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Because of Ezra…

A lot of emotion today in people’s posts. Yesterday was hard, but not because of the election. It was hard because it marked 6 years since we lost Ezra. This morning I thought of his funeral, and the table of notecards we set out asking people to complete the sentence “Because of Ezra…”

We kept all those notecards. They are in a wooden box in our home. This morning, as everyone was sharing anger, fear, hope, happiness, silence, and many other things, I took that box out and looked through it. I was struck and honored by the impact our Ezra’s short 2 years of life had.

So I put a bunch of the quotes up on a website at Maybe take a peek if you’re stuck trying to make sense of something difficult, and if you’re feeling hopeful too. Everything each of us does has impact. Inspire good. Know that no one else decides how you care for those around you except yourself.

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  1. “I no longer give up. I now fight for what I believe.” Great quote from your site. Thank you for what you do. I have often told people that my son’s cancer saved my life. He thought me how to fight, how to love, how to live. He taught me why we are on this earth.

    Always fight to win.