not. I know it doesn’t lessen the pain of losing him in any way (how could it?) but I wanted to let you know that he will always, always be very alive to me as a reminder of how precious life really is. Thanks, Ezra.

  48. I was listening to the sermon yesterday from GFC online and when Pastor Dale, who I grew up listening to while Pastor Craig was my youth pastor, brought up the verse that says “rejoyce in the Lord always” I began to think about your post. I am sure it is very hard and you begin to wonder if what you are doing is right….YES IT IS! You should not stray from the confidence of the healing you know God can do. DO NOT let the enemy stray your mind. We are praying for a miracle and will NOT stop praying for it! I pray constantly! Lord please bring up his platelets and remove all the cancer, tumors, and illness from this baby. I will not stop praying for full restoration of Ezra. I know OUR GOD IS A GOD OF HEALING, MIRACLES, AND WONDER.
    Psalm 32:10-11 (New International Version)
    10 Many are the woes of the wicked,
    but the LORD’s unfailing love
    surrounds the man who trusts in him.
    11 Rejoice in the LORD and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart!

    Philippians 4:4 (New International Version)
    4Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

    The Lord is moving to not stray from your hopes and prayers for a miracle. The Lord says that we should hope. So hope is what I will have.

  49. Robyn and Kyle,
    We are all praying for you…and the kids too. The kids are also praying for Ezra just as much as we adults. Your family at GFC will hold you and Ezra up. I read your blog every morning and it saddens my heart to read this, I hear the desperation in this blog but God is good. I am praying for that miracle we need to heal Ezra. Keep the faith..

  50. I cried out to the Lord last night asking Him for a miracle of restoration… for Him to drive the cancer far from Ezra’s body. Robyn has especially been on my heart, and I pray for the Lord to give her the rest she needs to be there for Ezra. I feel so much love for Ezra, and I’ve never even met him! I can only imagine your love for him and the Lord’s unfathomable love for this amazing little boy. Please know that as I go about my day, I am thinking of you and praying for you very, very often. The Lord is teaching me what it means to “mourn with those who mourn”. The Body of Christ is beautiful, and I’m privileged to be a part of it with you, lifting each of you up in prayer. I will continue to pray and give thanks to the Lord for Ezra.

  51. Matthews family, I don’t know you personally but my family and I attend GFC and have been following your story. I can’t even being to imagine what you and your family are going through. Ezra is a beautiful little boy and he is in our prayers.

  52. Like so many others I don’t know you all personally, several of my facebook friends go to church with you and they have been posting links and asking for prayers. I just wanted you to know that we are praying for a miracle for Ezra and praying that your family can continue to be strong and find peace in whatever God has in store.

  53. Keep talking to him, Kyle. Robyn, too. Don’t stop. Even if he’s unresponsive, he can still hear you and that’s the greatest comfort at this point. Keep playing your guitar, too. It’ll keep his heartrate down. Trust me on that. Love you all.

  54. Your sweet little boy has had a major impact on my life. I’ve been praying for him nonstop for about a week now (I just recently learned about him.) I’ve been struggling for a while now in my relationship with God, filled with doubt and feeling distant. Seeing little Ezra has made me want to pray for him, to draw close, and to seek after God. I want to know God, to feel close to Him, and I need to know that I really do believe in Him. I love your family, even though I don’t know you. Your little boy is special, and has impacted more lives in two years than most of us could ever hope to in 60. I will continue to pray that God would do a miracle in his body and allow your family to look back on this time as just a bad memory.

    Jeremiah 29:11

  55. Just checking in again to see if there are more postings today. I continue to lift Ezra and you up to the Lord. I am awaiting to hear the unfolding of this miracle. I continue to pray that you will find the encouragement you need to keep your focus and hope that you are not only taking care of Ezra to the extend that you are allowed and able too but that you also take care of yourselves. As parents we often forget ourselves in situations like this. I pray that there will be opportunities for you to be refueled and refreshed in the midst of the battle. Keep the hope that we serve an awesome God!

  56. Don’t doubt you are being fair to Ezra. I’m sure loves every ‘i love you’ and the music and the kisses and all of it. He is not in pain and you need to know you tried everything for him. You are his champions and you are fantastic. My heart is crushed for your ordeal and I beg God daily to spare Ezra’s life. Everyone walking through this with you will benefit from Ezra’s miracle. Persevere…dont’t give up. I don’t know you, but I love you and your little boy. I will not stop praying for you all.

  57. Kyle & Robyn,
    Touch him, caress him, hold him, sing to him, and listen for God’s voice.

    We’re lifting both of you up in every prayer, every day.

    Good night, sweet Ezra.

  58. I can’t help but feel pain. I have a son who just turned one ,a couple of weeks ago.
    I am also praying like so many others, that The Lord will put his healing hands on your son.
    I got the information on you guys from my pastor Craig Altman from Grace Family Church.
    May God give you strengh and courage.
    I wish I could give you guys a hug right now.
    Someday, I’ll probably be able to do it.
    I’ll keep in touch and I’ll keep praying.

  59. I am so sorry to hear about Ezra’s condition. I just started following your story a few days ago and am already in love with the little guy! He sure is a charmer 🙂

    I am terribly sorry that Ezra as well as your family are having to deal with this thing we call cancer. I wish there was more I could do. I wish I had magic words that would make it ok. I wish I had the answer and could just make it all go away. But the reality is that I can’t and that all I can do is pray as hard as I can for a miracle for Ezra.

    I’m holding a bake sale next month through Cookie’s for Kid’s Cancer…it’s children like your son who inspire me so much to do things such as this. God has blessed me at this moment with happy healthy babies and I feel it is my duty as a Mommy to fight for those who are having a rough time.

    Know that you all are not alone. There are many thinking and praying for you. God Bless.

  60. Hey little guy,

    I have had you on my mind for days now. Precious boy, you are so loved. What a gift you are. Much love to all of you.

  61. Won’t stop praying for you all! Praying for complete healing and no pain for Ezra and…peace, strength, wisdom and comfort from our heavenly Father on you both! I and my family will NOT stop praying!! We don’t know you, but we love you dearly! 🙂

  62. Praying for Charley’s big brother every day!!! Your precious baby boy is in my thoughts and prayers from across the miles.

  63. I am at work and can not get your family out of my mind. There has not been a new posting, I hope that means things are still being worked out. I pray and hope that you are doing well and that progress is being seen. I just keep on praying and praying and than pray some more. This has wrapped me up in a way I am not custom too. I so not even know you … but that is probably the beauty in God’s Kingdom, He is the one who ordains certain circumstances, connections and trials. His custom-made package is not what we desire … but He knows what He is doing and the why … It is interesting, very interesting … I hope that you find a lot of encouragement in the notes people leave you at this site. I hope it is strengthening you to know that many are praying! God … we need you!

  64. Still thinking about and praying for your family often. God, please heal Ezra and give grace and peace to him and his family.

  65. fasting and praying that Ezra wake up to take the medicine,, In Jesus name rise that warrior up!! make your voice loud God so that my brother and sister can hear it well. Embrace them with a spirit of discernment and understanding. Yeshua we cry out, “”give that baby life”” and a spirit of joy!!! we as a body of christ rebuke the spirit of pain and suffering!! cover this baby with the blood of christ which is more potent than any cancer!! let it be so.

  66. The prayers being prayed to our Father are endless and ongoing night and day for your precious son and family! Stay in faith…”Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23 God bless you! In His Name He is the HEALER