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[VIDEO] A Prayer from Ezra

This video was taken a week or two before we came to Orlando.

Watch it at if you prefer.

And one with his babysitter Abby just for kicks since you’re here. 😉

Watch it at if you prefer.

(I’m updating the video gallery over the next hour too with Vimeo vids instead of YouTube – much better quality)

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  1. I can’t help but weep…full on weep…I hate cancer. My prayer is that Ezra’s plea to God would be heard & he’d be healed… Lord, please heal Ezra…

  2. SOOO CUTE! Yet heart breaking at the same time. The question as to why a baby/toddler should have to say that prayer is one that will never have an answer until you ask God in heaven. Even then He may not give an answer. Praying for healing.

  3. The first video made me cry and the second made me laugh. Ezra is so precious. Still praying and thinking about you guys all the time!

  4. So heartbreaking that any child should even have to utter those words, but the Bible states that the Lord hears the cries of our hearts. We pray that same prayer for Ezra each night with our little one for your little one & we firmly believe that God hears the cries of these precious, innocent children who have the faith of a mustard seed. We are called to child-like faith, so let’s have it & believe for him to be healed!
    Continuing to pray for Ezra, Charley & both you as parents.

  5. Oh my gosh!! That is awesome! I have all of those short clips if you want them. Our phrase of the day was “I’m a man” Still praying for you guys! Love yall!

  6. He has a very sweet little “munchkin” voice. It reminds me of my 3 year old son’s voice. When I was putting him to bed tonight and praying with him he told me “we need to pray for Ezra!” So of course we did. We’re praying for you guys constantly and for God to heal Ezra. God Bless You!!!

  7. I saw a link to this page on a friends facebook and I can not stop crying since reading it. Ezra is such a handsome and strong little man. I will continue to pray for him, without ceasing. My heart goes out to you.

  8. I love you Ezra! Oh my – you are my heart! Your parents are so amazing and I know how proud of them you must be.
    Ezra you just keep on fighting – don’t give up – this world needs you -your parents need you so much! I pray and I pray for you. You consume so many of my thoughts throughout everyday. I am making something special for you and your parents. I am hoping to send it within the next couple of weeks……….
    I love you so much!!!!
    P.S. You have the cutest brother, he is growing up so fast and he needs you too!!!!!

  9. What a touching video. You are in my constant prayers little buddy. The Lord is calling me throughout the day and night to pray for you and I know he has a plan for you.

    God Bless,

  10. I pray Ezra’s prayer, Jesus, Please heal Ezra’s cancer, please be with his Mommy and daddy and give them strengh and comfort during this hard, hard time.
    My heart aches for you guys at this time, continue to lean on God and trust in him.

  11. Lord we lift up ezra’s prayer for healing… Lord we ask that you heal ezra’s body from the cancer. Father, You alone can speak and it is done Father your ways are not ours your thoughts either, we just want ezra to stay here with us as long as possible….we ask in Jesus’ name….Amen & Amen….we love you ezra and your family too! keep the faith and know God is with you!

  12. How precious! What a treasure…
    Each night our crew is praying for Ezra and your entire family.
    Sending love and prayers,
    Ferguson Family

  13. Thank you for these videos! It really brings Ezra “to life” and that’s what we all are praying he is restored to. The precious, adorable, talkative, playful little boy that he should still be. Still praying constantly throughout the day for your sons and your family that all will be healed in His time. The suffering that your family is going thru has reached so many and has changed so many lives. That is what God’s plan is all about. Take care and God Bless you even more!

  14. He is so precious. My daughter, Ella, who is the exact same age as Ezra just repeated this prayer for him. We will keep praying it over and over and over.

  15. I have been praying for your sweet family,for many months. My friend Nancy Miller shared your story with me, and I continue to pray fervently for all of you, and especially for your precious Ezra. I have a 2 yr old granddaughter, and my heart goes out to all of you as you struggle through this terrible disease. I pray that God puts a hedge of protection around all of you, and that he heal Ezra TODAY! From Austin, TX

  16. OMGosh was a sweet voice Ezra has… I have been praying day and night for God to wrap his loving arms around Ezra and Heal the Cancer…that video was tough to watch…. HUGS and more HUGS… The world in in Prayer for Ezra and your family! Love you guy’s
    Aunt Judy and family…Praying for both boys that soon can be together again…AMEN !!

  17. A friend of a friend of a friend, etc. posted your video on Facebook. I can sympathize with some of your pain as I sit here beside my 18 mo. old’s beside in the Cancer unit at our Children’s Hospital. He had a cancerous Wilm’s tumor removed a month ago and now we are back for transfusions and antibiotics due to a cold. But at this moment in time his needs are not as dire as yours. I agree that cancer sucks and I’ll be praying for a miracle for your little one, too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story.
    Carrie Phillips

  18. I just watched all he Vimeo clips, Wow! You guys are constantly in our prayers. We love you all so much! Hugs and kisses for little Ezra:)