in Because of Ezra


ice cubes, in there

five years ago today, Ezra was born.

just over a month after he turned one, on his 400th day of life, we knew he had cancer.

the day before he turned two, we knew he’d relapsed.

half his life with cancer, half without.

after his 800 beautiful, transforming, fleeting days of life, we had his third birthday at a cemetery.

and his 4th.

tonight instead, we will smile and laugh and dance on his fifth birthday.

Ezra – because of you, we are better.



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  1. So precious. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Ezra is still missed by many. It will be a blink and you will be delighting in him again. So thankful for the promise and hope of heaven.

  2. yes….beautiful boy….Ezra – because of you, we are better.
    Happy birthday #5 you are missed…….Ezra you are not forgotten.

  3. The Billo Family is having one of our ” family birthday weekends” to celebrate our end of August, early September birthdays and there is a cupcake for Ezra. We will never forget him, and are better because of him.