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  1. Happy Birthday in heaven Ezra!
    Beautiful video by the way. I think I cry every time I visit this blog. It always makes me think more openly about everything. Thank you so much for sharing your family’s story.

  2. Good Morning Matthews Family…

    I followed Ezra’s journey, and continue to check up with you through this blog. I thought about Ezra on his Birthday, and of course, I thought about you all, too. It was a perfect day here…beautiful skies, perfect temperature…just an awesome day. How fitting, right?!

    Your family is close to my heart. I LOVE the video. Love, love, love it!

  3. Thinking and praying for you often.

    Happy Birthday sweet boy. Thank you Jesus, we know he has the best biggest boy cave with you.

    Hugs and Kisses from Seattle

  4. My son and yours share a birthday. We blew out an extra candle for Ezra on Wednesday and still pray for you and your family everyday. Happy Birthday Ezra!!!

  5. First off, GREAT video…thank you! How’s Charlie doing? Sounds like you guys are hanging in there. I think about & pray for you. God bless.

  6. I remember watching this video when Ezra was alive and I immediately fell in love with him. His laugh. His smile. I think of you, Robyn, and Charley often and continue to pray for God’s incredible healing for you guys. An incredible life, which makes for an incredible loss. Ezra, you are missed and loved.

  7. I know someone who just was told their 2 month old has neuroblastoma. I was searching the web and found this. Wow. I cried at work watching this video. I am so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful little boy.


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