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Back in July I mentioned we’re adopting from foster care. This entire time we’ve had a specific kid in mind who really stole our heart, and we’re proud to say we’re now officially moving forward with adopting him!


His name is Charlie. Kinda like how some of you spell our other son’s name – Charley.

He’s 14.

And he’s amazing!

Our good friend AJ Hurley is a master of all things film, and interviewed Charlie a while ago in a piece he put together for the Heart Gallery, a great organization in Tampa (well, nationwide) who photographs and videos children in foster care and lets the community know there are kids in our own neighborhoods needing families, love, and a home. Jesse Miller, who is pretty much a sister to us, runs the Heart Gallery here in Tampa and was the driving force behind making these videos happen. Another good friend of ours, Dan Weisberg, is the voice you hear. Ever since Robyn saw Charlie’s video, she knew we would be his parents.

You’ll have a chance to get to know Charlie more as we spend more time with him. We are excited and blessed to be able to take this step forward in our life and in his. We know it will be work – family always is! Already we know Charlie is much like us – a funny, smart, amazing person who has experienced  loss and tougher life events than many. We feel a kinship to him, and are looking forward to continuing that relationship.

We’ve started visits with Charlie, and the timeline until he moves in with us is not definite yet. We are really enjoying this time of getting to know him. Feel free to pray for us and him as our family continues to grow!


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  1. Congratulations! This past weekend I watched that same video of Charlie being interviewed. We aren’t in a position to adopt yet, but I said to my husband that if we were ready he would definitely be a child that I would be interested in meeting. I’m so happy that he is going to be adopted by an amazing family! =)

  2. I’m in tears! So happy for all of you! What a smart young man! He will be getting a wonderful family and wonderful loving home, I am so excited for all of you I just can’t express enough happiness for you!

    Kids are work Kyle but I would do anything in the world to go back in time and raise my kids again!

    I hope when I get back to Florida I can come for a visit and meet both C’s!

    God bless all of you…… Sending prayers

  3. I can certainly see why you fell in love with this young man. I will be praying for your family. God bless each of you!

  4. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of your life through this blog. Your story inspires me to be a better person and love my kids better and be grateful for what I have. Thank you so much!

  5. Congratulations! Your family will be in our prayers…what a wonderful family he is joining. Both sides are blessed! Sending prayers and warm wishes to you all.

  6. We are so thrilled to hear about Charlie. God is so amazing!
    What a wonderful boy he is. I’m sure that he will be a blessing to you and you to him. We will be praying for your family. I see miracles happening all over the place. Congrats on the decision to adopt. Blessed you are !!!

  7. I am so happy for all of you. What a great birthday present for Ezra to see Charlie get a loving family that will appreciate him and the things he has been through.

  8. We cannot wait to meet Charlie II. or Charles. 🙂 You, Robyn and little Charley will be such a solid, wonderful, fun and loving family for Charlie. Congratulations. I know he will be as proud of you as all of us are for the work you continue to do for children…those battling cancer and now those without families. love you guys.

  9. I instantly visualized Kyle playing the guitar and Charlie singing. So happy for you and Charlie and Charley!! Good stuff!

  10. What a sweet & smart young man! Prayers and good thoughts coming from Louisville, KY to you & your family on this exciting new addition & adventure.

  11. Incredible! All I can see when I consider this union are the abundance of blessings happening in each person’s life involved, in every way- God is so good.

  12. What a precious soul! Charlie will come to know your unconditional love. Praying for your family as God works out the details. Sending hugs!