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Hey there!

Since we don’t yet have our news and blog section up on, I’m sharing with you here about what’s going on. Hope you don’t mind. 😉

We just got back from LA yesterday, and had some great meetings with people we’re incredibly excited to be partnering with in Because of Ezra. We have some really cool big events planned for this year, from coast to coast. I’ll continue to share as we get more details secure, but man are we excited. It’s looking like we’ll be able to really affect this horrible cancer.

Speaking of events – if you live local, you can help out this coming Thursday just by eating! A really cool couple of young ladies named Savie and Molly called up Red Elephant here in Tampa (near Dale Mabry and Bearss) and for anyone who eats there (or takes out) this Thursday (the 27th) and mentions they’re there Because of Ezra, Red Elephant will donate 15% of their ticket to the foundation. Savie and Molly also sold bracelets of their own accord at their school late last year – thanks, girls!

We’re still planning on running the Gasparilla Distance Classic in February, check out our last post for details – we’ve got the t-shirt designs in and finalized – check it out:

See ya around…

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  1. Keep up the great work guys! I love to read of your progress and hope to take part in some of the events are well!

  2. If I ever won the lottery, I know where ALL of my money would be donated. We need more to be done to treat children with childhood cancer. Because of Ezra….


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