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Ezra David Matthews

Ezra died this morning.

I never wound up going on that bike ride – Robyn called me Saturday night saying Ezra was getting worse to the point the doctors and she thought I should be there. I drove back to Orlando. Ezra was hurting from the swelling in his abdomen, and his morphine was upped to keep him comfortable Saturday night. Yesterday, Sunday, we knew he was slowly shutting down. My family came by the hospital, and so did Robyn’s. It really was a beautiful day… a lot of laughing, crying, and loving on Ezra. By 9pm or so, everyone had gone home, and Robyn and I went to sleep. Ezra was on a 98% oxygen flow, and his oxygen and heart rate numbers had both been slowly dropping all day.

At 2:40am we woke up to his monitor alarming a low heart rate; it was 50 and slowing. We curled up in the bed with him, praying, kissing, holding, and talking to him. By 2:50 he was gone. We lay there with him a while, then started packing up the room to go home without our son for the second time this year.

I am a better man for having had Ezra as a son. Robyn is a better woman. Over half Ezra’s life was spent battling this cancer… living in hospitals… and yet I’ve never met a child as giving, joyful, thoughtful, kind, and fun as Ezra was. I hope I can live a life showing that much inner strength and character.

I wish you could have known him more. I feel this blog/CarePages has been a powerful tool – in the past month over 100,000 individual people have visited this site, every one touched by Ezra’s story somehow. Emails have poured into our inbox. Packages have flooded our mailbox, and the hospital’s. I can never sum up my son with words on a screen, but I pray you got a piece of his personality through this. I hope you felt you knew him. I hope you feel the pain and joy this past 13 months has brought us. Ezra is someone more people should have had a chance to meet.

We do not see the end of the fight against cancer here for us. How many more families are in the middle of this right now? How many will be tomorrow?

We will be having a celebration of Ezra’s life, we hope this weekend. I will update here with information when we finalize those details.

Please, be changed because of this. Recognize the flawed world we live in, and work to help the ones you can. Really work. Recognize the hurt in the world, and recognize the grace that gives us a chance to still be beautiful.

2 Timothy 4:6-8 “For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.”

We miss you, Ezra.

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  1. My deepest sympathy goes out to all of you. I only came to know Ezra’s story a couple weeks ago, but have checked on him daily since. He was a beautiful little boy and I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. Dearest Matthews family-

    I am so saddened to hear this and my tears are nothing compared to yours, but just know that my family is praying for yours. Ezra’s little earthly body may be be gone, but his soul and his spirit will live on forever without pain and without fear. God bless you all during this time and may healing begin now. xoxo The Pacifici Family (Catherine, John, Patrick and Liam)

  3. I am saddened by this updated but rejoicing the Ezra is with God this morning; perfect in every way and suffering no more. I’m sad that I never got to meet him. He (and you guys) have become a part of our lives this last year and I feel that we have known you forever because of it. God has blessed us all through your lives and the story of Ezra Matthews. May He now give you comfort and peace and surround you with love that only He can give. We love you guys.

  4. “Cattle die, kindred die,
    every man is mortal:
    but the good name never dies
    of one who has done well.”
    -Hávamál, in the Poetic Edda

    My deep condolences to your family.

  5. Kyle and Robyn. I am so sorry that Ezra lost the battle against cancer. I do believe God used Ezra as a tool to touch so many people across this nation and his reward in heaven will be great. He touched my family’s lives and was a center of our prayers each day. Thank you for the honor of getting to know your son through your blogs and for allowing us to take part in this very personal battle that your family fought. Please know that we will continue to pray for your family through this difficult time. Ezra and his life has truly changed me.♥

  6. Robyn and Kyle,

    I do not know you but have followed your story, daily for the past month or so. I have been praying for little Ezra and for you two and sit here with tears in my eyes for a little boy that touched me, yet one I never knew. I am in awe of your faith and your willingness to share your souls, it has been a blessing in my life. May the God of Grace flood your souls with His peace. I thank God for Charlie and for the other two sons you were blessed with, even though for only a short while.

  7. Oh, Kyle, I am so sorry. Ezra touched many lives in a short time with his story. I’m so thankful that he’s been taken Home, where the Lord is loving him and he feels no pain. He will always watch over you, Robyn, and Charley. May God Bless you three in this time and give you strength and courage daily. -The Ludemans

  8. My deepest sympathy for your loss. I have followed your story for a year and have prayed for healing and for God’s voice to be heard. God needed another angel and Ezra is a great one. I pray for peace for your family. The Matthews family is incredibly strong. Thank you for sharing Ezra with us through your blog. I am forever changed by your son.

  9. Speechless and in awe of your faith, determination and unrelentless battle to save your little boy. As a mother of 4, my heart literally cries for you. I don’t have words. May God give you strength and know that I am a different person because of your Ezra. You are amazing parents and are an inspiration.
    Thank you Mathews Family. God Bless you always.

  10. I am so sorry for the loss of your son Ezra. He was a brave little boy. But he also has brave parents who taught him how to be brave. I would like to comfort you but there are no words that I can share today that will do that; however, I can and will pray for your family that God will provide the strenght, peace, and comfort that you need right now. I am sad that Ezra is gone but the hope that I will meet him one day in heaven is something that I shall look forward to.

  11. I heard about little Ezra on facebook through a mutual friend. She had posted something on her page to pray for Ezra. I found myself minutes later exploring your blog and pictures. I can’t imagine the amount of joy and tragedy such a young family as yours has had to endure in such a short amount of time. I spent a lot of time, looking at the pictures of Ezra and praying for him, and feeling your pain. We have three boys, Max, Isaac and Toby. Max had a mass on the back of his head that was stealing blood from his heart, and pushing high pressure blood into his spine. They told us if they didn’t operate he would inevitably suffer heart failure or be paralyzed from the neck down. So in May of 2009 he received a 12 hour surgery that corrected his condition. He was at very high risk for stroke and the doctors thought he had suffered one when he was in the ICU. Thankfully, he did not. In moments like that, where you have no other choice but to rely on the Lord for the outcome, we felt a peace about whatever happened to our son. We knew that God was in control, and he knows what is best for our children better than we.
    I am sorry for your loss, it breaks my heart.
    I will continue to pray for your family as you go through this process of grieving and celebrating Ezra’s life. I can’t help but think of little Charlie! He’s such a miracle as well! I’m sure it will be so wonderful to snuggle that little guy as you go through this.

    In His name,
    Cristal Lynn Hall

  12. I am so, so sad to read of this news this morning…shocked and moved to tears. I never stopped praying for a miracle for Ezra, but the Good Lord knows that the miracle is in Ezra’s life. Although it was much too short, he has touched and changed thousands of lives around him. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful son and his story with perfect strangers. I will continue to pray for your family, and all of the innocent children like Ezra who are battling this horrible disease. Much love to you all…

  13. The Matthews family, I pray God will comfort you during this difficult time. I pray you would find peace in knowing that Ezra is home and is dancing in Heaven with Jesus our Savior. May the Holy Spirit wrap His arms around you…

  14. Kyle and Robyn know that there is a community of tens of thousands lifting you all up. We celebrate Ezra and everything his fight taught us. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Love you.

  15. I am terribly sorry. The only gladness we believers can hold onto is that Ezra is healed, happy and playing in heaven today. I’ll continue to pray for your family as you go through this hard time.

  16. “So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.”

    John 16:22

    Erza was such a special little boy, he would light up a room the moment that he walked in. I cannot even imagine how many hearts he has touched along this short journey here on this earth. I will always remember to live life to the fullest, thanks to Erza. Robyn and Kyle, I will continue to pray for you and your family that you may find peace and comfort knowing he is now with our Heavenly Father.

  17. My condolences go to you and your family during this difficult time. I am very sorry for you loss. I had been praying for a miracle for Ezra, but God had a different plan for him. He is now in Heaven with our Father and one day you will join him again. I will continue to pray for your family’s healing and for a cure for cancer. God bless you.

  18. Ezra is such a beautiful soul. Thank-you for sharing him and his story with the world. May God’s peace and love envelope you all. Our prayers will continue on for you and your family.

  19. Words can not express how sorry I am for your loss. Through your candidness on this website I have gotten to know you and your Ezra. My heart goes out to you and your family. I will continue to pray for your comfort. Thank you for sharing your beautiful son with us.

  20. Matthews Family,
    I do not know you personally, I have gotten to know you through Grace Family Church and your website updates. I am at a loss of words. I have a 2.5 year old daughter and just the thought of her not being around anymore hurts me. I pray for you and your family and the son you do have waiting at home for you. Ezra fought a great battle and regardless of his passing he is still a winner. There are many people thinking about you all and of Ezra, he was and still is a special boy. In our prayers, God bless. The Hill Family

  21. I am so sad for you and your family this morning…I posted on my facebook this morning “I can’t think of a better way to win a battle than getting to see Jesus’ face…but I can’t think of anything worse than losing your child.” My heart breaks for you. Thank you so much for including all of us strangers in your life…I believe in prayer and Ezra really did win this battle with the best reward ever! But I cannot imaging the emptiness you must feel. I will definitely continue to pray for you two as well as your family.

  22. My heart breaks for your loss. No parent should have to endure the loss of one child, let alone two children. I will continue to pray for you, Robyn, and Charley. I pray that you will have the peace that surpasses all understanding and that you will cling to God and one another. Thank you for sharing Ezra and his story with all of us. Ezra has touched so many lives and changed mine for the better.

  23. My heart goes out to your family in this heart wrenching time. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and praying every night. Your family has gone through so much and I can only imagine how strong you are to have made it through. Even as I type, the tears flow for a son who was not my own and for a little boy who fought so hard for so long. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless.

  24. My deepest condolences on the passing of your sweet little boy. Thank you for sharing him with us allowing us to get to know him. Your family, I will never forget.

  25. My heart breaks for your pain, I know it well. Ezra already has a friend his age up there, my CJ was waiting for him <3 The love prayers won't stop — I will continue praying for your family as you transition to your new reality.

  26. Ezra was here on earth for a short time but his time was anointed. The Lord placed Ezra in your care because He trusted you to walk through this trial with the Lord by your side, listening to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. Then you shared with all who would hear, how to walk through the pain, difficulty, and sorrow of terminal disease. Your words have been a gift to believers and unbelievers alike. Robyn, you, and Ezra have fought the good fight, always honoring the precious little boy that Ezra was and the gracious Lord you serve. You are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses who are better for your willingness to share this journey. May you now find rest, peace, and someday the joy that comes from knowing all that you and little Ezra accomplished by sharing the journey of his life.

  27. I’m so sorry. I’m at a loss for words. Your strength and courage and willingness to share is inspiring. Peace, little Ezra.

  28. We are at a loss for words. We mourn with you losing Ezra on this earth but rejoice with Heaven in knowing that is where he is and that you will be with him again. We will continue to pray for your family. Remember, God is with you still.

  29. I am so sorry for your loss! I have no other words to comfort you and I am morning for Ezra as if he was my own child. May our God wrap his loving arms around you all and comfort you.

  30. My heart aches for your family and rejoices knowing Ezra is totally healed and with our Lord and Savior.
    Thank you for sharing your son, struggles, heart and soul to us. Ezra and your family have been a true testimony of grace and strength only Jesus Christ can give. Your hearts were open wide to Him and He poured out His love to you.
    We share your tears and pray that the Lord wrap His loving arms around you and give you the peace only He can give.

  31. Im so sorry for you loss, thanks for letting me get to know beautiful Ezra, he has touched my life and my family, we will love one another, and hug more all because of your precious boy. god bless you Robyn and little Charley. All our love Lyons family Ausrralia x

  32. I am so sorry for your loss! I hope God comforts you during this diffcult time. Again I don’t really know what to say, other than I will be praying for your family. God Bless.

  33. I can’t tell you how sorry and how sad we are to hear this, even when we know God’s plan is perfect, we plain just don’t understand it a lot of the time, nor will we this side of Heaven. We pray that you will have peace that surpasses understanding and that his little life will continue to touch countless people for Jesus’ sake. Thank you for letting us mourn and celebrate with you. We will be honored and humbled to offer our hugs and prayers for you this weekend.

  34. How fitting is the verse you wrote in 2 Timothy 4:6-8. Little Ezra fought the good fight and he finished strong! Yes I too wish I could have known him more yet your blogs have not only encourage me but so many to cherish each moment of life and to seek after God stronger and more genuinely. The love I feel for Ezra David is as though he were my own and I know that many feel the same. Thank you Kyle and Robyn for modeling such a Christ like life. Your family has touched so many lives and will continue to do so. I can’t wait to meet Ezra in Heaven one day!

  35. I speak to Robyn now for it is her deep sorrow I can not imagine and I send her every good thought, every good intention, every good prayer that I have. Mother’s should not outlive their children.
    Kyle, you must continue to write and to tell us about Charley and the work you will doing to raise awareness about cancer and Jesus and life, for it is your calling and a blessed one at that.I love your family.

  36. I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart hurts for you. No parent should ever have to lose there child. I pray that God is with you at this difficut time.

  37. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry for your loss but so happy that Ezra has found peace in his life…free from the pain but knowing that every second of every day he has been surrounded by love and now he can shower you with that love while he is protecting you and Charlie in heaven.

  38. My heart hurts so bad for you and Ezra. Thank you Kyle and Robyn for sharing his amazing life with us. And Kyle…you say please, be changed by this… believe me…. Ezra has changed my life. In a way I cannot describe. I wish things could have been different…..I wish life wasn’t full of hurt and pain. I wish so much for you and your family. It’s beyond words…. God Bless you.

  39. As said by many – there aren’t any words to magically comfort you but I have never been more touched and moved to pray without ceasing for someone than your precious little Ezra. While my prayers were for total healing there was a prayer I said just asking your little boy would wake up once more and utter the words “mama”. The sweetest words. I’m so thankful he awoke to speak those words again. May you feel the love and peace of God’s arms and all the cyber-arms holding you now. Thank you for sharing you precious son with us through your blogs. I will never forget him or you. God bless. Rest in eternal peace Ezra! Janis

  40. I was introduced to Ezra’s story through a mutual friend on facebook. After reading just a glimpse of what your precious family has gone through I am already brought to tears. I am am an 18 year old freshman in college who, unlike many freshman, have an idea of what I would like to spend my life doing. As I have always been passionate about children, as well as the constant struggle with cancer, I decided to declare my major as nursing. It is not the easiest major and often times find myself wondering why I would choose such a difficult major when I see so many of my friends having to put little effort into their studies. I want to thank you for reaffirming my belief in the career I am preparing myself for. It is children like Ezra who make this world so good. I hope to one day be able to return the favor to those children who can wake up each day and appreciate the time they have, and show the rest of us what life is really about. I am from South Carolina and was just introduced to Ezra’s story, but would like you to know the power that he has had in just a few short minutes. Thank you for sharing this. Ezra, your family, and you are such a blessing! Ephesians 4:28 “…let him labor, performing with his own hands what is good, in order that he may have something to share with those who are in need.”

  41. Sorrows for us here & grieving for our loss – Ezra has become part of our family too. Kyle & Robin your story touches so many hearts. Ezra rests in Jesus arms with his cute little smile. Praying for comfort & peace.

  42. I am so sorry for your loss…a loss no parent should ever have to endure.

    Thank you for sharing so much of your precious child’s life with us. Your words are so moving, and did make me feel as if I knew Ezra…unfortunately, I didn’t actually have the honor of knowing him.

    May God bless you with comfort, and strength during this difficult time. I will continue to pray for your family, and rejoice in the fact that you will again see your beautiful Ezra, healed and rejoicing with the Lord.

  43. Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us. I have been blessed and strengthened in my faith by your story. I hope that you find comfort in the positive, and wonderful, way your small warrior Ezra impacted our world!

  44. Thank you for sharing your lives, struggles and your faith with the world. Ezra’s legacy will be carried on by you and those that are touched by this story. What an amazing testimony of steadfast faith in the Lord. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you God for the Matthews family and the time you lent Ezra to them.

  45. Heaven just got brighter. Ezra and your family has touched the lives of so many. You guys have been in my prayers many times throughout the day, for so long now. Ezra showed us how much strength and courage such a little body can withstand. He can now play painfree eteranally. Be comforted by the fact that you will be together again. God be with you.

  46. Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss, your son touched my life and your stories have made me live each day to the fullest. No family should have to feel the loss yours has I wish you did not have to go through this pain again. I am praying for your family now and know Ezra’s life had purpose he touched soo many in his short time and he changed my life that is for sure. When my father died at 48 he came to my room at night I was awakened and the whole room lit up and he said DO NOT WISH MY BACK HEAVEN IS MORE MAGNIFICENT THEN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE….I know that heaven is even more so today now that the little angel Ezra came home to the Lord. God Bless and thanks for sharing your journey. I am so sorry it ended this way. Janea’

  47. I’ve only been following Ezra’s story for a short time but I have been asking my Facebook friends to pray for your little man. I have cried reading his story and reading about his passing I have cried even more.

    I pray that you can find comfort in knowing that Ezra has a new body and is no longer in pain. He’s in heaven now and he’s not alone.

    I will continue to pray for your family!! (((((HUGS))))

  48. Kyle and Robyn,
    As always, our prayers are with you. You are an amazing family who have truely impacted the lives of so many of us. We are blessed to know Ezra through you and a little bit of his strength will live on in all of us.
    Melissa and Mike

  49. I have been praying for your sweet family for awhile now. I know that God has his arms around Ezra and his angels are watching over your family. This is a very ugly cancer but we will still fight to find a cure. God bless your family.

  50. My heart is so heavy at this news. I will be praying for your family as you go through something that no family should ever have to go through. I thank the Lord for Ezra and pray that His peace and love would wash over you. God bless.
    In Christ,

  51. Thank you for the way you have strived to share so many moments of Ezra’s too short life with thousands of others. Thank you for your testimony. Praying that grace will be multiplied on to you all, and we look forward to the celebration – and to the day we will all celebrate together in our Father’s house.

  52. I was heartbroken to hear of Ezra’s passing. No words can express the sorrow I feel in my heart at the moment. Ezra was a special little boy and he will be missed. May God grant you strength and courage in this very difficult time, and may God bless you.

  53. Kyle, Robyn and Charley,

    May the God of the Matthews family comfort you in ways we long for you to be comforted and in our own strength cannot provide.

    May He speak peace to your hearts in abundance beyond what we can offer in our flesh.

    May He kindle a joy deep within that overcomes the pains of life, both today and forever.

    May we all continue to pray and offer ourselves to your family in support.

    As a dad, thank you so very much for sharing your struggles as you fought side by side with Ezra, both his battle and your own.

    Grace and Peace,
    The Barker Family

  54. I have prayed for Ezra since the moment I found out he was sick. I will continue to pray for peace and healing for the family. He touched my life in a tremendous way. God had a plan for him and I think He is showing it now by the following that Ezra had. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  55. I love the first picture in this update! Imagine the joyful celebration he is having right now! God bless you all! Broken hearted for your loss.

  56. Thank you for sharing your sweet little boy with us over the past year and a half. He was so precious! My heart breaks for you and Robyn. Yet, it also rejoices knowing he is now healed in Heaven, and sitting with Jesus! You two have been through so much. I just pray you have peace and comfort from the Lord. Ezra will never be forgotten! He has made such an impact in my heart and in my life.

  57. Getting to know your family and sweet Ezra on-line has been great, I wish I could have met him – his spirit and strength shine upon his face even in his weekest moments. Your family has been a true testimony in putting your trust in the Lord. I am sure the are having a celebration in heaven to welcome Ezra into the kingdom. May your spirits be lifted in knowing that he is with his Almighty Father.

  58. We stopped immediately this morning to thank God for Ezra’s precious life and to pray for you, Kyle & Robyn, and all your family who have fought a hard battle. We will continue to pray that God will give you strength in the days and months ahead to keep walking, keep writing, keep loving. You have touched us all deeply and we are ALL the better for having known Ezra.

  59. Kyle & Robyn, I’m so sorry. I will miss Ezra, his sweet smile, and all the memories we won’t get to make with him. I know your pain is beyond words… I pray that you can cherish the many beautiful moments you had with him during his short time here, and remain hopeful. Much love, Erica

  60. Peter just linked me to this. Even though I don’t know you I’m really sorry for your loss. I’ve lost a step father that were there for me more then my real father when I was growing up and many other relatives to cancer. You have my condolences.


  61. Tears flow as I awoke to read your update. I am indeed so sorry for your loss of sweet Ezra but I know the heavens are rejoicing at this time to have your sweet son join them. Your family has been such a light into this world and I pray you find peace in the coming days. May God bless your family. Prayers will continue for you!

    Much Love to you,

  62. I opened this post this morning hoping and praying for some good news but I knew as soon as I saw the title that Ezra had passed. I am so very deeply saddened for your family but there is some peace in knowing he is with God and is not longer in pain. There are no words to tell you the deep sadness I feel, like I need to tell you that. I never met Ezra but I sure wish I had. Peace to you all in the coming days.

  63. I have backspaced and retyped this several times now. There are just no words to say. We are crying and hurting with you – if that helps. We are praying for God to reveal himself in new ways to you and Robyn. We are hoping there is something we can do to ease the pain – even though you don’t know us. We offer ourselves, our talents, our resources, our love and our prayer to you and hope that you or GFC will let us & others know what we can do on top of praying. Your faith and courage is more than inspiring. Thank you for the scripture at the end of this post – thank you for not giving up on God. We love you. We are also looking into volunteer opportunities at local childrens’ cancer centers and look forward to God using us in those spots He puts us.

  64. Ezra will not be forgotten. His life impacted so many people and has left us changed. I am so sorry for you loss. I will continue to pray for your family and for advancements and a cure to this ugly cancer.

  65. Our hearts are now breaking for you as we read this very sad update.
    We are lifting you up in prayer. Praying for strength to get you through these very difficult days ahead without your sweet boy.
    Ezra is resting peacefully now, no more pain, no more Neuroblastoma. What a lovely child. Thank you for sharing sweet Ezra with us.

  66. To All of Ezra’s Family,

    My heart goes out to everyone of you. God entrusted him to you for a short time and I know you loved him well. He’s in the joy of his creator now for all eternity. May our Lord give you the strength and courage to move forward in the work He has set before you.

  67. Not sure if I’m double-commenting but don’t see ours on here. Just wanted to say we are hurting deeply with you and crying out to Jesus to overflow you with love and compassion during this enormous loss. We too miss Ezra. We are looking up local childrens’ cancer centers where we can help, and we also want to offer any assistance to you guys during this time – anything at all! Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us and thankyou for not giving up on God – your strength and courage is more than inspiring. We love you.

  68. Matthews family,
    I want to say that I am extremely sorry for your loss. Unfortunately I know what you have felt, are feeling and will feel in the future. Lean on the Lord for He is faithful. I wanted to attach a story I wrote the week after Daxton had passed. I pray you have peace in knowing Ezra is safe in the arms of the father. If we can do anything for your family please let us know. We will remember you each day in our prayers.
    A Light in the Darkness

    Darkness filled the world! Darkness and silence surrounded me. I tried desperately to find something anything that I could hold onto in order to find my way into some sort of light. I prayed and asked the Lord for guidance. I needed help with finding my way out of the dark. Off in the distance was a glimmer. Were my eyes playing tricks or did I actually see something. I saw it again and it was a little brighter this time. I decided to walk toward this light in hopes of finding my way out of the darkness. The light got brighter and brighter the closer I got but I still could not see the source. As I reached the light it wasn’t an actual light at all. It was a child with his back turned toward me. I started talking to the child asking if he was alone. Were his parents here? There was no answer! I made my way around the child to see the child’s face maybe I would recognize him. As I reached the front of the child he seemed so familiar. I didn’t recognize him but it seemed as if I knew him from somewhere. “Do I know you”, I asked? The child looked up at me and said, “I am your light, your way out of the darkness. If you follow me you shall always walk in the light. Though at times you stray from the path and find yourself in darkness, I always wait for you to find your way back to me.” Just then more people started to walk up and be amongst us in the light. I couldn’t count all of them there were so many. I talked to some of them and they said they were lost in the darkness and that they saw a glimmer of light and decided to follow it. I turned to look at the child once again. His face was that of an angel, with skin that looked to be the softest I had ever seen. His eyes glimmered with an innocence and beauty that only can be seen in a child. He smiled as I stared at him and instantly everything felt better. All my fears went away and I seemed more at peace. The child looked around at all the people and seemed troubled. “What is so troubling my son, why do you look so sad?” The child looked up at me with such love and said, “It’s time for me to go.” I was confused and didn’t know what to say. “Why is it time for you to go? We need you!” The child looked at me almost like he could see into my soul. The child shook his head and said, “In my life I was sick and was only on earth for a short time. I was loved and cared for in that time by my wonderful parents who loved me with all their hearts and souls. Though they wanted me to stay with them on earth they understood that my purpose was to be a light in the darkness. Many people came to the Father because of my struggles with my sickness. My parents shared my light with the entire world and in return they also found themselves out of the darkness. I was very frustrated and confused, “But you have provided a light to all these people! If you leave now how will we find our way”? The child smiled and said, “You were the light for these people. Because you believed and followed the Father you became a light in the darkness. You showed all these people also how to become a light. They will go out into the darkness and teach others to be a light as well.” I was so sad by what the child had told me but felt a sense of peace and comfort. I didn’t want to say goodbye but knew it was time for the child to go Home to the Father.
    Written by David Blanford for his son Daxton who was here for only a short time but made a life changing impact on all who knew him or followed his story.

  69. Now you can go home, and be reunited and reaquainted with your son, Charley.
    Ezra is no longer suffering and in pain.
    Don’t worry, one day you will all be together again, happy and playing with ALL your sons.
    Praying for the Matthews family. xo

  70. My heart breaks at the news about Ezra. Your strength and faith are an amazing example to all!! You and your family continue to be present in our prayers.

  71. No words can convey how much something more could have been done to ease & take away your family’s, Ezra’s & Price’s pain & suffering,
    and keep them both, here with you.

    Ezra & Price have very strong and loving spirits, just like their brother & parents. =)

    I wish you & your loved ones well, in healing from the hardships you’ve all had to endure this last year+,
    and a better journey in the future! =)

    All my Love, Laura

  72. Dear Kyle, Robyn and Charley:

    We feel we know your family as we’ve followed Ezra’s journey. We mourn your loss so deeply, but rejoice that this beautiful boy is with his Savior. He is perfect. Blessings to you all for sharing this battle with us. We pray for peace now!

    “Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:21-23

  73. I am truely sorry for your loss. I know the hurt you and your wife are feeling during this difficult time. It is a pain like no other. A parent shouldn’t have to lose a child. Only God knows the reasons why we must and He too knows your pain as He too lost his son.
    Ezra, please keep my angel Zachary company and know that one day we will be there along with your family in a place unlike others where you and my angel are healed from any disease.
    I will have your family and you in my prayers. If you ever need to talk with someone, I am here to listen and cry along with you and your family. I pray that God gives you strength through this difficult time.
    Angel Zachary’s mommy forever,

  74. My heart is in a million pieces this morning. Ezra has a permanent spot in my heart. I did not know Ezra other than what I have read on this blog and the videos I have watched, but as you said, I feel like I know him. When I see Ezra, I see my beautiful babies. I see innocence. I see beauty. And I thank you immensely for having the courage to share such and amazing little boy with the world.

    I’m angry this morning. I’m angry because I was praying SO hard. I wanted a miracle so badly for Ezra. But in being angry, I recognize that God is truely the one in control.

    I hope you find peace and comfort knowing what an impact Ezra has had on mine, as well as countless others lives. I will never forget his story or his face.

    Again, thank you so much for sharing him with us and showing the world what an awful thing cancer is. Thank you for showing the world that cancer is not just a word. It’s a beautiful little baby boy who will melt your heart.

    I will be praying for you and your family during this time. God Bless.

  75. My heart is hurting so much for you. I never knew Ezra but I prayed hard for him. Although his life was short, I know that this little boy changed this world for Christ in a huge way. I’ll keep praying for your family in the days ahead.

    Peace and Love.

  76. May God continue to Bless you, with the strength he has been providing you.Your both amazing examples to us all.

    Grace and Peace.
    J.B. Savelli

  77. In the end love is all that matters. Ezra was surrounded by love until his last breath. I am sorry for your loss. I will keep praying for your beautiful family.You have been so brave to share your story with us.

  78. Our family is so sorry for your loss. We never met Ezra but felt we knew him through your blog. May God comfort you and give you peace during this difficult time and through the days and months ahead. We will continue to pray for all of you.

  79. There are no words for how broken my heart is for you Kyle and Robyn and Charlie. We have been praying so hard for your beautiful family and will continue to do so. I can not imagine what you must be feeling, but I know that sweet, innocent, miraculous little baby is in the Great and Mighty arms of the one who loves him best! Praise God that HE always knows exactly what He’s doing.
    We love you and will continue to lift your family in prayer.

  80. My heart dropped when reading your last update, I had followed this blog daily hoping and praying that Ezra would beat this. We appreciate you letting us into your lives and allowing us all to love and pray for Ezra along with you.

  81. Thank you for opening your lives to us, strangers, Ezra has touched my life in an amazing way. Rest in peace sweet child, we will not be resting here until we find a cure!

  82. Hey Robyn and Kyle:

    I am soo sorry for your lost.. Karen and I were praying hard for both of you and Ezra.

    We will continue to keeep praying for you up here in Iowa..

  83. My heart is so heavy right now for you and your family. I really was hoping and praying Ezra could make it through. I hope you are able to find peace in that Ezra is no longer in pain and now with the angels. I bet he’s with his baby brother telling him all about you. I will keep you all in my prayers. Thank you so much for sharing his story with us all.

    God Bless.

  84. Words fail me, except to say how sorry and saddened I am and yet how amazed I am also at the grace with your family is dealing with these trials and tribulations. You are truly amazing and an inspiration. May God Bless your family and Ezra and his brother smile down on us all from above!

  85. My heart is broken for you. I pray that God’s peace, which surpasses all understanding, will calm your hearts. Thank you for sharing your precious Ezra with us.

  86. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart aches for you and rejoices for Ezra all at the same time. I am confident that he is in the arms of our Savior, safe and sound and cancer free. I can only imagine the ache of missing your son but pray that God gives you peace. Thank you for allowing us to know Ezra via this blog. It has been a life changing experience for me.

  87. I gasped when I read that post this morning and my 8 year-old son joined me in looking at the pictures of Ezra. What a blessing it must have been to have been holding him when Jesus took him home. I am so thankful that you have Jesus in your lives and you know he is in the most beautiful place. I pray that you will go home to little Charley and pour your love on him….know you have prayers coming from Oregon.
    Thank you for making me a better mom…you two are an inspiration.

  88. There is nothing I could say to ease your sorrow, only that I wish there were words to take all your pain away.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with all of us.

    May the grace of our Lord Jesus and the peace of God be with you.

  89. So sorry to hear of the loss of Ezra. He was a beautiful little boy and I have been praying for him since I read his story. I hope all the prayers here help bring comfort to your family. I know that we can’t take away the pain, but we can pray for comfort and our Lord will grant that. Blessings to you and your family…

  90. I feel as though Ezra was apart of my family, and I see both of you in church even though you may not know me. I can’t imagine your loss, but I know that God will take care of him. I feel as though many of my losses were my gain, because I could help others with the same situation. I know that both of you are so strong, and I will be praying for you.

  91. I never met your sweet Ezra, but my heart is breaking. I cannot imagine the pain over losing your child. Grief is such a funny thing I think when it comes to losing a loved one after a horrendous illness. There is sadness over the lose….yet happiness that they are no longer suffering and in pain. He is with our mighty Saviour and Lord. That is an awesome thought.
    My prayers are with you, your wife and your little Charley.

  92. It breaks my heart to hear the news. I’m so very sorry for your loss. God received a very special boy today.
    Family is eternal. One day, you will be together with Ezra and Price forever in Heaven and life here on this earth will seem like just a second of time in the grand scheme of God’s plan.

    ~~mother to angel Lynlie 3-8-09~~

  93. There are no words that can express my sorrow for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your family’s story, strength, and heartache. My thoughts are with you!

  94. We are so very sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful Ezra. Thank you Matthews Family for sharing your journey, with such openness and beauty and faith in our God and His Glory. It gives comfort to now know that Ezra is healed, and in the arms of The Lord. Our tears flow for the loss of your two precious sons, Price and now Ezra. We pray for you Kyle, Robyn, Charlie and your extended family, for peace, comfort, and continued faith and healing for your family. Ezra has touched our lives in a way that is difficult to express with words. We are so grateful you shared this journey with us. We will remember Ezra always, thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with us. We will continue to pray and your family is in our hearts always.

  95. I am sorry for your loss, your blog has truly touched my heart… What an amazing little boy, Heaven has truly been blessed with a special little angel. I pray that the lord give your family comfort. Thank you for sharing this blog it has really put things in perspective. Ezra will live on and find comfort in knowing that he has touched so many.

  96. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart is breaking for your family… We could never forget about your sweet Ezra as his impact on all of our lives was great.

  97. I just heard a song by George Strait called “the breaths you take”. There is a ling in the song that goes “life is not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away” Ezra may have had just a few short breaths on this earth but boy did he take my breath away, as I am sure the other 1,000’s of followers would agree to. Just wanted to share that with you and let you know your little angel will live on in our hearts forever.

  98. I was so sad to hear that Ezra had passed. I do take comfort in knowing that he is now with our heavenly father! My parents are there as well, and I know they will help take care of him until you get there. Ezra’s story has touched so many lives, and I know that this has really taught me just how precious life is. Just remember that when you see only one set of footprints, it is then that you are being carried. May the Lord comfort you and your family during this difficult time.

  99. “When God sends forth a tiny soul
    To learn the ways of earth
    A mother’s love is waiting there
    We call this miracle birth.
    When God calls home a tiny soul
    And stills a fleeting breath
    A father’s love is waiting there
    This too, is birth, not death.”

    May God bless you as you mourn the loss of your brave and precious little boy. May he comfort your hearts and help you find peace and send angels to surround your sweet family in the days and years ahead. You are both such an example of strength, love, faith, and long-suffering. Thank you for sharing your story. It has changed the way I see each day. I will treasure it as a gift and try my best to use it to lift others up and to praise God for the gift of life and the reality of eternal life with our loved ones in heaven. I know you will know and love little Ezra again someday and be able to put your arms around him for all eternity.

    “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but
    then face to face: now, I know in part; but
    then shall I know even as also I am known. And now abideth faith, hope, charity(love),
    these three: But the greatest of these is
    charity(love).” 1 Corinthians 13:12-13

    May you feel the love of so many who pray
    for you now and the love of your Heavenly
    Father who will hold your family in His arms

  100. I’m sorry for your loss my heart goes out to you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing your son’s story with all of us!

  101. I am so very sorry. Those words you have and will hear so much, but I (and I’m sure everyone else) are SO truly sorry and sad! Ezra has changed so many people’s lives and impacted them beyond belief. I do feel like I know him, you and Robyn, and carry the burden and sadness. I lost my mom when I was 4 from cancer. I don’t remember her at all. I grew up constantly questioning God why He would choose that for our family….taking a wife and mom with three little children and a husband behind. I never quit believing in Him, but always questioned His reasoning. I can say now without a single ounce of hesitation that I am beyond thankful for how everything turned out and I can now see the good that came of it. His plans are better even when it takes us YEARS to figure out, if ever at all! My mom adored God and filled her life with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I have complete assurance that she is waiting on me safely and this life will fade before I know it and I’ll have all eternity with her. That’s a gift beyond measure. I tell you this so maybe, just maybe you can find a tad bit of joy from that? Jesus is holding Ezra… playing, rocking and loving him and Price. Keeping them both completely safe and they both are waiting on you and Robyn and the rest of his family and friends. Thank you for opening your lives to us and know that my prayers for your family will not cease. I am praying for God’s arms to be felt constantly and for you to feel how completely emersed in His love you are. My family loves yours! God Bless you, Robyn and Charley.

  102. Ezra is back home now and when we get there he will be waiting for all of us. We are praying for you guys. We are here if you need us.

    The Spence family
    GFC Eastlake members

  103. I am praying so hard for all of you this morning. I wish I could have met Ezra, although I feel I know all of you through your words. Continue to hold onto your faith, as I am sure it has truly been shaken. Ezra is at peace…and watching over YOU the way you watched over him. You will continue to be in my prayers each day!

  104. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious angel Ezra. Such an adorable child, taken so soon form this earth. I so wish he had had many more healthy days…
    I know he is safe with Jesus now and running and playing as all sweet children should. You will see him again. He is loving on his little brother too. Sending prayers and gentle hugs..


  105. I’m deeply sorry for your pain, and for losing Ezra. I will keep my “Pray for Ezra” bracelet as a reminder of God’s grace, and the astounding faith and strength that has been exhibited so greatly throughout everything you have endured, and how mighty things of God often come in small packages…And, as a reminder of what a precious gift Ezra was. May the peace that indeed surpasses ALL understand, continue to be with you.

  106. Kyle and Robyn thank you so much for sharing Ezra’s life with us. What a wonderful job you have done. You have touch and educated so may people with your blog. God Bless you and your family.

  107. Rest in peace Little Buddy. There are no words to express how truely sorry I am for your loss. He fought so hard. Praying for your family. I love you all so much!

    Katie Wagner
    Birmingham, Alabama

  108. Such heartache. What a precious boy who blessed so many even when he didn’t know it. Thank you for sharing him with all of us – you will never know how far reaching and wonderful the effect of his life has been. Ezra reached more people in his short life than many reach in 100 years.

    Thank you Jesus for the gift of Ezra. We pray his joy, his grace and his wonder will perpetuate in the lives of many as they learn his story. I pray that peace, grace and rest will fill the Matthews home.

    Love to you all,
    The Smiths

  109. I can not imagine your pain and sorrow right now. So strangely mixed with the blessed hope of reunion one day in heaven, and the reality of the loss of Ezra. God can only know the amount of strength that you need and that only He an give. I am praying for you as I have all along this journey. Thank you for sharing Ezra’s story. It will continue to be a reminder to me of God’s goodness and how using your little boy for His glory is surely the greatest legacy Ezra can leave.

  110. So sorry for your loss of Ezra! I will be praying for ya’ll and all of your family and friends!! Thank you for sharing Ezra and your family’s story! I will continue to help fight cancer and remember all the little ones lost to this horrid disease! I am glad little Charley is doing better! My thoughts and prayers will be with you today and everyday!

  111. I can’t express my sorrow for your loss. I know that Ezra is in a better place now; happy, running around, and in no pain, but being without your son has got to be incredibly hard for you and your family. I have a 2 year old that I have held a little closer and loved a little more ever since I started reading Ezra’s story a month or so ago. I truly appreciate you letting us in to your lives- it has made a huge impact on me.
    God bless you all and you will always be in my prayers.

  112. So sorry for the loss of your precious child. Glad that you where both able to be with him this morning and that he is no longer in pain. This entry was beautifully written, I for one pleadge to live differently after Ezra’s journey. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  113. I do not know you or your beautiful family, however, my heart broke into a million pieces the moment I read your update this morning. I hope you and your family feel His arms so tightly around you the days ahead as you grieve for the lose of another child. Erza is healed and now playing with his little brother and I hope that gives you a glimpse of peace.
    I am with the Layla Grace Foundation and your Ezra and Layla are the reasons I will continue to fight and be the voices for these children!
    God Bless!

  114. I am so sorry, I am so sorry. I’ve been following your story for a few weeks and just saw this post up on Facebook (posted by Layla Grace Foundation). I know he is in a better place now where there is no pain, but it still hurts so badly (I can’t stop crying). Your family has had to endure so much. Thank you for sharing your story. You will continue to be in my prayers.

    Have you posted a mailing address or PayPal address for donations? I’m so sorry if I missed this before.

    Erin Gifford
    Ashburn, VA

  115. Heartbroken for you and us, happy and joyful for our Lord God has a new little angel…we are forever changed because of yours and Ezra’s battle…holding you all in our hearts today.

  116. I am so sorry for the loss of such a precious, beautiful life. It was a priviledge to get to know him and you through this blog. My family will continue to pray for yours every day. Ezra was so fortunate to have such wonderful, loving parents and I pray that God will hold you close in his arms.

  117. I don’t know your family personally, but I have friends who do know you. Ever since hearing about Exra a coule weeks back, I have been reading your updates and on my knees praying for him and your family daily. I have no words this morning as I read this post, I sit at my desk and cry! I am so very sorry. My family and I are continuing to pray for you both. Thank you for sharing your precious little boy with us.

  118. Your little man has touched so many lives, mine included. I am changed. May God give your family a measure of peace &love in the coming days & sweet assurance that Ezra is free from pain in the presence of the Lord. Hugs to you!!

  119. Thank you for sharing your journey of Ezra with everyone and for showing us what love, faith and being at peace with God means. I am so sorry for your loss and as a mother myself my heart goes out to you both. My thoughts and prayers are with you and know that little Ezra is now fully restored and smiling up in heaven with our heavenily father.

  120. May the Source of peace send peace to all who mourn and comfort to all who are bereaved.

    You are in my thoughts today …

    Tampa, FL

  121. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us. Your joys, your fears, your laughter and tears, they all have helped us to know you better, to know your sons and grow to love them deeply. I am fighting back tears as I sit in Starbucks reading this and am determined to respond with joy that Ezra’s time of pain is past and he can experience life that is truly life now. Sorrowful with you for your losses, and praying for you as you return home to live the life you’ve been given with Charley and your family and friends. Please don’t quit sharing your life. . . your stories here are having a great effect on many. Love you Kyle. Robyn and Charley, I hope to meet you someday. Cast all of your cares on Jesus, as he continues to care for you.

  122. Kyle, Robyn and Charley,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I too feel like I knew Ezra personally. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us strangers. Ezra has forever changed my life. Rest in Peace beautiful boy. Heaven received another Angel today.

    May peace be with you,


  123. Dear Robyn and Kyle,
    My heart is saddened this morning to see that Ezra lost the battle to cancer. My heart breaks for you both. I know that he is well now with God and rejoice that HE is in the arms of Jesus now and will never know pain again. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life and letting us get to know Ezra through here. It has meant so much. Please know that you will continue to be in our prayers. If you need anything, ever, we are here for you.
    Naomi & Igor

  124. My heart aches for your loss but in turn also rejoices for Ezra. He no longer is in pain. Now he is an Angel in heaven watching over his loved ones. Your words are so beautifully written and thank you for allowing me to share in your story. I will continue to pray for the family as you continue to heal.

  125. Words cannot express how my heart breaks for you and your family this morning. I have been quietly following your blog since a friend of mine posted a link to it on her Facebook awhile back. My family and I are in Tampa as well, and we had a premature child (26 weeker) last year.

    I have been praying and will continue to pray for your family. You and Ezra have touched so many people’s lives and hearts- more than you know.

  126. I keep reading this post over and over again, hoping that it will change. My heart is breaking for you and your family! As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain you must feel, but at the same time, the relief you must feel that Ezra is no longer in pain or suffering. May God bless you and your family with a very long and healthy life with Charlie and may you always feel comfort from the wonderful memories that you have of your beautiful son, Ezra. God speed little buddy!!

  127. Your dear sweet boy is now in the arms of Jesus, being loved so deeply by His father, pain-free, no tubes, no oxygen mask, and free to run his heart out with the angels! Though I wish so badly that he was sitting right next to you guys, he fought harder for his life than a little boy should ever have to fight and is now enjoying the fruit of his labor in heaven with our Lord. May God bring supernatural comfort to you as you adjust to your new reality. Words can’t describe what it meant to be witness to your journey through this blog. As thousands of people are weeping across the world over your loss of Ezra, please know that your son’s life was not in vain. My life was changed because of it and countless others. Bless you a thousand times over in the coming days…

  128. What a deep pain in your sweet heart; you’re precious innocent son will no longer be hurting. All I can say is I’m so thankful to have such a strong young lady in my life as you my sweet cousin/ play sister- I love you Robyn!!

  129. My heart aches for you and your family… Romans 12:15 tells us to “mourn with those who mourn”… and we we share in your pain and sorrow for such a beautiful life in Ezra… we also rejoice that Ezra has his wings and is in the presence of the Lord.

    I love what you said: “Recognize the flawed world we live in, and work to help the ones you can. Really work. Recognize the hurt in the world, and recognize the grace that gives us a chance to still be beautiful.”

    It is because we live in this fallen world that we suffer…but, thanks be to God for His amazing grace and the gift of His Son to us Who keeps us held…

    Oh, Father, we pray that You hold this family in Your loving arms… comfort them in their time of sorrow and pain. Father, thank YOU, for allowing them (and us) the awesome privilege of knowing your special creation, Ezra. He was a beautiful, joyful life… Oh, that we would all learn from his amazing life here on earth… how short it was be — yet, how precious! He was Your gift of love to this family — and yet he touched so many others. Thank You, Father, for this family’s trust and faith in You to keep them strong, faithful and persevering to the end… Draw near to them, Lord, as they draw near to You through this journey. In Your Name, Lord, Amen.

    …” The eternal God is your refuge,
    And underneath are the everlasting arms…{Deuteronomy 33:27}

  130. I have only known Ezra’s story for a couple of weeks. And I must say that I truly am changed to learn about him. You hear about this type of thing happening to people all the time, but it is a different story being able to hear and know about the every day life of a family who suffers from this. I will continue to remember Ezra in my heart. Thank you for giving people the opportunity to hear about a story that I pray will give them nothing but hope and appreciation for the trials and blessings God has surrounded them with, in hopes to better know, love, and serve Him. Thank you again, I can’t express the graditude I have towards you and your family.

  131. I love you both! today I pray that Ezra’s spirit is always felt beside you. I pray we all play with Ezra in heaven. I am changed by him. He is still Gods miracle!!!

  132. I just wanted to say I have been praying for your family and Ezra fought a big fight! Praying for your family and your Angel who is no longer in Pain.

  133. “I’m falling apart
    I’m barely breathing
    With a broken heart
    That’s still beating
    In the pain
    There is healing
    In your name
    I find meaning
    So I’m holding on
    I’m barely holding on to You.”

    I am praying for you. Through the sadness, anger, joy, and mourning just hold on to Him. I am so thankful that I was able to get to know Ezra and your family through your blog. What an impact he has had and blessing he has been in my life.

  134. Tears and sadness here – I am a believer and I still struggle so much with the “WHY WHY WHY” Your sweet little Ezra and beautiful little Price should have lived to grow old and change this world. God had another plan, He decided to take your boys to be with him. One day we will understand why – and even knowing that many lives were changed because of Ezra’s short time on earth – I am sure would be traded for a lifetime of laughter with you all. My heart aches for both of you, for your now empty arms. As much as a joy it is that Ezra is free of the pain, the sadness that he is gone is overwhelming. May friends and family and the Lord treat you all with tenderness as you face go on without your sweet little man. Love from Kimberly in Canada

  135. I randomly came across this today and was in tears reading it. I lost my little brother 17 years ago from the same cancer. My heart breaks for you. But we serve and love a God that is bigger and has a wonderful plan for those who love Him. He will make you stronger and continue to pour his blessing upon you. Isaiah 41:10 – a verse that has been a comfort for 17 years… May the Lord continue to comfort you, you are in His righteous right hand.

  136. Kyle and Robyn I just don’t know what to say I can barely breath after reading your news. I am so very sorry for your incredible loss. I feel like I have come to know your family and Ezra through your blog, and I can’t imagine the pain you are feeling at this very moment. Take comfort that Ezra is free from suffering. He endured so much in his short life and you have experienced more grief and heartache then any parents should ever have to endure. Praying for you and your family.

  137. I will be praying for all of you to have the strenght to get throught this again for the secind time this year God will hold you close to him for all the time GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL

  138. No words could ease your pain, or be great enough to explain Ezra…..Never have I been so moved by a life example, the strength, courage, and innocent love for life showed in just his smile alone not to mention his courageous fight against this beast we call cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you love April, Ali & William.

  139. Words fall short but I just want to say I am humbled to know all of you and your testimony..I know God is with are loved and prayed for..bless you r…

  140. Kyle and Robyn, I’m at a loss for words! Not knowing what to say or think! I’m so sorry for your loss! May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with all of you! My heart aches but I know that God and His unfailing love is holding you all tight!! Little Ezra is in Jesus arms now….what a wonderful place to be after all he went through!

    Thank you for allowing my family and I to be part of your joy and your sorrow! We love you and are praying without ceasing for all of you!!!

    With much love,

    Dustin, Daniella, little Andrew and Vivian

  141. I am so sorry to hear that Ezra has passed on. I just started following his story a couple of weeks ago, and was deeply touched by him and your family. I was praying for a miracle for his little body to heal, but now it is completely healed, up in Heaven with our Lord. My heart goes out to you and your family. God Bless.

  142. I am so saddened by your loss, but so warmed by your faith. My prayers are with you and your family. I know we may never meet, but your family will be in my prayers for years to come. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to be a part of your joy and sorrow. May God bring you so much peace thru this. May God bring someone to know Him thru this.
    Much love,

  143. This is the loss of your child, but also the loss of an Angel that God allowed to live with you for such a short time…to teach us all humility, patience,grace, endurance, and love….this is why so many people in their own way continue to fight for a cure of Cancer in Children, Davids being the most threat to them and the biggest killer of innocent babies…I just became aware of his story within the past two months…my heart hurts for you and your family and friends….for I am sure you have many…May God wrap his arms around you and give you peace and comfort is my prayer….God Bless.

  144. Words cannot express, my heart and prayers are with you and your family. It struck in me when you said he had spent half of his life in the hospital yet you couldnt find another child so loving and caring and fun.
    What a beautiful sentiment to his life. I am so sorry for your loss, may you take comfort in knowing he is with God and that the Lord has his arms around you and your family in this hardest of times.

    So many of us at church have prayed for you and we will continue to keep you in our prayers.

    Matthew 5:4
    Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

  145. I’m saddened by ur loss.. Words can not express the hurt, pain, discomfort, ache or sadness that our hearts carry.. Ur family is in my Thoughts and Prayers at this time.. Ezra is in a better place at this time.. Thank you for allowing us to read ur blogs and get to know Ezra.. Ezra will be missed dearly, he is now in peace and resting comfortably..

  146. My heart is just breaking for you. I pray that God will give you strength and pour out His love on you as you face each day. I am so sorry.

  147. I am so sorry for your loss. I just got to know about Ezra today through facebook. Your sweet little Ezra is being held by our Lord in Heaven! Robyn and Kyle, you sure have been through a lot this past year, having your hearts broken 2 times. My love and prayers are with you, God bless you always

  148. I am so sadden by this post. I am very sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful boy with us. Your family is such an inspiration. I am a better person because of you and your son. I am so glad you were able to hear his voice again. I look forward to meeting Ezra one day when we are all in heaven enjoying the wedding feast a king prepares for his son (Matthew 22). My prayers continue to be with you and your family. Hugs and kisses.

  149. I see your very special boy laughing and playing with the Lord in the place where there is no more sadness and no more pain. Your Ezra has gone to a place where there is only joy, but our hearts are so broken. My husband and I have hoped and prayed and held our breaths with each new post that it would be the one announcing the Lord’s hand of healing. I know Ezra will come to my mind often during my time here, and I never even met him. May the Lord cover your beautiful family in grace and peace–
    The Broussards

  150. I feel so bad for your loss. I know is very hard, but at least you now know that the little Ezra is no longer feeling pain, im sure he is in a better place than the rest of us. Peace to you and your wife, now that little angel will be taking care of you.

  151. Kyle and Robyn, I know there are no words to take all the pain you both are feeling right now away. I just hope that some comfort may come by feeling His presence, leaning on each other during this difficult time, and realizing lil Ezra is pain-free now. He is laughing and playing in heaven! Thank you for sharing your beautiful son with us and bringing awareness to such an aweful cancer that needs much attention so a cure can be found. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  152. I am so sorry for you loss. Ezra’s life was too short and too painful. I too believe that he was sent here to teach the world all of the things you have asked us to do at the end of this post. All I can do is think of how at peace Ezra is, pain free and with God, reaping his rewards in heaven for making us all better people. Thank you to the whole Matthew’s family for the opportunity to meet one extroadinarily strong, amazing, and inspiring family. I am so lucky to have known this little man even without meeting him. So much love and prayers to you…Kara O’Neill

  153. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for the two of you. Just know that he is in a better place where there is no sadness or pain. God bless you both. My prayers are with you today and will be every day. ~Hugs, The Federico Family

  154. matthews family, me and my family are praying for life has changed because of Ezra. yall’s story is amazing.

  155. I just learned about your little guy Ezra, a few weeks ago. I have been praying for him and your family. I am deeply sad with you. May God give you peace.

  156. I am so sorry for your loss. To me he sounded like a little angel even before he earned his wings. I recently discovered his story on Facebook and my heart ached for him and for all of you right away. I’m sorry his life was filled with so much pain. I’m glad he no longer suffers and that he is with G_d and at peace. Bless you all and bless little Ezra. I admire his strength and his joy and his ability to be loving and joyful. My prayers are with all of you.

  157. I am so sorry for your loss it broke my heart to hear it I had been praying for him and your family I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers may god bless you and your family

  158. Matthews Family,
    My heart breaks for you as you walk through the coming hours, days, months and years. I was brought to your site through Ava Hunter’s and I am so glad I was. I’ve spent the past few weeks sharing your story and being in prayer for sweet Ezra. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through but I do know that you are going through it in faith and for that, I’m thankful. Reading your blog has allowed me to step back and realize how fragile life is. The blessings that Ezra has brought to my life are abundant and I thank the Lord for them. I will continue to pray for your family, please know that you are never far from my heart.

  159. I have been blessed and changed over the past few weeks that I have been following your story. Ezra has changed me and I know that even though I never had the privilege of meeting him, he will be on my heart forever.
    You and Robyn have inspired and challenged me in my faith, and dedication to caring about the people of our world.
    I know that God has a purpose for everything that He allows to happen, but I was so hoping and believing that He would choose to heal Ezra that I am now heartbroken. And yet, your family once again reminds me that our God is worthy to be trusted even when we don’t understand Him.
    I pray that He will give you peace and joy through the pain.
    Thank you for sharing your life with a total stranger.

  160. I have followed your journey the past month or so after someone posted a link for prayer for Ezra on twitter. I have been praying for him and your family and my heart is broken this morning to read this entry. I am so sorry for your loss and your pain- I am shedding many tears for you. Try to find comfort in Him and that wonderful place where we have perfect bodies and no pain or sadness. Please know that Ezra has, is and will continue to change the lives of many, myself included. Thank you, with all my heart, for sharing him with us.

  161. May the peace that passes understanding flood and overwhelm your hearts today and in the days to come. I am so sorry for your loss.

  162. My heart aches, really aches and the tears are flowing. Ezra was a beautiful child, there are no words to describe him. He has changed a piece of this world. He has stirred me to be a better person. I am lifting you and Robyn up in prayer, that the Lord will give you peace that trancends all understanding.

  163. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. I am new to Ezra’s story (within the past couple of weeks) but you have all been in my thoughts. I really had hoped, like so many others, that he would pull through this.

  164. All I am able to say is I am so sorry for your lost. I don’t even have the words I think to try and even make it better. I was not expecting that news when I opened the e-mail. My heart hurts for you and your family, and you guys are in my prayers to help get through this tough time. Your guys story has truly touched me and reminded me on a daily basis to be so thankful for my little guy even at those frustrating times. Your strenth and courage is beyond moving, bless you guys in this sad time.

  165. Truly heartbroken….
    Holding onto the fact that Ezra is no longer suffering. He is free, an angel!
    I’m praying for your families peace and comfort during this very difficult time.
    Please know, Ezra’s life may have been short, but the lives he touched are in great number. Thank you for sharing your journey, and your Ezra.
    Many prayers.

  166. I am so, so deeply saddened for you and your loss. I have nothing good or helpful to say, other than we will continue to pray for you and lift you up through your days ahead. Stay close to Jesus, that’s where your sweet Ezra is now. May God hold your hand through this time. My deepest sympathies.

  167. It saddens me so deeply to read the news today. Im so sorry for your loss. Somehow Ezra touched my life without ever truly knowing him. Thank you Ezra, and I look forward to the day when we meet in the Father’s Kingdom.

  168. But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child, will never enter it.” Luke 18:16-17

    I put verse 17 in there because it reminds that all the little children will be in the kingdom of God. We love our children so much that we don’t want to be without them, but you just have to remember in the midst of the grief that they are so much better off than they were here. No more suffering, no more pain… only happiness and playing, and smiling. Your love carried him while he was here…. now he has even more in heaven! If there was anyone you could trust that will love your children as much as you do, it is God. There is nothing that anyone can say to make you feel better, we can only wish that we say something that lifts you up for just a sec! You are loved and so was Ezra. And rest assured, someone was changed because of him!

  169. I’ve never made a comment until today but I have followed your journey for quite some time now. I not only felt that I knew him but that I knew both you and Robyn. I share in your pain today, even though I cannot imagine the pain that you both feel right now. Ezra and his story and your journey have touched my life tremendously. Your faith and your ability to be so transparent have brought more to my life than you can imagine. I am praying for your entire family! Ezra was blessed to have you both as parents. I know he will take care of you while being in the mighty hands of our Lord.

  170. I hope you find comfort in knowing that Ezra DID change so many lives. How could a two year old move & touch thousands? He was special! God knew what he was doing when he sent Ezra to you. He gave amazing parents a special gift so they could help change the world… I am confident in that. I know I am a better person because of you; because of knowing Ezra’s story. I know you both will do big things to make a difference in the childhood cancer fight. I pray that from here on out you are given only good things in life! Because you deserve it! I look forward now to seeing the mountains you can move! I will be here to help with anything you ask! Thank You for this wonderful life lesson,thank you for sharing Ezra, for sharing your souls! I will always hold a special place in my heart for Ezra, I wish I could’ve really known him. I will remember him always, what you shared of him. Thanks again & God Bless The Matthews Family.

  171. I am so sorry for your loss. We have been following your story closely and it has touched our lives. Baby Ezra has truly impacted so many lives and the strength & faith of your family is amazing. Prayers are with you during this difficult time.

  172. My heart is so heavy in the sharing of this grief with your family. Just a few weeks ago, my wife and I learned about Ezra and his tremendous fight against his cancer. We also learned that he was born on the very same day as our own son, Noah. His story has touched us so deeply, and even moreso knowing that the boys are the exact same age! I don’t know if my wife or I will ever look at our little Noah again without thinking about your little Ezra. Ezra’s battle has taught our family the fleeting preciousness that this life is. We apprieciate Noah even more, if that’s even possible, and we mourn with you your loss. We are praying for your family and we are praying for God’s perfect healing for Ezra on the other side. Thank you for opening your family and your hearts and for the courage in sharing this journey with all of us. Know that Ezra has touched us, and he has changed us. We look forward to meeting him on the day The Father calls us home. God’s blessings and peace be with you and your family.

  173. all i could do is cry for your loss ……..i’m truly SADdend for you and we know Ezra is running around and playing in heaven ,god bless you and your family.Hold Charley and let him know about his brothers!!!!!!!may you somehow find peace!

  174. Matthews family, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your life with me, a stranger. You have shown great courage and are a living example of Christ love. I have been encouraged and strengthened every time I’ve read your blog. Ezra’s life has touched me deeply and I am reminded that God is sovereign and though we don’t always know why He chooses to take our loved ones home, we know His heart…Blessings to you. We will continue to lift you up in prayer.

  175. I am so very very sorry to hear about your loss. I am crying as I post this. I only learned of Ezra’s story a few weeks ago, and have been praying for him and your family. I am heartbroken to hear that he earned his angel wings–though I am glad to hear that he is no longer suffering any pain.

    I will continue to pray for your family in this time of deep sorrow. Thank you for sharing his and your story.

  176. Sweet Ezra. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. He has definitely changed many lives, mine included. His memory will live on through the positive impact his story has had on strangers and friends. I can only hope your family finds comfort in this. Thank you for sharing your journey. It has taught me many lessons.

  177. The words to explain how I am feeling right now are just not coming toward in my mind right now. I never got to meet any of you personally, but my heart feels so much love for you all. This news brings tears to my eyes but warmth to my heart to know that Ezra is no longer suffering and he is in his eternal home. He is in God’s arms now, but he will forever stay such a big part of not only your lives but that of all of us. Thank you for sharing your amazing son with us all even if it was for only a short time.
    When you feel yourself struggle remember to look up and feel the warmth of the sun on your faces, that is Ezra’s and Price’s love shining down on you.
    God Bless your family, you are such strong and amazing people.

  178. Words can NOT begin to express the loss you feel as a Parent! I am so sorry for your loss–I know there will not be a day go by that he is not thought about and missed. I will be praying for you both–Keep your faith and trust in the LORD to help you both through this and remember to keep your Love strong in the days and months ahead. Take Care, from a Parent who lost a child 15 years ago.

  179. I am truly sorry that your beautiful son Ezra is gone. He warmed my heart. He has no more pain now, and can be with his little brother in Heaven. I am a mommy of 2 little boys and I thank you for sharing your story and hope that you will continue to share about Charley. Charley is such a lucky baby to have parents like you. Kyle and Robyn, I pray for you to continue to be strong for eachother and for Charley. I am comforted in the thought that you were able to hold your Ezra and really be with him as he went to Heaven. You are amazing people and your story has inspired me. God Bless You and your family.

  180. To the Matthews family,
    Hello, I do not know you and never had the pleasure of meeting your little hero Ezra. He is a beautiful boy and his mark will forever be left on those who did know him and those that never got the chance. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I said a prayer for you and your family and I just pray that God will give you the peace that passeth all understanding. Ezra your little angel on earth is now whole and well, healthy and at peace playing in heaven with his heavenly father. Your son and you both are amazing people with awesome strength and I am sure that every second, of every minute, of every day that God gave Ezra he knew how deeply he was loved! God Bless you!

  181. EZRA seemed like an amazing little boy, so full of life and love! Im deeply sorry for your loss, he is at peace and hopefully leads a life full of happiness in heaven! Keep your heads up and through this blog ive learned to cherish the little, magical things in life.
    God bless.

  182. Dear Matthew’s Family,
    THere are no words that can explain your grief for grief is so personal. May our loving God, family & all old & the many newly acquired friends bring you some comfort. I truly believe Ezra is now pain free & in God’s everlasting arms. God has many plans for his pure spirit that are beyond our comphrension. Ezra is now your personal Angel & he will always be watching over you. He will be there to greet every family member into God’s paradise. His short life made a powerful difference in all lives he has touched for his bravery will never be forgotten. Ezra leaves this earth to return to heaven as a perfect little boy. We morn him & your loss only to smile when we think he has been made whole again & now has eternal life. Bless your family & know there is hope for you all to carry on. Celebrating a heroic beautiful life with you.

  183. I’m so sorry for your loss, i can’t even imagine what you and your families have been through this last year plus. I only met Ezra as a baby before anyone knew something was wrong, but i loved him. I’m praying for you and your families daily. I love you Matthews family.

  184. Your story of Ezra’s life encourages me. The love you gave and received from your precious son are an amazing testimony to the love God has given to all of us.
    I will look forward to the day when we will see Ezra reunited with you in His kingdom. That will be a day of great celebration for all who will have the opportunity to share in that. Thank you for sharing with his life with us.

  185. Little Ezra will suffer no more, and we know that God is watching over all of his angels.
    We have to have tears in our eyes to make rainbows in our hearts…. the Native American people have such a glorius way with mere words! May God bless you and keep each one of you always.

    Marsha and Amy Hubert
    League City, Texas
    We are friends of Valerie’s

  186. I am so heartbroken but at the same time thankful to have been given the sincere joy and pleasure of getting to know Ezra and your family. God bless you and keep you…you are not alone, you are never alone.
    With much love, the Cermeno family.

  187. I can only say ..I’M SO VERY SORRY..I do know what youve been through and are going to go through.. In loving memory of my son Justice Eli Warren 2/16/01-7/15/08.. May you greet this special boy “Ezra”

  188. I am grieved beyond words at your loss. Though I didn’t know him, he was a precious little boy fighting every day to live. I have a brief glimpse of what it is like to lose a young life and I know that God was with me in my grief. Though I had many sorrows, Jesus was always there through nights of weeping. My heart and prayers go with you and your family.

  189. I am so sorry for your loss, may God be with you and your family. John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

    God Bless!!

  190. Just wanted to let you know how deeply sorry I am for your loss. Thank you for sharing Ezra’s story with all of us. He has left an imprint on all of our hearts and helped to remind me to never take time with family or friends for granted. We will continue to pray for your family.

  191. I am so sorry for your loss! This poem below has helped us through the struggles of miscarriage and infertility. I hope it is a source of comfort to you all as well. Ezra is running, playing and laughing now. What a sweet boy, thank you for sharing his story.

    The Weaver
    My life is but a weaving between my Lord and me.
    I cannot choose the colors, He worketh steadily.
    Oftentimes, He weaveth sorrow and I in foolish pride,
    Forget He sees the upper, and I the underside.
    Not until the loom is silent, and the shuttles cease to fly,
    Shall God unroll the canvas and explain the reasons why.
    The dark threads are as needful in the weaver’s skillful hands,
    As the threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned.

  192. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of how great Ezra was even though we didn’t get to meet him in this life. My heart breaks for you and I pray that you and your family find comfort in this difficult time. No one should have to experience what you’ve experienced over the last year. God bless your family.

  193. My heart breaks for your family as I read this. I have been following Ezra’s story since the Layla Grace foundation posted, and your family has been in my constant prayers. There are no words that truly can comfort when your child dies, so I will just say to hang in there, lean on each other, your family and your son. I only know you all through what you have shared, but I want to thank you for opening your heart and soul on this journey. It has made an impact in what I do everyday, and will continue to.
    My prayers are with you all.

  194. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and even more so, thank you for letting us glimpse into the life of this amazing little boy. I don’t know you personally, but I think about little Ezra daily and know that I will continue to do so. All of my condolences.

  195. I am sorry to hear about ur loss. I have been reading the updates about little Ezra’s story for awhile now and they have really been inspiring. He is in a better place now and im sure he is happy. Your family has been amazingly strong through all of this. I want to thank you for sharing the story of your precious little boy with all of us. I know it has tought me to cherish every moment. My prayers are with your family.

  196. Although I have never met your family, I found out about Ezra’s story some time ago through Facebook and have been following it ever since. I am at a loss for words, but want you to know that I am deeply saddened. I have a little girl that was born on the same day as Ezra, which is probably the main reason why Ezra’s story has so touched my heart. May God give you and your family comfort through your grieving. Rejoice in knowing that Ezra is now at peace.
    May God bless you all!

  197. I have no words just tears, just want to let you know that I’m thinking of you and your two beautiful angels…. Caroline from Qc, Canada

  198. GOD IS SO GOOD! At times like this it is hard to look at it that way but, it’s true. In your blog a few weeks ago when Ezra was doing real bad and they weren’t sure he would make it through the night you said please pray for us we are not prepared for this at all. The world began to pray, we lifted up our hands to the heavens in hopes for a miracle. One by one they were coming. Though each step was great in your blogs you still knew the possibility of loss. In the last few blogs I felt like it was as though you and Robyn were being prepared by God for Ezra’s trip home to heaven. God gave you the time you needed to prepare your hearts. It doesn’t take away our pain here on earth but, because we know God and how GREAT HE IS we have peace. We have prayed for healing and complete restoration of Ezra. Ezra is now cancer free. There is no more pain, no more sadness, no more tubes, no more drugs. He is whole. Lives HAVE been touched and will CONTINUE TO BE touched. Ezra and Price areyour heavenly angels and Charley is your angel with you. When you hear Charley laughing for no reason, there is a reason. His brothers are there with him playing, tickling him, running with him, keeping watch over him. Here or there, brothers have a bond that is ever lasting. May God continue to pour out his mercies upon you and your family. Remember all the good times. Know you are not alone in your pain. I think we all have felt as though he had become a part of our families as well as you, Robyn, and Charley. The loss is sad. If you start a memorial fund or a fight against neuroblastoma walk or something and need to get it going up here in north Georgia please let meknow where to start and I will run with it. There are a lot of motorcycle ride raisers up here and if you know how to get one started in Ezra’s honor point me in the direction. If there is a form I need to show it is lagit and you have it and tell me how we get the money raised to you…I will figure it out. We need to fight this so other families DO NOT have to go through this. We will continue to pray for your family and the healing process through this time. May the following years be illness free and nothing but joy brought your way. GOD IS GOOD!

  199. Your sweet little Ezra has touched my heart, along with your whole family. I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Thank you for sharing your journey. Much love to you all.

  200. Ezra you will be missed dearly and I hope that your parents and loved ones are able to find the strength to carry on. I have to say that it was just remarkable the strength you fit into such a small body and I don’t think that I can ever have that much to endure such pain and still manage to smile and share. Thank you for teaching me this little snippet to my life. E is for Ezra..Always.

  201. Lots of love and prayers going your way. I am thankful there will be a day when we can hold our precious, perfect, healthy babies again.

  202. So truly sorry for the loss of your beautiful Ezra. I have only been following your story for a few weeks but it touched my heart. I pray For peace and comfort for you during this difficult time. Thank You for sharing your story. God Bless You!

  203. Kyle and Robin,
    I’m so sorry for your loss but thankful that Ezra is safely in the arms of our good and loving God and feeling no pain. Through your blog, Ezra’s life has been a blessing to many people! God plans may be difficult to fathom and His ways are mysterious, but He is an amazingly good God! In the days to come, I will continue to pray for you and your family to constantly feel His presence and abiding love!

  204. I am so so sorry for your loss. I will continue to pray for you and Robyn. All the pain is localized in those left here– Ezra beat that cancer. It is no longer has any power over him, and Ezra lives on in in glory. Thank you for helping us get to know your wonderful son. We care.

  205. Although we don’t always understand His ways, we trust Him. Some of my favorite verses in Scripture are . . .

    “Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.” John 11:5

    “When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews also weeping which came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled.” John 11:33

    “Jesus wept.” John 11:35

    Love and prayers,
    Jerry, Judith and Jacob

  206. My heart feels your pain. I know Ezra is sitting on Jesus’ lap on this day. He is there to play with the other children that have gone to be with the Lord, such as my two babies lost in miscarriage. And, leaving that hospital without your baby brings tears to my eyes. Leaving a big part of your heart behind. I will be continuing to pray for you and Robyn and for Charlie too. May the Lord comfort you as you go through this part of your life. Thank you for being so open and sharing your life so others like me could get to know awesome Ezra. We are better people for knowing Ezra and we thank you for that. God Bless you and your family.

  207. A friend of mine posted on Facebook this blog a few months ago and ever since i have been following your family and Ezra’s story. I pray and think about your family daily and my heart broke today when i read the blog. Ezra touched more lives than you can imagine and i am sure that is why God sent him to this earth, he truly is an angel. I never have met any of you but i feel connected to your family.I know God knew what he was doing when he blessed Ezra with such amazing and devoted parents. I know nothing anyone will say can take your pain away, but i hope you find some peace knowing how many lives your family has touched.

  208. Kyle and Robyn,

    We have been praying for you guys the last couple of months and just started following the blog several weeks ago. Our hearts break for you but we are praying that God’s peace and love cover you. Your faith and love through all this has been inspiring and you all have truly touched our lives. What good you have brought to this world in the midst of all the sadness. So very thankful for our God who is so big and so good and His little angel Ezra.

  209. Ezra David Matthews has changed my life. Through him God showed me how to love other people like He loves us. Through him I learned what it is to truly pray and fast for something. I’m so thankful for the lessons that he taught me and the lessons you guys taught me. I will always look to you guys as an example when i go through times of pain or brokenness.I praise God for your strength and faithfulness. I love you guys and I will continue to pray for you daily. Thank you for changing my life I cannot wait to finally meet Ezra in the arms of our Lord

  210. All I can offer is my love and prayer for your little angel in the arms of our loving Jesus at this moment. My love and prayers for you in the coming days.

  211. Thank you for sharing Ezra’s life with everyone. I believe that his life impacted many, and will many others, through you and Robyn. I pray for peace and healing for you and Robyn and your whole family. His life was precious and God knows the answers. Someday they will be revealed! May you be blessings and peace be upon you in this difficult time. I hope to hear more from you guys and that you won’t stop writing and sharing!

  212. I am so sorry for your loss. I just finished looking at your blog, he looks like the happiest little boy but in so much pain but still a joyful little boy. I am sorry for your loss, he’s such a beautiful baby boy and has touched me by reading and looking at this blog.

  213. My heart goes out for the passing of little Ezra. I feel more blessed to have been able to know him through your beautiful site. He has touched my heart and my husbands, and we will miss him, even though we had not personally met him. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us all. Your faith and love have shown through always! We have gone through the hospital stays with my mom and dad, both passing away from cancer, and you are right, it is ugly and it is a punk! Yet, the Lord does not promise us a life without struggles, I just never thought my struggles would deal with cancer, I’m sure you didn’t either……….I am glad that God blessed you both with Ezra and that he was blessed with LOVING PARENTS. Some children unfortunately never experience that, which as a mom I don’t understand. May the Lord continue to wrap you in his comforting arms! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! P.S. (I love the picture of Ezra smiling with the balloons, what a precious one God has in his Kingdom right now!)

  214. Your Ezra was a beautiful child here on earth…and surely he is a most glorious little angel in Heaven. I am so sorry for your pain…I know there are no words. I will be praying for you all.

  215. Kyle and Robyn, I want to HONOR and I do mean HONOR you. You two are amazing individuals. Your faith and love for God through this whole walk would put the greatest men and women in the bible to shame. You have walked through fire and come out still praising God. I can do nothing but honor and respect that. You are in my prayers, I love you two. Thank you for being such a Godly influence on the lives of thousands or more people here. And thank you for your testimony, I can tell you, with all honesty. It makes me want to strive to grow even closer to God in my relationship with him.

  216. “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” Amen. I say this prayer today with your family in my heart and mind. My family will pray for God to wrap you in his arms and keep you close to him. We have never met but I have been touched by your story and the life of your beautiful Ezra. May God Bless your family.

  217. The impact of the story of this little fighter has impacted me deeply,I know that GOD created him to touch the lives of people,His name means in hebrew,Dawn,the begining of joy

  218. It was an honor knowing Ezra….Oh how beautiful the day when we will all be reunited with the ones who have gone before us.
    Prayers and continued love and support for your family.
    Love the Ferguson’s

  219. My heart is aching for you and Robyn with the loss of your sweet Ezra. I pray God’s comfort and peace that only He can provide. I did not personally know you or sweet Ezra but your faith and courage has touched me deeply and little Ezra’s fighting spirit will forever be an inspiration to me. Our God is an awesome God and though it is so difficult to understand why these terrible things happen to His children we must hold strong to His sovereignty. Thank you for sharing your very personal and emotional journey with us. I pray that God will bless you all and little Charley.

  220. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious, beautiful son. I know you have fought the good fight, and…by all of your postings…kept the faith. I am so hoping it is a comfort knowing he is in the loving arms of his Heavenly Father…if not now, I know it will be. I am sure your heart is so full right now, and raw, there may not be alot that can give comfort…today. All I know, is God chose for you to be Ezra’s Dad & Mom…he felt you were the one’s for that role in THIS life, and I feel, without even knowing you..just by reading your postings…you were exactly the loving & nurturing parents God wanted for Ezra to have for his short time on this earth. I want to only add..please remember that both of you may grieve differently, and be gentle with each other for as long as your grieving needs for each other to be….

  221. God saw you gettin tired, and a cure was not to be. so he picked you up, his arms around you and said come with me.
    We watched you slowly pass away, and there was nothing we could do to make you stay.
    A precious heart stopped working, And tiny hands now at rest.
    God took you to prove to us, that he only takes the best. God Bless you.

  222. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. My heart aches for you and your loss. I pray God will comfort you and peace will come for you in this difficult time. Thank you for sharing your journey. Ezra has touched so many lives, I know he has touched mine. God bless.

  223. I am deeply sorry for you and Robyn. My heart breaks for you. Thank you for sharing your journey. Because of Ezra and your blogs my life has changed forever. I will continue to pray for peace and strength in the coming days. God Bless you all!!

  224. God often uses our weaknesses to display His Glory. Your little Ezra was one mighty display of Glory. He made his mark on this world and through your willingness to share his and your lives, so many hearts have been changed. Thank you. God’s comfort and peace be with you always. Thanking God that this isn’t our forever home!

  225. I teach first grade at a Christian school, and my kiddos have been faithfully praying for Ezra. They’ll know that Ezra is ultimately healed and loving heaven…we’ll now be praying for your family as you adjust to life here without him. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to join you in prayer. May God hold you close, and allow you to feel His presence more than ever.

  226. My heart is so heavy today….I am so so so sorry for your loss. I don’t know your family but I have been praying for you all daily since I first heard about sweet Ezra about a month ago. I feel truly blessed to have been able to get to know Ezra, even if just through this blog, I wish I could have known him in person. I am continuing to pray for your family and am rejoicing in the fact that he is cuddling with Jesus right now. God Bless you all!

  227. Your family will remain in my prayers & I know that you were so blessed to have that little angel with you as long as you did. He was a fighter and I believe that he hung in there because he didn’t want to leave yall. We know that he is no longer in pain and is dancing with his True Heavenly Father. God bless you, Robyn, and little Charlie. I remain your sister in Christ. Love & Blessings, Tanya

  228. I am heartbroken over this news and for what you and Robyn must be feeling. Ezra has touched so many lives in his short time here that it is truly extraordinary. I talk about neuroblastoma to everyone I know so that we can get funding for this insidious disease. No one should suffer what your family has gone through. Please know that you, Robyn, and Charley are always in my thoughts and prayers and little angel Ezra will never be forgotten. We are all better people for getting to know him through your words. Much love, peace, and strength to you all. XOXOXOXO

  229. I can not express my sadness. I have been following your family for weeks and can not even begin to understand your strength and wisdom. I checked on Exzra daily and sometimes hourly because I could not sleep unless I checked in on your angel. Ezra has changed my life. I teach at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers Florida and shared your beautiful story with my students last week. I thank you for reminding me (a new mother of a 10 month old) how lucky I am to have a healthy child. Your sweet Ezra has changed my life and how much I thank God each day for health. THANK YOU for opening your hearts to us. Your story has forever changed who I am and how I parent. I am so deeply sorry for your loss… he has touched more lives than anyone I know… what a brave, brave man. Hang in. We’ll all thinking of you.

  230. I’ve been following your story for some time and am just heartbroken for your family over the news of your loss. May God comfort your family during this time of pain and hold you even tighter than ever before.

  231. There are no words for such a loss, all I can offer you are my prayers. May you feel his beautiful spirit around you every day.

  232. I am so sorry to hear about Ezra! I want to thank you for sharing your story and your lives with us, even us “strangers.” I know you feel blessed he was in your life, but it was a life gone much too soon. I can’t imagine the pain you must feel, but know thousands of us are praying for you and your family. God Bless!

  233. I feel sorry for your loss. I have never met Ezra but I feel like I know him from this web site and Adam and Luke W. I know everyone feels very sad.

    Holli Pinardi

  234. I have been following your blog and praying for a miracle. i am so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for sharing him with all of us. I feel like I knew him and I am so saddened by his passing. Thanks for helping us all remember what is truly important.

  235. Beautiful boy, amazing boy, gorgeous boy.

    You will be missed but leave a legacy of love.

    Deepest, heartfelt sympathy to all of you.

  236. Thank you for sharing your journey, and for sharing Ezra with “us”. I have been truly blessed by “knowing” him, and your family as well. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of praying with you, and for you all along the way. Your transparency, coupled with your enduring faith has humbled me beyond reason. You will long be in my prayers… To God be the Glory!

  237. I know there are no words. I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart sank when I read your post today. I am going to miss your beautiful boy. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. I will be praying for you, Robyn, and Charley.

  238. My wife introduced me to your son’s story a couple of months ago through Hope for Gods Children. I wanted to take a minute to express our condolences to your family on your lost. Ezra’s life has changed my life forever. I pray for the day that comes with a cure for this life stealing disease. I work for Teleflora, a floral wire serviceat . Every year Teleflora will make a donation of $1,000 per employee to a charity of the employee’s choice. I would like to pledge that 2011 and all the years I am at Teleflora to St. Jude’s in honor of your brave little son. Thank you for sharing his story. I pray that God continues to use you to spread his story so that others will hear Ezra’s message.

    Rob and Robyn Kendrick

  239. My heart breaks for your family but rejoices that Ezra is in Heaven, walking on streets of gold. His pain is no more. He is absent from his sick body and present with the Lord. I didn’t know your family and found your blog through a friend on facebook. I have wept with many of your updates and my heart sank when I saw this news. I want you to know that although I never met Ezra, he has had a profound impact on my life. What a wonderful, happy and handsome young man he was. Thank you for sharing his story. No family should ever have to go through what you have but God needed Ezra and has big things in store for him. My prayers will be with your family through this hard time. Allow this time to strengthen your relationship with God. I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling but I will continue to pray daily for you.

  240. You have suffered so much devastation this year. But you have done it with faith and grace. There are no words to really bring comfort. Ezra has made a difference. He is missed. Thank you for sharing your lives and greif with us. Bless you.

  241. Words cannot express the deep sorrow and grief we hold for your family. Your family is in our prayers and your story forever etched in our hearts. I am so sorry for your loss. Your babies are beautiful. One day, you will be re-uinited with them. I pray that the Matthew’s story will bring the multitudes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  242. Though I only knew Ezra through pictures, videos, and brief conversations with family, he has forever changed me.
    I so enjoy looking at his photos and watching the clips on your website. What a sweet little guy.
    I am thinking of your family… and praying that you have peace and comfort.

  243. You don’t know me, but I know if your story through the Q’s and Tracy’s. I have been praying for your family and will continue to do so in the days and months to come. Your perspective, words and insight on the journey you have been on have been very challenging to me in my faith journey. I pray for continued strength and understanding and that the Lord’s peace and love would overwhelm your family as you rest in his hands.

  244. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Your family has been in our prayers everyday. Ezra’s charm, strength and courage has touched our hearts and changed our lives forever. We will be celebrating his life with you this weekend at Grace. Kyle & Robyn, you are amazing parents and I know we don’t know you personally, but it would be a pleasure to meet you someday. Charley is so blessed to have you in his life. God bless you all.

  245. Ezra’s Mom and Dad, Your grace, transparency and faith in the midst of this earthly journey have touched people all over the world and have given them hope in the midst of a great darkness. Thank you for allowing your light to shine even now so that others may see the hope you have in Christ… soon yet very soon we are going to see the King – and all those have died in Christ, including precious whole Ezra… I mourn and rejoice with you. In Him…

  246. As so many have expressed before me- tears, grief, sadness, loss…we prayed for a miracle and God answered with Heaven the ultimate healing. Thank you for taking us with you on this incredible journey. We are changed. Father, renew their spirits, revive their hearts!

  247. What a blessing to see such a rich outpouring of love for you and your Ezra. God is good! Praying tonight that you find the same comfort that King David found when his infant son died. 2 Samuel 12 ” I shall go to him, but he will not return to me.”

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  248. Rest in peace, Ezra. You fought a hard battle…and now you are in Heaven with a God that is loving you SO much, until your Mom and Dad can be there with you.

    “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

    I am glad you are running…. ♥

    Kyle and Robin – you and Charley will continue to be in my prayers. I can’t imagine how you are feeling….but your boys – all three of them – are strong. So many people’s lives have been touched by your story. I’ll hug my guy a little tighter tonight and thank God that I have him…and his sister.

  249. My daughter shared Ezra’s story with me but a few days ago. It is heart-wrenching. I feel so sad for you today. But also joy-filled for Ezra who will feel no more pain and face no more hospital stays. Only the sweetness of being home in the arms of the LORD. May that same LORD comfort you and keep you in this time of loss. Blessings to you.

  250. We are praying for you, your loss is such a great one. Your little son has touched so many lives in his short years. May you be comforted by our Father- He loves you very much! Thank you for your faithfulness to share your faith in the midst of such a difficult time, thank you for sharing your love for your little boy! God keep you in the coming days!

  251. So sorry it ended like this. I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of weeks after a friend posted a link on Facebook. Your strength and faith in the midst of a tragic situation is an inspiration to me. May God wrap your family in his loving and comforting arms.

  252. I am so deeply sorry for your immense loss. I pray that Ezra’s life will continue to reach out and touch others in the same way that he has touched you in such a profound and lasting way. Sending many hugs.
    Your sister in Christ,

  253. Dear Kyle, Robyn and Charley,
    Words seem so inadequate. I pray the loving arms of our Heavenly Father will comfort you during this difficult time. I pray that you have peace knowing that your precious Ezra is healed. He is whole again – able to laugh, run and play and is in heaven with his little brother. Thank you for sharing him – what a special little guy he was! God Bless You all!

  254. Kyle, I didn’t get to check your posts until this evening but when I saw one posted so early I knew what had happened! I didn’t even want to open it but I did. I am so sorry for your loss and I am praying for you, Robyn and little Charlie and your extended families! I bet Ezra is in Heaven right now telling his little brother all about what a great Mom and Dad he had. I will be thinking about you all as you plan his Celebration of Life service.

  255. I can’t stop crying. Kyle and Robyn our heart goes to you. Rest in Peace little Ezra, now you are with God watching over mommy and daddy. We will remember you with aching hearts but with a big bright smile in our faces. We <3 you and miss you. God bless you for your love, kindness and strength.

  256. I’m so sorry, Kyle & Robyn. I don’t know what to say except I’m so sorry. Last week I prayed that you would get to hear his sweet little voice again and that prayer was answered when he woke up and said, ‘Mommy’. I was overjoyed that God had answered my prayer and had so much hope that God would keep marching on with healing for Ezra. Well, I guess he did, but not in the way we wanted. I’m in tears for you and heartache you have and go on to endure. I pray God will give you peace. Ezra is better than ever now, so my prayers shift even more fully to you both and little Charlie. Please know that Ezra did not leave this world without making a HUGE mark. He marked my heart forever. He is so beautiful and while I’ve never met you or him, I love you all and wish I could hug and comfort you somehow. My prayers are with you. I will not forget Ezra. I hug my sons a little longer and try to always remember what we all already know…every moment is a gift. My heart is with you.

  257. My heart is broken as you endure the darkest hours a parent will know. I have been so inspired by this little guy and the amazing fight he put up. Wi,thout even meeting Ezra, he has touchedy life forever. I will continue to raise you up my prayers.

    Annie, Mike, and Finn

  258. Dear Kyle and Robyn,
    My heart..and tears go out to you. You both have given a true example of God’s love and grace. What an inspiration you have been and I know that God will use this too–mightily for His Kingdom. Only a little while and you will be with little Ezra once again…for all of never be separated again. May His love blanket your family at this time..He WILL carry you through this. Much love to you both.

  259. On behalf of the SwitchEasy Teams, Jmona, and our fans; we would like to express our most sincere condolences to You, Robyn and the rest of the family for the loss of baby Ezra. Our love and prayers are with you. RIP Ezra Matthews, You shall always be remember with a smile in our faces.
    God Bless you all.

    SwitchEasy Team and Jmona

  260. I know I’ve never met you guys but I went to Marysville Pilchuck and have mutal friends with you both and just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. I’ve been following your story for the past couple weeks now and have been praying for Ezra and your family. I know how hard grief is, I just lost my father two months ago suddenly, you never seem to understand why things happen the way they do but you just have to know and trust in God. My God’s healing grace be bestowed upon you both and your family. I’ll continually be praying for you guys and hope the days will soon get easier for you all. I’ve noticed Gods grace through nature, through the rainbows, ocean breeze and sun rays that shine through the clouds & when you see those remember Ezra is in Heaven, watching down on you all and his spirit lives on around you both forever. Godbless you and your family!

  261. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine what you you and your family are going through. You have allowed so many of us to go on this journey with you…to feel happiness, sadness, fear, and pain…to learn about this beautiful, courageous little boy who went through more in his short life than anyone should ever have to. Thank you for allowing us in on such a difficult time in your life. You have reminded us what life is really all about, and how quickly it can be taken from us. Since I began reading this blog, I have spent more time on the floor playing with my babies, hugging and loving them, and have kissed them a thousand more times a day, so thankful that I can. Ezra will forever be in the hearts of thousands of people all around the world, and will never be forgotten. May the memories of your sweet baby boy help get you through this difficult time…as he was carried home on angels wings.

    The Vesely’s

  262. Kyle and Robyn… I can only imagine the pain you’re experiencing with the loss of your beautiful boy. I’ve been following your story for the past few weeks now and am constantly amazed by your strength. As a hospice social worker, my medical understanding made it difficult to believe that Ezra would beat this vicious disease but as I read your story, I found myself still hopeful that God would give you the miracle of healing his little body. I’m so sorry He didn’t. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you and your family as you walk this path without Ezra.

  263. I can’t stop my tears today so I cannot imagine yours. I love that you both climbed into bed with him and walked him into his next journey. That stunned me, not because you did that, but because you were able to describe that moment and it was so incredibly moving. You really made me feel as I was in the room. Your words are very real, honest and eloquent at the same time. I’m so sorry. I am so deeply, deeply sorry for your loss. You two are both amazing people and it makes me think of not only how lucky you were to have Ezra, but also how lucky Ezra was to have you both. I will continue to pray for you during this time of healing. He will be your angel forever.

  264. I am so very sorry for your loss. May the Lord bring great comfort and peace to you in knowing that Ezra is no longer battling that cancer, but is completely healed and safe in the arms of Jesus. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  265. This is the first time to your blog.
    I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. He looks like a beautiful little boy. hugs and blessings to you family.
    God bless you.

  266. I have just picked up you blog from the TUAW twitter post and just wanted to pass our deepest thoughts to your family for your loss.

    You were very lucky to be blessed with such a courageous son and I’m sure in time once the hurt is not so raw his life will make all who are left behind stronger and closer people.

    All our love and thoughts from Perth, Australia.

  267. I can’t begin to imagine the pain you must be feeling . I’ve been keeping up on Ezra for the past 6 weeks or so and when I saw these words I just cried. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. You all are in my prayers. Give Charley hugs & kisses! There is a sweet new angel in heaven….

  268. I am so very sorry you have to endure this pain, but I am very glad to hear the two of you have persevered. So many parents allow the trials their child must endure to also tear them apart. Stay strong, and rejoice in knowing you will see your little boy one day.

  269. Sorry to post again, as I posted earlier today. I can’t get your words out of my head. I’ve carried a lump in my throat, trying to put your words into images and the pain is so great. I can’t even begin to fathom yours. But the Lord is good. And he will carry you through these, to put it lightly, difficult times. I humbly and selfishly ask that you keep us posted, not only in the coming days, but for as long as you desire, on how you and Robyn and little Charlie are doing. How I wish I could embrace you all now, although we are total strangers. But in a way we’re not. We are parents and as such, we share a ferocious love for our children that only parents can understand. And I ask God Almighty, who is the only who understands the “whys” of this world to comfort you. Again, thank you for your words, your transparent words, that felt as though they were being spoken rather than written. Love you guys.

  270. What a beautiful, beautiful boy. And what warriors you are. Know that the world is mourning with you. My hope for your family is peace.

  271. Thank you so much for sharing Ezra with us.He is now in heaven with my son Joshua and so many others awaiting us.My heart hurts for you and your family as I know the pain of losing a child.I will pray that God surrounds you with His peace as He did me when I just knew that I would not make it.Words can’t express how blessed I feel to have been touched by you and your family.

  272. My heartfelt condolences to you Kyle and your wife and The Matthews family. I’ve never cried so much and had so many emotions become so overwhelming as they have over the past couple of months while following your journey. Little Ezra inspired not only myself and my family but also those of so many others that learned of this courageous little boys battle. He will without doubt continue on in our hearts and the hearts of others eternally.Thank you for giving us the chance to get to know Little Ezra. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I was and will always be a proud member of TEAM E!

  273. I woke up this morning and saw that my friend had shared Ezra’s story on her facebook. I was curious so I decided to check it out. I was so deeply saddened to hear of such a bright and beautiful soul taken to soon that I decided I HAD to read the full story. And I did. What a journey your family has been on the last 13 months. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. Tonight when I put my kids to sleep we said a prayer like always, although this time Ezra, Charley and Price was in our prayer and will be forever. I cannot imagine the pain your family must be going through, but just remember that Ezra is pain free now and in a much better place and he is not alone. He had a little brother waiting for him with his wings. God Bless you Kyle, Robyn and Charley. ♥

  274. I thank you Jesus for bringing Esra into our live, to touch us deeply in our hearts, to join us together in love as above so below! such warmth, praise, love, sorrow, beauty for Esra’s spirit to enter ever so briefly and touch us all! My heart open to see such wonder in his eyes, thank you for shareing your joy and sorrow Kimberly Ashworth and allowing me to pray with many. God Bless you Esra!

  275. To say I am sorry for your loss is such an understatement. I will never know truly how you feel as nobody can. My best friend lost her 2nd son on her 1st son’s 4th birthday (both born prematurely). She tells people that you never get “OVER” it but you get “THROUGH” it. We celebrate his wonderful although very short. We call it his Angelversary. As much as we all miss the ones we have lost I hope it can bring a small bit of comfort to your heart know that your phenomenal little super hero Ezra is now in the loving, caring arms of God. Watching over us, smiling, laughing, playing, watching himself on video or in the mirror with that fantastic, contagious little smile. He is now free of pain and discomfort and still loving you now more than ever before. We don’t know you personally but we feel like a small part of our life is missing too. Thank you for sharing your families stories with all of us and raising the awareness about Neuroblastoma and childhood cancer. God now has added a new beautiful flower to his garden in heaven. May you find comfort and peace soon.

  276. While at this moment I am at a total loss for words and am unsure of where I should begin..I just wanted to say that I am deeply saddened by your story.While I am recently aware of your story..our son’s share birthday’s a week son Dylan turned 2 on the 23rd of August….I sit here in a puddle of tears at your struggles,fears,joys and the unknowing.Your lives have inspired me beyond words and have changed my outlook on life and my belief in the higher power.I admire both of your strengths and beliefs to endure what you have been given and the courage to fight the battle that has fallen upon you.I am so very sorry for your loss..while I didn’t know your adorable Ezra..he has touched my heart beyond words. I wish you and your family all the best..may you heal quickly and know that your beautiful babies are in the most amazing hands ever and in a place where they will never feel pain and only know joy,peace and happiness.I hope your family will know that here on earth and take comfort in the fact that one day you will all be together again as it should be.My heart and prayers go out to all of you.While I don’t know you personally…if there is anything I could ever do for you or your cause..however big or small..please send me an email.Again my deepest sympathy to your family.I will shed many a tear for you no family should ever have to experience are amazing and have placed an amazing gift here on earth.God Bless You All.

  277. Dear Matthew Family

    My heart grieves with you. As a mommy who lost a sweet little baby boy I know some of the pain you are dealing with. There are no words I can say that will bring little Ezra back ` nut know that my thoughts and prayers are with you as you walk this journey. If you ever need/want to talk to another mommy who has walked this path, please do not hesitate to send me a note.

    In Christ’s love, Ali

  278. Oh, how I was praying for a different outcome. Now my prayers will turn to helping you cope with the loss of your beautiful boy. Thank you for sharing Ezra with the world.

  279. I found myself in tears at the coffee stand drive up as I read the news on my phone. I’ve followed daily for a little over a month and prayed earnestly with everyone. I have no words to give for such a loss that your family has experienced. Prayers continue for your family during this time of grief.

  280. Kyle and Robyn, my heart just aches so much for your loss, I’m shedding tears for a wonderful, beautiful baby I didn’t know but came to love. I have followed your blogs sent to me by my son Josh Dominguez. We have been praying for Ezra ever since we found out about his illness. I feel like I knew him. I too have a child who endured cancer three times and fought a courageous battle. I am an oncology nurse as well and see daily what this dreadful disease does to our loved ones. I feel angry that Ezra is gone but also strengthened by your faithfulness to not give up on God. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and reminding us that no matter what happens, God is in control. Nothing can take away the hope that you WILL see your children in heaven and spend eternity with them. Know that so many of us are grieving with you and our prayers will continue to surround you as you, Robyn and Charley grow stronger in the Lord every day. God bless you.

  281. I am so sorry for your loss. I have been following your blog for only a short time, but Ezra touched me, along with your honesty and faith through it all. Thank you for sharing even through your pain. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

  282. Tears for your loss. I, too, found your blogs through a friend on fb. I, too, have cried and prayed for you and your dear son. As God holds you close, also hold tight to each other on your journey forward step by step, day by day. You are great parents. Ezra was so lucky to have you there fighting the battle with and for him, and loving on him so fiercely and tenderly. You will always have an Ezra-sized hole in your heart, but I pray that Charley’s beautiful smile and his own little personality will help you to smile and know joy again in the days to come. Peace to you all.

  283. It was an honor and a pleasure to get to know your sweet baby boy over the past couple of months. Becoming a parent is one thing that teaches you what unconditional love is and fills you up until you feel that your heart is going to burst. I cannot begin to imagine the pain that you and Robyn must feel, and I can only hope that you are somewhat comforted by all of the prayers that have come flooding in from people like myself who were deeply touched by this story and horrified by the hold that cancer has on such a small body.I am forever grateful for the memories that I have of your little boy and ever inspired by the faith that you and Robyn kept through all of this. I promise that I WILL forever be changed by this story and will never forget the name of Ezra David Matthews. I am truly sorry for your loss and forever grateful for every laugh, smile, and tear that you allowed us to share with you.

  284. I can’t imagine loosing a child. Your time with him will bless you the rest of your lives. He is a beautiful boy and now sits in God’s arms. Everyday is a gift from HIM who gave us life, treasure it. Prayers for comfort for your family. Thank you for sharing your son with us.

  285. Our family is new to GFC and we have never met your family. But it has been a privilege and honor to pray for Ezra and your family. You will remain in our prayers. Our hearts are aching for you.

  286. Kyle and Robyn,

    I am SO sorry to hear that Ezra has passed away. I know that our tears can be nothing compared to yours but we are crying and grieving with you today 🙁 But at the same time we are rejoicing with The Lord God Almighty because Ezra is now with Him and his little body is fully restored and he is happy and in no more pain!! Praise Jesus! We will be praying for you both as you go through the grief and healing process. We will definilty try to be at the Celebration of Life this weekend for your sweet, beautiful little boy!!

    In Christ’s love,

    Khris, Jenny, Rachel and Kit

  287. Our hearts and our deepest condolences go out to you and your family… We will continue to pray for you, Robyn, and Charley. xo

  288. So saddened to hear of Ezra’s passing, my family and I have been and will continue to lift your family up in prayer. What a beautiful gift Ezra’s life was to so many people. Praying for peace and comfort for you, Robyn, and Charley.

    Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me! For my soul trusts in You:
    And in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge,
    Until these calamities have passed by.
    Psalm 57

  289. I am so sorry for your loss.I also lost my grandson at four and half months.We will be celebrating his first B-Day November 18.I have tried to be strong for my daughter but has been very difficult.This will be a very bad month for us to go through,but gods will we will.I do understand what you are feeling ..I was mad at everyone including god..I have had to pray hard to understand the sorrow I have felt.My heart breaks for you and your family..Stay strong and stay close to your friends and family..Lots of love..

  290. thank you for being so transparent. i feel like i did get to know and love Ezra through your posts. God is so amazing. i’m proud to know that even though we have never met that through Him, we are family. my husband and i will be praying for you all.

    you guys are incredible.

  291. God’s peace, strength and joy be with you always. Keeping you in my heart and prayers. Thank you for the gift of this precious blog. We are the body.

  292. How precious is his life! I just found out. Been out of town. “Lord Jesus, thank you…a billion times thank you for allowing me to know about Ezra. Lord, he is so special. But You know that already. My heart is sad and filled with gratitude at the same time. Thank you Lord for the wonderful earthly parents you gave Ezra. Fill them with your Holy Spirit…even more so now.Give them strength to cope with this loss. Give them strength to grieve as You would have them grieve. Oh, Father, let them feel the love that is out there for them and their family. Help them to move through their lives with this giant size hole in their hearts. Help them to embrace it and endure the days ahead in a way that reflects You and Your Glory. But, Lord Jesus, never ever, please Lord, let them feel alone. Help them understand more than ever that they two are one….in joy, blessings and in their grief. Give them ways to comfort one another. Oh, dear Lord, they need You now more than ever. Please let them feel Your presence and the power of all the prayers always and forever. How I wanted to hold and hug this little boy. I praise You, Lord Jesus, that You have graciously made a way for me to do that one day. Thank you for Ezra. Your handiwork in Ezra is amazing still! He is wonderful! In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.”

  293. I only read this today…but have been praying non-stop for your amazing faith-filled family. Deepest sympathy and prayers are with you and your family.

  294. I strongly believe your sweet little Ezra is angel in heaven watching over other children now. May god bless you and your family and know that Ezra’s story touched so many people. You are a very special family. God bless

  295. Kyle, thank you again for so eloquently sharing the intimate details of your family’s life with all of us. You have enabled us to know Ezra, and the complex emotions one goes through during tragedies. I know that out of this sorrow, good things will come. I don’t know you personally, but I don’t doubt that you will do great things to help others with similar circumstances. I am comforted by knowing Ezra is no longer suffering as I’m sure you are, and I am praying for peace and strength for you and Robyn. You could not possibly have said it better “Recognize the hurt in the world, and recognize the grace that gives us a chance to still be beautiful.” You are beautiful. God be with you, and I will be the first in line for your book!

  296. I have waited a day to write you because I have been trying to find the right words but there aren’t any words that will make you feel any less sad in losing yet another child. I want to tell you how sorry I am that you are having to go through this incredibly sad time. I wished/hoped/prayed with all my might for Ezra to have a miracle be performed and NED. Your family has made such a huge impact on my family. I have slowed down (I wish it could be more) to just watch my girls enjoying life. Kyle and Robin your faith is incredibly strong I am not sure I could do the same if I was in your position. Thank you for sharing your faith and your lives with all of us. We will fight for Ezra and all of the angles lost to this horrible cancer; we will find a cure to honor them and to save another family from what yours endured.

    Praying that God gives you the strength to get through the coming days, months and years.

    Weis Family
    (Scott, Jennifer, Addison and Lillie)

  297. Both you & Robyn have truly exemplified living for Christ.
    Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will hover over your family & bring comfort in a mighty way @ this needed time.
    Your journey has touched many lives.
    Baby Ezra will always be remembered.

  298. So incredibly sorry for the loss of your beautiful and inspiring son. May God comfort your family, and hold little Ezra close now that he is in Heaven. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ‘know’ Ezra… What an amazing life he led in that short amount of time.

    With mass amounts of prayer,


  299. Ilearned about Ezra and your sweet family only a few weeks ago.At times like these we wonder “Why?” I was reminded of when Jesus healed the blind man. People kept asking what the man did to be born blind. Jesus said “Nothing”; he was blind so God could be glorified in his healing. You and your family have done just that in the midst of your pain..glorified God! I’m so sorry for your loss and will continue to pray for your family.

    The Garth Family
    Tampa, FL

  300. Im just a stranger following your site with strong prayers everynight for Gods healing hand on little Ezra. My heart breaks at the news. At least he is at peace now and with no pain. Your strength and faith as parents inspire me to be the best mom I can be to my 2 boys. May God Forever Bless Your Family!

  301. Ezra: a beautiful name and a beautiful boy. Amazing what such a small child can teach us adults. Thank you for so generously sharing your story. I promise I will do my part to make this world a little better, one good deed at a time.

  302. Thank you for sharing Ezra with the world. I found you through Josh Hunter’s blog. I have prayed for you and your family. God is walking with you. He knows what you are suffering. Blessings of God, Father, Son and Spirit be with you.

  303. I had only saw Ezra’s story a month ago on a friends facebook page. I have followed this story since then, read the past entries and cried at the beauty of this tiny little life. I hoped every day that you would find a miracle. My heart is breaking for you and your family. I am a mommy and can’t imagine going through what you have and are going through now. You are amazing parents and you were so blessed to have your beautiful Ezra. His life has touched so many, your pain has touch those people too, and I know because I am one who has been deeply touched by all of you. May your beautiful angel be comforted now with no more pain and struggling. In life you watched over him, and now he watches over you. Bless you, little Ezra, and may you laugh and play in the playgrounds of heaven, your little soul is free now… And you will never again know pain sweety.

  304. My heart breaks for you! What a beautiful boy! I lost a twin son on Dec. 12th 2009 due to him being born at thirty weeks. It’s not suppose to happen that way. Children are not suppose to leave before us. My husband and I held our baby boy until he took his last breath and to this day that image sticks in my mind. I pray that God gives you and your whole family the strength you need to get through this.

  305. There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept,
    things we don’t want to know but have to learn,
    and people we can’t live without but have to let go.

  306. I am so sorry for the loss of Ezra. I feel honored that you have shared your story with us. I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to me. Your family has been through so much in the past year; however, your faith has not wavered. You have continued to look to God. Your boys are playing in Heaven now, where there is no pain or loss, and someday you, Robyn, and Charley will be with them again.

  307. Though I do not know you personally I have been praying for your family for the last few months upon learning about Ezra. I grieve with you in the loss of your beloved son, but I am thankful that he is now with the Lord and is no longer suffering. Your family has been an amazing witness to so many…I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

  308. I have been following your blog for weeks now and my heart goes out to you and your family. I have prayed for you guys on a daily basis. I don’t know you at all but feel like I do and just cried my eyes out. God bless you and your family. My deepest sympathies.

  309. I’m so sorry for your loss… I don’t know you but I feel like I do… Came to your blog through a link from Layla Grace. I hope Layla and Ezra are good and healthy somewhere above us. Stay strong.

  310. “Please, be changed because of this. Recognize the flawed world we live in, and work to help the ones you can. Really work. Recognize the hurt in the world, and recognize the grace that gives us a chance to still be beautiful.”

    How can anyone who has read your story not be changed by this? I didn’t know Ezra personally, but I know what it’s like to be a parent. I know that we want to protect our children, to do anything to keep them from suffering. And I can honestly say that I feel that way about anyone’s child…each time I read your blogs I wanted to cry. My heart was touched. I wanted to hug you, to tell you all it would be okay. And yes, it will be okay…Ezra’s suffering is over. He is in heaven. And one day you will meet again. I only pray that God would comfort you in a way that only He can as you still live on this earth. I don’t think losing a child is something you can ever completely get over. My prayers are with you and your family.
    If you go to my website there’s a song I wrote for a mother who lost her son…it’s called Comfort Me.
    I will continue to check back on your blogs to see any reports about what you’re doing in the way of setting up that foundation.

  311. I am praying for all of you. May you truly feel the arms of our Father around you during this time. Thank you for sharing Ezra’s life with so many.

  312. Dear Brother and Sister in Chist,
    My daughter who attends Grace Family sent me Ezra’s web site on Monday. My heart was overwelmed with peace, love, joy and comfort knowing that Ezra had been totally healed in God’s timing. God tells us in his word that “by His stripes we are healed.” Ezra has a new body that will never have any pain or tears. My other thought was; “be still and know that I am God.” God sends angels to earth to get the attention of unbelievers whose hearts are hardened; God wants us to be humbled so that He can speak to us.

    Ezra’s life was not in vain; God used Ezra to tap into the hearts of those He loves and wants to draw to himself through the Holy Spirit.

    When my nephew passed away at 5 years old about 41 years ago the Lord started tugging at my heart. My heart was wondering where Little Leslie went and how could I ever find a way to see him again. My neighbors, who were Christ followers, loved me and cared for me through my very difficult time. I had known about Jesus but never had a personal experience where I was humbled and learn that I was a sinner who needed Jesus in my life. God uses his little angels to humble us so our hearts will be stirred longing to know that we can have the comfort and security of eternal life through Jesus Christ God’s son. I started going to church with my neighbor’s and hearing the truth of the gospel and before long I invited Jesus into my heart and reached out to His hand to hold onto forever. Little Leslie’s short life was not in vain and Litte Ezra’s was not either. Angels are sent to us telling us…Be still and know that He is God and that God loves us and His desire is that all would come to Christ before it’s too late.

    The Holy Spirit will continue to work through Ezra’s precious life and someday you will know how many souls were saved because of Ezra’s life and the witness his Daddy and Mommy had during his illness. You were blessed and your testimony will be blessed for many years to come.

    We will continue to pray for your hearts to be healed and God promised us that He will be with us always and never forsake us. God healed my hurts but it did take time. Isn’t is amazing how the Lord’s comfort and love carries us through each new day and that He renews our strength each morning. God bless you and keep you and we will see you in Heaven for eternal worship at the knees of our Saviour.

    P.S. I can hardly wait to meet Ezra and all the rest of your loving family.

    Your Sister in Christ,

  313. May God be with you at this difficult time. Ezra has touched many thousands of lives in his short time on earth. Heaven received a special angel when he called Ezra home. Charley is so lucky to have the two of you as his parents. I don’t think there is anyone else on this earth that can love a child as much as you and Robyn have loved yours. RIP Ezra.

  314. My heart breaks for your family, Ezra reminds me so much of my son Elijah. I may not know your family but I will continue to pray for all of you. I came across his story through a friend on Facebook, I have read of his good days and his bad days, and his last day. I feel like I have known Ezra for his entire short life and I want to thank you for sharing his story and yours.

  315. Dear Kyle & Robin,
    We just got back in town today & were so saddened to hear about Ezra.I’ll never forget his sweet face when we met him at Christmas last year. I know that Ezra has his new body in heaven & is with my “baby boy” Ryan in peace and pain free with our Lord. God will bring you both through this heart wrenching pain…we are a testimony to His grace. In His Love, Gail & Tony

  316. Thank you for sharing your journey about your beautiful little boy Ezra. Words can not express how deeply your story touched me.
    I watched a few of your videos of Ezra.
    I can still hear Ezra saying “elephant, elephant, elephant…”
    Every time I see elephants, I will always think of Ezra and how happy he was to see them. God bless Ezra and your family.

  317. Kyle & Robyn, I just wanted to tell you how much Ezra and your family have truly affected us. I had just started following your story a few short weeks ago, and have not yet had the chance to meet your family (we used to attend GFC), but I will never forget Ezra and all of you. We realize now how so much of our day-to-day stresses are so insignificant and what is truly important. It reminds me of the awful, imperfect world we live in and how much we so need God. You will stay in our hearts always. We wish we could come to Ezra’s Celebration of Life tomorrow, hoping for an account of it here soon. And we are so looking forward to reading about little Charley’s progress and growing up! So much love to all of you from our family to yours.

  318. Dear Robyn and Kyle,

    I just got to know Ezra as of now and he’s already progressed to a better realm of life.

    My heart goes to you and your family for the loss of Ezra in this mortal world.

    Please don’t be too saddened as it may not be good for your health. Having read a few writings of yours, I know the two of you will channel all your energy to the betterness of mankind. I’m not worried for you.

    I look forward to seeing your great effort in making this world a better world.

    “Please, be changed because of this. Recognize the flawed world we live in, and work to help the ones you can. Really work. Recognize the hurt in the world, and recognize the grace that gives us a chance to still be beautiful.”

    Well said. Ezra’s proud of you two.

    Sincerely yours,

  319. Ezra’s parents and family…we have checked your blog several times and well up with tears and smiles everytime. What a courageous beautiful little guy. Dave & Angela are dear friends to us here in California and just want you to know how touched we are by this blog and your family’s story. If there is anything we could possibly do, let us know. Prayers and love. Darin & Karen Bowe, Tehachapi, CA

  320. My most heartfelt, deepest sympathies to you and your family. My God keep your Angel, Ezra David Matthews, close in his embrace. Heaven is a brighter place with Ezra there, smiling away! Thank you for sharing yours and Ezra’s journey with us. My heart knows he’s in a better place and pain free, but the sorrow that follows that is real as well. My continued thoughts and prayers and love are with you ALL!

  321. ‘We curled up in the bed with him, praying, kissing, holding, and talking to him. By 2:50 he was gone.”

    As a father of three, with one on the way, I cannot wrap my mind around these words and what they truly mean. They evoke such raw emotion, I cry at the very thought of them. I can’t even begin to comprehend the pain involved with the realization that he’s not going to be there any more. I’ve never met Ezra, yet as I browse the pictures and videos my heart hurts deeply for him and what he had to endure. But on the other hand, I cannot help but admire him. I’ve never seen a child like Ezra. It’s almost as if he new his days were numbered, and he had to touch so many lives in such a short amount of time. Your son is an inspiration, a true hero and I cannot wait to shake his hand one day. God Bless.

  322. Because of Ezra – love, lives, mercy and many more emotions have come out in so many. So tiny but touched so many. A little life with big meaning. All my blessings and prayers to Kyle,Robyn &Charlie. Thank you Lord for allowing us to be touched by this family .


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