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Yesterday would have been Ezra’s 10th birthday.

We’re supposed to have three boys. We’re supposed to have a ten year old, and two 8 year olds.

We have an 8 year old.

Charley would have loved having brothers. He’s such a social kid. Robyn said it’s one of the many things that breaks her heart often still – that Charley was robbed of what would have been his best friends growing up.

He’s growing up an only child.

I’ve been spending all my past couple weeks getting ready for our big gala, a week from today. Sat, Sept 8. There’s nearly a dozen families coming whose kids have had (or have) cancer. Half of those have lost their child. It weighs on me.

And we ARE making a difference. What we are doing to stop this from happening IS working. Our research chair, Dr Giselle Sholler, will also be at the event next week, sharing more of how it’s happening. Beating cancer today never changes the brokenness Robyn and I carry, but it adds joy.

Beauty peppered with tragedy is where we live.

Happy belated birthday, Ezra. We miss you.

I miss you.

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