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$215,000 raised in 2015 Karaokes for the Kure, beautiful evenings

We have absolutely been honored to have so much support this year in our Karaoke for the Kure events, both in LA (August 17th), and Tampa (Sept 26th). Over $125,000 was raised for childhood cancer research in LA, and over $93,000 in Tampa.


In Tampa, 7 families who’ve personally fought or are fighting childhood cancer showed up, illuniating why we’ve started our Because of _____ program. We started Because of Ezra, well, because of Ezra, but we’re still pushing now because of so many kids and families.

Over 400 people showed up in Los Angeles, most of whom Robyn or I didn’t know, which makes us proud. We are sharing the stories people need to hear, and we are working to get people on board with this mission of curing childhood cancer. We are beyond grateful to United Talent Agency and Marissa & Matt, Erica and Brad, and all our friends in LA who made the LA event a success, again.

One of my favorite moments, and one of the hardest, was singing at Tampa’s event. Robyn asked me a couple weeks before the event if I would sing “Fix You” by Coldplay, and my initial reaction was “no way.” It’s a sad song, but beautiful, and I didn’t think it fit (nor that I could get through the song). But, as is usually the case, she was right – it fit perfectly into the evening, and we covered the screen behind me with kids we’ve met over these past 5 years as the song played.

Because of Ezra continues to grow, and I feel like I’m using the words “proud,” “honored,” and “humbled” constantly, but I experience those things daily. Robyn and I, Noelle Muniz now as well (our new Assistant Director for BoE), and all you supporting BoE, are little pieces of a giant group of people doing things just like us, and genius researchers and passionate physicians and clinicians all pouring their hearts into making it so, as Dr Giselle Sholler said this weekend, “we never have to tell a parent again, ‘your child is incurable.'” It makes a difference.

Love you all. I’ll make it a point to write here more often, and not just on big occasions, as I know we’ve been slacking a bit.

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  1. Always glad to read your inspiring updates! God bless you & Robyn for your fight against this devastating disease…from your former neighbor on Glen Haven!!