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ok so that was fluid

Alright – so I left you in a moment of peril with us there a few hours ago. Dire straits. Since then a lot of good things happened. Thank you (seriously – thank you) for praying.

The CT came back and was fairly definitive the “stuff” in Ezra’s chest was fluid, and not blood or tumor or anything else. This is good. The dr quickly ordered the chest tube procedure, and a pretty cool Irish doctor/mother of 6 with an accent right out of a movie came up quickly to the 4th floor procedure room.

In less than 10 minutes she’d inserted the chest tube and drained a significant amount of fluid out of Ezra’s chest cavity. This won’t address the fluid in the lower abdomen, but that isn’t a pressing issue at the moment – the pressure on the lungs and heart was. As you can see from the xray above, which was taken right after procedure, the difference was big and quick. (And yes, if you’re a medical person, the chest tube WAS pulled back a little after the above xray was taken – that’s a little far in they decided after seeing the xray.)

The chest tube will stay in him until the drs feel it’s no longer necessary. Right now it is necessary. It’s literally just a small tube coming out of his side. Well, with a long tube attached to a bag also, heh.

Here’s Robyn standing over Ezra post-op:

And I just know some of you want to see the gunk close up. Well, you’re disgusting. But I’m totally with you. So here’s a close-up of that bag. Yah, it is red – but it’s not blood. Blood would be a much darker color. All this stuff was pressing against Ezra’s lungs, and now it’s hanging in a bag at the foot of his bed.

The CT (that’s an xray at the top of this post, not a CT) showed some other interesting things. The most positive – many of the tumors are showing signs of dying. Some are not, but quite a few look to be smaller or dying. This is good news. It means he is responding to the chemo, and it means he is fighting hard. I am sure all of your prayers are making a difference.

An interesting mystery – Ezra’s liver is huge right now. As in – huge. Like 5x it’s normal size. The drs aren’t sure yet why that is, although from his chemistry they can tell it’s still doing it’s job; it doesn’t look to be dying at all. The liver is not a critical issue right now, but it may be a symptom of something else – what, we’re not sure.

So… where are we at? Well, today was a lot of good news. We are now still waiting for his counts to come back up. If they do by Monday, it’d be exactly 21 days since the last chemo started – the earliest date we could start the next round of chemo. That’s the plan if his counts are good. This release of pressure from his lungs and heart should make him much more comfortable in the meantime.

We are not in the clear at all. We are very much still in a dangerous place. He still hasn’t even spoken or eaten in weeks. He is still asleep all the time. He is still weak, and the cancer is still extremely aggressive. We still have weeks left we’ll be here in the best case scenario. But by God, we have a foot in a door that was about to close. And it’s wedged in there pretty solid.

I will continue to repeat – please do not stop praying for our family. We’re thanking God for yours.

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  1. We are fighting and praying with you so hard, Ezra. Your mommy and daddy are fighting, but most of all, God is on your side. We are praising Him for the healing that is already going on, and praising Him for the healing to come!! In the name of Jesus!!!

  2. Praise Him! My family fell to our knees and prayed and prayed when we read the last post about the mystery fluid. This is fantastic news! Keep fighting Ezra! Robyn and Kyle, we lift you up in prayers to stay strong, and we keep praying for Ezra’s Heavenly Daddy to heal him on this side of Heaven. Much love and blessings! We will not stop praying!!

  3. thank you Jesus!!! we will continue to pray without ceasing!! checking on ezra has now become an obsession with me, i feel a miracle coming on!!! God Bless!

  4. THANK GOD!!! You had me really worried there for a second but I’m so glad you got some good news today for a change. Thank you for keeping us in the loop… we are literally hanging on your every word, and we have never even met! 🙂
    I hope your little man is much more comfortable now. What a fighter he is! Don’t worry we have you covered with prayers!

  5. Same here. I was so worried for you guys… it is all relative, but what good news. What a strong boy. God bless him and your family and keep leading you to healing. All my prayers are with Ezra today.

  6. I’m so glad to hear the good news tonight. I’ll be keeping everyone in my prayers. Please give him a little hug and kiss for me.

  7. GOD IS GOOD! So happy to hear good news…def will still be in our prayers, don’t worry about that, I am praying to see many years of remission with Ezra!
    Hope you guys are able to rest a little bit tonight!

  8. Talk about answered prayer…Sweet baby can breath a little better now! Praise God!!…Thank you God!!! Continuing to pray for healing!! And praying for a restful night for you all! Thank you so much for the update!! Take care!

  9. Praying so hard for sweet Ezra. I know God’s way is sovereign, but I am praying that He uses Ezra as a miracle. He reminds me of my own little one, and I am praying for him like he is. So glad to hear it was good news! Praying for more in the weeks to come!

  10. So happy to hear the good news! My children continue to remind us to pray for Ezra daily. When they see their little yellow wrist bands they stop and pray for him. Please continue to know that people all over the nation are praying for all of you!♥

  11. Thank you Jesus that it was fluid that doctors were able to safely remove. I will continue to pray for Ezra’s counts to come up in time to start another round of chemo on monday and that all tumors will begin to shrink and die at a rapid pace. Praise be to God for this good news!

  12. I was so happy to read it was only fluid – I have not stopped thinking about Ezra and your family and will continue to pray, pray, pray.

  13. Keep fighting Ezra!!! You are the toughest little man out there. This is a battle that you will win! We are with you in spirit and heart and of course prayers. We love ya little buddy, so very much! To Kyle & Robyn…you are the strongest people we know and we love you dearly. Keep fighting! Love you both much!!! Uncle Randy and Great Grandma Margo.

  14. Our God is an amazing God! My children and I continue to pray for you Ezra! Keep fighting!! Our prayers for your miracle healing continues.

  15. Ezra is a miracle child already. The Lord has his hand upon him and will heal him. He is already doing it! Ezra, although I don’t know you, I love you. I am praying always for you! You got my heart since I first heard about you. And to your amazing parents-God knew what he was doing when he chose them for you. God bless the entire family!

  16. That is wonderful news!! I will keep praying for Ezra, but what a wonderful day full of good news!! He is such a little fighter- you should nickname him Rocky!!!

  17. Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray for sweet Ezra and your beautiful family. BTW, whenever I see an IPad now, I think of Ezra! 🙂

  18. Praise God! He is a wonderful creator and master! I truly believe he is the hand holding little Ezra together as well as all of us! Praying for Kyle, Robin and their 2 boys!

  19. Thank you Kyle for the update. I feel like I can finally breathe…… (since the last update) Praying that you all have a good night and for more good news to come…. Sending love and hugs to Ezra.

  20. I am praying really hard for your son. Please say the healing sriptures that Dodie Olsteen said, she was cured of terminal liver cancer. I started saying them and I was cured of a brain tumor , when all doctors said I had no chance. It is now 4 years later, and God blesses me everyday. With Pray and Faith everything is possible. God Bless Your Family

  21. PRAISE GOD! Keep fighting little man like you haven’t fought before – we are ALL here fighting for you in Jesus’ name! God Bless your mom and dad and baby brother Charley! Price is watching over you in heaven and we are all watching over you here!

  22. I just wanted to say that I read the posts about your son every so often and it just absolutly breaks my heart.I will continue to pray for him and for your family. To stay strong, keeping pushing, and miracles really do happen. He seems like an amazing little boy who has so much fight in him. Ezra, I know I don’t know you but my love is with you. God bless you and your incredible family keep fighting little man. we all love you.

  23. I heard the “What now?” update while at my small group and now when I get home, I see this!!! Praise God!! So happy to hear this news and be assured our family will NOT stop praying for yours! Hope tonight is one filled with peace and happiness 🙂

  24. Thank you GOD! Ive been at work since right after the previous update holding my breath and praying for fluid! Prayer and continous hope is NONSTOP on this end!!!

  25. SO glad to see your update, thank god it was a fluid you could do something about! The care he is getting sounds excellent, you must feel like it is one big family at this point. Love the videos you’ve posted of Ezra, showing his personality to people like me who have never met him. He is both sweet and full of fight! My prayers will continue for better news each day for Ezra.

  26. Thank you for taking the time to let us know. Praying and will continue! Thank you Jesus! Sleep well tonite Matthews family!

  27. phew! I was holding my breath and praying so hard! I have been at work since right after the previous update & it was all I could do to keep it together! PRAYERS & positive thoughts are nonstop on this end!

  28. Earlier today I read your post that was not real positive. I did as you requested. I prayed and held Ezra and his family up to our Lord. I went to one of my son’s birthday party. I just came home to this wonderful news! This news has humbled me. I think I know the Lord and then I read such wonderful news and get so excited it makes me realize that I must have doubted God if even a little. I am truly humbled and grateful. Ezra is God’s. I told God that his Ezra is beautiful and that we want to see more of him. I praised God for such a beautiful creation. Ezra is perfect. And He’s giving is more of beautiful Ezra. Thank you Jesus!

  29. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you for giving Kyle & Robyn hope, for giving Ezra strength, for guiding the medical team. We pray that it be in your will that Ezra will serve for a very long time as a testimony to your Healing, your Miracle, your Glory. Amen.

  30. My daughter is 19 months old and we have started making an effort to pray with her more; to include her in the things that we bring to God. I showed her Ezra’s picture in his Pooh costume today and asked if we should pray for him. Together we bowed our heads and lifted up your sweet son and your family to OUR Father in Heaven. I love that we share this powerful gift of prayer with you, our toddler and thousands of others around the globe who are storming Heaven on your behalf!

  31. GLORY TO GOD, THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miracles, I’m so believing for more. Love you all so much and I’m truly rejoicing in this more than wonderful news, and I’m thanking our faithful Lord for answering our prayers. This made my night, now I can sleep and hope you, Robyn and Ezra will do the same. HUGS to all of you!!

  32. Oh Lord you are SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! Thank you Jesus for touching this baby and his family. I ask that you continue to heal him, that you continue to use this family to touch the lives of millions and to change nations! Amen

    I am so happy for you to have happy news! We here are praying like crazy for your sweet ffamily. Thank you for the opportunity tto “be there” for you.

  33. Praising God for He is so good!!! So thankful for the good news. What a beautiful family you have…although we’ve never met, we will continue to go before our Heavenly Father on your behalf, every single day. We consider it an honor. Get some rest and feel His presence with you.

  34. Everytime I look down at my yellow bracelet, I whisper God’s name to hold you all up in His loving embrace…praying like crazy for all of you. Cancer is the work of the devil and it must be eradicated from the earth.

  35. WOW!!! God is soo good. Thank you for letting us know what happened. Will keep little Mr. Ezra in my prayers. Many hugs to you all.

  36. Thank God! Words cannot express how happy I was to come home and read this tonight! What a fighter you have! I will continue to pray hard for Ezra!!!

    This made my night :):):)

  37. We are fighting, and praying and well just plain holding our breaths here. I am so happy that something is starting to turn around for the better at this moment. God bless you guys…holding the faith and praying hard….

  38. Great news this morning! I was driving to work praying to God that when I got to work and read your post that it would be good news. Keep fighting Ezra!

  39. Crying tears of joy that little Ezra received some relief!! Thank you God for this, now let’s get him better and home with his family!!!! Always praying for you buddy! Hang in there champ!

  40. Praise and Glory be to Yahweh. Bless this family with physical health and shower them with Spiritual Love. Keep your Merciful and loving arms around Ezra, holding him tight, letting him feel Your love. Thank you Heavenly Father for the answered prayers already. I pray this in Yahshua’s Name.. Amen

  41. It is amazing what we can do through medication and X-ray and chemo and whatever else the medical world has up their sleeve. And at the same time it is still so limited. We can gather information and draw conclusions on the pieces we find and there it opens a whole new world of unanswered questions. This is for sure … God is not finished with this at all … there is so much more unfolding ready to happen! I am glad that Ezra can breath better now and that his heart can beat easier. This gives his body a change to fight the cancer more intensively. I definitely am not giving up praying for him … God created our bodies to do amazing things. I pray that His healing hand will enhance the work that is being done and that positive results will follow soon. Keep marking the days, one day … this will be all history!

  42. It is unbelievable what we can do through medication and X-ray and chemo and whatever else the medical world has up their sleeve. And at the same time it is still so limited. We can gather information and draw conclusions on the pieces we find and there it opens a whole new world of unanswered questions. This is for sure … God is not finished with this at all … there is so much more unfolding ready to happen! I am glad that Ezra can breath better now and that his heart can beat easier. This gives his body a change to fight the cancer more intensively. I definitely am not giving up praying for him … God created our bodies to do amazing things. I pray that His healing hand will enhance the work that is being done and that positive results will follow soon. Keep marking the days, one day … this will be all history!

  43. A body is an amazing thing, specially the body of a young child. As it seems to be very fragile and weak, it has a lot of strength and ability to recover. I am very amazed about all Ezra has gone through. Sometimes I wonder if the one diagnoses of the found information just opens a whole new set of unanswered questions. My prayers for Ezra and you are continue to be there. And that is probably the only thing that will be the constant source of help. I pray that God will enhance the work done so far and that Ezra will be able to respond to that work soon! I am so glad that the fluid is relieved so that he can breath easier and there is less stress on his heart!

  44. We serve a God of jsutice! He is faithful to his word and will always be faithful to you. God already has a plan and already knows this future. He will bring about justice! He is fighting that nasty cancer with Ezra.

    Lifting Ezra up in prayer and asking God to continue to heal that precious boy.

  45. I am so glad that it wasn’t tumor or blood. PRAISE GOD!!! Ezra is a fighter and I am so happy that the fluid from his chest is draining. I pray that the fluid from his abdomen area clears out by a miracle and that his liver goes back to normal size. Thanks for keeping us updated. Ezra and your family are in my prayers.

  46. thank you father for hearing our prayers and answering them!!Ezra’s picture is on the fridge so everytime we walk by we are reminded of miracles in the making.Our family is in continual prayer.

  47. PRAISE GOD!!!!!! We will continue to pray without ceaseing through this storm for healing and comfort. He IS with you!

  48. Our family won’t stop praying. God is in the thick of this with you. Our hearts go out to you as you wait moment by moment by your baby’s side. Don’t loose heart and I pray that the anxiety of this does not consume you but that you find an unexplainable peace and strength day by day.

  49. Collectively as a church we me last night and prayed for Ezra in that time. This is the power of prayer. We will continue to break down the doors on his behalf.

  50. Well, I had to share this with all who are praying: Another amazing God thing….. right after I read the update on Ezra last night I went to bed and started with my nightly devotion and WOW! God is here with us for sure cause this is what I got: ” If we will only believe and ask, a full measure of God’s grace and peace is available to any of us. By the wonderful, prevailing mercy of God, we can find purpose in scattering and sadness of our lives. We can not only deal with suffering but rejoice through it. Though our pain and our disappointment and the details of our suffering may differ, there is an abundance of God’s grance and peace available to each of us. And the attached Scripture was Matthew (yalls last name!) 21:22. Just when I don’t think that God can amaze me anymore…He does and in a huge way. Amen, Amen, and AMEN!!!

  51. Thank you Father God in Jesus Name for the good news and we continue to pray always and believe, Lord, let this family feel your amazing power and know they are surrounded by your mighty warrior Angels! xo, P.S. I had a few dreams about Ezra last night, he was smiling away, woke up and had to get on this blog!!!!!!!

  52. That is such amazing news. My family and I continue to pray for little Ezra and your family. We are all praying and standing behind you supporting you.
    Ezra you on my mind and in my heart,
    keep on fighting!! You can do this.
    As your video said,
    God, please heal Ezra’s cancer.

  53. SO happy to hear this amazing news! I will continue my daily prayers for Ezra’s complete healing and comfort and strength for all of you. Much love!! XOXOXOXO

  54. We are thanking & praising the Lord for the good news!! We are so glad and will constantly be praying for your Precious Ezra and for all of you!!

    Love in Christ,
    the DiBari Family

  55. this scripture i saw after seeing you update tonite…”Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27
    so loved what tanya discovered in Gods word…mathew 21:22 yes id say that one, God had you on His mind when He inspired ol matt way back when to write it….i love you all and ezra we are so praying with all that we have that God is going to heal you…your body, mind , and spirit…we think of you often and are with you in spirit all the way lil brother…God raised lazaras after being dead 3 days…well healing you is a walk in the park…Thank you God for all that you have done are doing and for the best that is yet to come!! thank you Jesus!! thank you HOly spirit!!! in Jesus name we pray!! amen and Amen!!!
    hugs tonite to ma and pa!! your amazing and we thank you for the updates and again for allowing us to be here for you in this season!

  56. ezra’ name sounded familiar so i looked in bible and starting reading the book…and it said before it started AS YOU READ… “try to imagine the joy that ezra and his fellow returniees must have experienced as they set foot upon their home soil…God has been working miracles on their behalf!!!” im claiming this as a personally message from God to the mathews family!! found this in the archaeologicval study bible…niv im just smiling ear to ear….what awesome hope God gives us in the midst of the storm to help us continue through…Keep the faith Mathews family…God is so with you!!!! and His pressence is very thick and surrounding you all in the Cradle of HIs arms!!! sweet dreams and i hope you are able to get some much need sleep!! xoxoxo

  57. Kyle & Robyn, your strength gives me the courage and endurance to face the challenges we face with one of our son’s health issues. We are crazy-blessed his issues are not life threatening, but they are really tough. I am made strong by your strength. I love your little Ezra though we’ve never met. I’m am so excited to see all the greet news we all got today about
    ‘the fluid’. What a relief! God, let the miracles keep coming!

  58. You know after reading these posts I am in awe at how the body of Christ is at work in interceding for Ezra. He has captivated my heart and the hearts of many. Even in the current state he is in, he is an instrument God is using to impact lives. I know that I know it is not the end of the story…Ezra will continue to be used for the Glory of God! Miracle after miracle! Thank you Lord that little Ezra is beginning to heal and will be made whole!

  59. God is continuing to work His wonders on Ezra. I think about your family all of the time, and I am relentlessly praying for a miracle for sweet Ezra. Kyle and Robyn, I pray that God continues to bless you with strength.Thanks for sharing your story of courage and faith.


  61. So glad to hear he is still fighting, we as a family are still praying for Ezra. About liver inflammation, sometimes chemotherapy causes the liver to enlarge. We will pray that it’s not anything else. God does answer prayers. keep being faithful, as he wraps His arms around your family to comfort. We are praying that God do his will and purpose for Ezra and your family!
    Jeramiah 29:11
    11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    Psalm 139:13-14
    13For You (Q)formed my inward parts;
    You (R)wove me in my mother’s womb.
    14I will give thanks to You, for [a]I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    (S)Wonderful are Your works,
    And my soul knows it very well.

  62. I am at this site again, trying to see what the statues is of Ezra and his family. Whenever I come to this site there seem to be a renewed focus on life and what it gives to each of us individual. Ezra’s story is changing my life as it has probably done to many other people following this journey. I continue to pray blessings upon you, the parents and upon Ezra. I am praying that his cells will be able to continue to fight against the intrusion of the cancer. I am asking God to aid the process of bringing forth the healing that is needed. Take care of yourselves dear parents as you take care of this precious life in front of you! God be with you always!

  63. Fasting in thanksgiving for God keeping Ezra in the presence of his parents thus far and for the miracle of healing that is taking place inside his sweet body,… and inside the lives of thousands of praying participants in this war!!

  64. Praying for you guys. I (we) know that family time is the most important thing on your minds at this time, as well it should be not only to you guys but to all of us; Ezra’s story has taught us all that!
    As the saying goes, “no news is good news”, I sure hope this is true!
    Thank you again for sharing such a trying time in your life with all of us, I know for one, I am a changed person.
    Much love, Brandi (the woodlands, tx)

  65. Thank you for being so open and honest in sharing your journey with us. I was so touched when I found your blog. I lost my baby sister to neuroblastoma 20 years ago, so your pictures and story really hit home for me. She was the same age as your beautiful Ezra. They are amazing little ones, and bless and touch so many lives. I’m just so grateful that the treatment has come so far over the years. Your family will be in my prayers!

  66. Ps.28v:6-7 Praise be to the Lord,for He has heard my cry for mercy.The Lord is my strength and my shield;my heart trust in Him,and I am helped.My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song.
    My heart leaps for joy as I read the report of Ezra.Sometime God heals slowly and sometimes suddenly.We will continue to pray and share your story with other prayer warriors.God Bless,Rita